Thursday, August 31, 2006



so just to blog wat i did in this lovely national day of malaysia 2006... today i woke up at 5 something in the morning.. yes morning.. then i maple n dota for a while.. as morning i got the smoothest connection of all time... then at bout 11 i sleep back as i feel a bit sleepy... then wake at bout 2 by phone calls... n so .. i wake n do my stuff yet again .. dota n maple... ntg much actually...

then when my connection started to get laggy.. wat i did was... i forgot.. i also wonder how i passed my time... aih` ..wat life m i in now ?? n i just found out i missed something real cool~ fireworks last night on Merdeka eve... my unit here.. Alex's room .. can have a good view of fireworks launched from KL tower.. KLCC... n genting.. not to mention from shah alam ... putrajaya n all sort of place... damn~wat was i doing ?? i was sleeping from 10 ... thought of resting.. but turn out to be sleeping.. so tat's another year for me i suppose..

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Farewell for Wei Kee at KLIA

so yesterday night bout 8 something ah hee, me,n ck went to KLIA in ah hee's came to find us by bus.. reach putra central..then we go fetch him.. after we go..following the KLIA sign .. but at lst we reached there also ...

so we meet up wit cs after parking..then we had our dinner at KFC... ck left his half chicken breast on the table as wei kee called n said he's in a we rushed to C17[cant remember well]counter to meet him..just to find out tat he is not even in a hurry... his briefing is at 10.15 pm ... but tat time it's onli not even 9.30 .. oh well .. so we meet up .. talk some..then hand his a shirt from ck .. n some photos from hee.. then take some photos.. hee n cs got camera... n wei kee got his personal camera as well .. cool~

then wehn time comes.. he go to the international departure gate n check in .. along wit his fellow JPA frenz.. onli him n his formal housemate he onli chinese.. all malay .. nvm bout tat .. after tat me hee ck n cs went to McD for our supper.. eat some ice cream .. cs ordered coke.. then we refill for 3 times... then some french fries.. then we just chit chatting there.. ntg much..later on .. cs's gonna meet his fren ..bout 12 o clock .. after he meet upo wit his fren .. we all went back as well stayed overnight in my house.. as he have no idea how he's going to go back to his place...

as for pictures.. PLZ.. i dun have it now.. cs dun have cable.. n ah hee went back ktn .. so i dun get any pictures from them .. when i get it i will edit this post.. as usual .. so plz be patient for those just-wanna-c-photos-ppl ... lolz...

Monday, August 28, 2006



so ... i went for a camp last week .. as i said .. cc asked me go as he say tat this camp is pen registration for MMU as well .. so i joined.. well .. partly force.. nvm tat..but in the camp i consider myself uniten student ler.. coz to be honest .. i m the onli mmu there..n plus cc n gang we got total of 7 guys which is NOT upm's .. tat's me.. cc..vincent..shen long(translate)..jia hui(translate)..lucas n king(name is king xiang)..the organiser is UPM's 伙食团 [not sure bout the writing].. so 1st .. let me explain wat is this 伙食团 .. as wat i understand...

so basically this is a body tat has already got 9 years of history ler.. so there's this house where members stay there.. as to say member is like now i studying at UPM .. i duwanna stay hostel.. i can always stay there at a very low price.. as this house is like some sort of like 佛堂.. where they stay together.. have dinner together.. cook .. n everything.. which provide ppl tat staying there a enviroment like a family.. there's total of 2 houses.. 1 for guys n 1 for girls.. so there are ppl tat stayed there for few years.. n so on ler... oh .. n inside this house they are all very .. i repeat.. is very very got manners in term talking.. n everything ler. . coz u knwo.. it's like a buddist place.. so u have to be ler. .. so for them .. they call themselves 后学 which we normally use 我.. n as for 'you'.. they say 前嫌(not sure if u write it like this) ... n they call u like .. if u sur name is 林 .. they say 林兄.. or 林姐... n so on ler . it's just so .. different .. we 7 guys feel so bad as we talk we normally add some rude word sometimes.. lolz~

ok .. so 1st activity of this camp is the bus fetch us to this so call 森林公园 place.. where we have some activities like treature hunt, n play some games... normal ... so we were given a group in the bus .. wehn we reach there..all member gathered n luckily i m wit cc. . n king wit lucas.. wincent 1 group.. jia hui 1 group.. n shen long 1 gruop .. so there's total 5 group... n guess wat !! all of us became the group leader for each group EXCEPT for lucas n king.. which king shud be but he refuse to be... so i m the leader for my group .. name 张栋梁 ... zzz ... i m not his fans~ grrr .. ok .. other group is ah mei (king's) .. jay(jia hui) .. fish leong(shen long) n guang liang(vincent)... i dun feel liek writing in chinese as i duno how to write.. zzz ...

so as for the treature hunt game.. my group get 2nd.. n ah mei get 1st .. nvm tat .. so bout i forgot wat time we leave this place n we reached the place where we will spend our night.. n also the rest of this 2 days place... which is i m not sure wat place is tat.. but i think it's also some sort of like 佛堂.. n blif me.. u will never know it is unless some 1 tell u it is .. because it's just too nice.. it's like hotel .. i mean the building... ok .. so we had our lunch .. n bath .. n we continue for some activities....

so from here on ... those activities are like motivation talk by some very pro speaker which u won get bored hearing his talk .. n others i dun quite remember .. anyway .. basically it's mostly on some talk bout life.. bout love (not couple type) .. n stuff like tat.. if u are ppl tat will easily cry .. u will .. coz it's just very touching.. n others ler .. well there are time where we got some activities .. some small games... n stuff like tat...there's this 1 game.. protect the egg .. as u guessed.... we are given an egg .. some straws.. we need to cover the egg wit straws n they will drop it at certain height n if the egg doesn't break .. u win .. well .. i m not boosting.. my group just too cool~~ we are just way cool~ we are the onli group tat successfully done it ... aih.. others all their egg broke~ woohoo~ ...

at night ... we got this detective game .. as for this.. it's kinda trouble soem to find out who's the murderer .. u r given 2 piece of paper.. u need to go some place to gether information n n stuff like tat n from those info . u need to guess who is the murderer.. well .. the answer came out not satisfy for me.. as they never explain how the story goes after they reveal the murderer .. nvm tat .. it's just a game for us to have fun ... so day 1 ends..

for the 2nd day .. sunday .. woke up early as usual .. n we were to play some games as well .. they call it 分站教育 which we normally refer as 过关斩将 in other camp .. n again .. some speaker came n talk bout some meaningful stuff.. n share wit us.. well i get to c 988's DJ , sam here.. she came.. she stayed in this 伙食团 before.. oh my~~~ cool ... n after tat .. u given a topic n required to do drama.. as usual .. for my group .. our topic is 我很重要 <--hard to act ler... yes it is .. luckily some1 came up wit an idea on how to do it ..

so the camp ended wit some pricve giving stuff like tat ler.. n some taking photo time n stuff like tat .. our group get 1st place.. as expected ler.. u know .. u have to c who's the leader... right? hahah .. getting cocky here... keke .. so our group get a hamper .. unlike others they onli get cloud 9 .. LOLZ~! so i give all those stuff in the hamper to my member n my group's 2 adviser (辅导员)..keke ... n all i get is the tray ... -_- .. c?? tat's good leader!! :D

n after this n tat ... this camp finally came to an end .. bout 5 something.. we leave the place n bout 7 we reach uniten .... sorry i was unable to provide any picture.. as i dun even have 1.. all camera were their's .. so wehn i get it someday which i duno when .. i will try upload it maybe... let's c how .. so as u can c .. this camp is more like motivation camp .. but quite ok ler ... if u like this kinda stuff n stuff.. oiverall it's nice.. n i really appreciate wat they've done .. for example.. the detective game i mentioned.. if they were to act dead.. they really are at that moment.. no matter how they won smile or watever.. .PRO!~ n how they think of this game .. all the clues tat u can find.. n everything.. it's very very very complicated n they get to think of it.. n we were given some 祝福卡 at the very last part of the camp .. n it's all nicely hand made by them .. this card is for u to write ur appreciation to any1 in the camp .. n we were given souvenier also .. n it's aslo very nice.. all hand made.. n how they really made this camp flow n lots more.. really u can c the hard work .. duno how to express.. u can just c the very much effort of them in making this camp works.. hmmm .. n i m not regret i joined this camp also .. erm .. except for i missed my rock climbing :p .. hahaahh ...

here's wat i get ...there's this very cute souvenier.. n some the 祝福卡 i get from others.. :> 2 onli ler. .. n the tray .. it's onli for champion!~!!!


Last Weekend

so .. for last weekend i was too busy untill i cant even post a blog here.. or to say i somehow forgot also ler... so anyway .. my weekend here meaning start from friday ...

as for friday .. after my class at 4.30 .. i went to STAD there because i was joining a trip to (kayak/canoe)-ing.. so ..i go there.. i wasn't tat exicted as i feel some water droplet from the sky .. n i started to get worry .. but it's still not heavy rain i still go to the gather place.. when i reach .. i saw winston, as a director of this trip there so i think the trip still on ... so we get on the bus .. n off we go .. wehn we reach there. it started to rain .. damn~ then their plan was we wait for some while to c if things turn better.. so we waited.. the rain stopped.. but there's still lightning .. as ever1 knows.. it's stupid to stand at an open plce when's there lightning ... n is even more stupid to kayak/canoe at the same weather.. anyhow .. thing's nv get better.. so ended up the plan forced to canceled/postpone... so sad~~~

so i went back house .. then after a while.. yee ling asked me out for dinner.. so i go find her wit my bag.. as i will be going to cc's palce for the night .. explain further later... then as we going out.. it started to rain .. n this time.. is FREAKING heavy rain .. u can feel thr roof of the car is like gonna fall from those heavy rain .. plus the very scary lightning.. u will c flashes every like few minutes.. but .. all very hungry .. so we have to eat anyhow .. so we went to jusco .. their parking is onli outdoor.. so we still feel the rain ... anyway .. after dinner ... yee ling kindly fetched me to cc's place... uniten..

n so i reach cc's place.. erm .. ntg much .. play soem dota.. go find his frens ... then play dota at his fren's house.. which is Lucas n gang.. y?? because their house got 2 comp available as they going out for full .. sad .. so me n cc can play we played till like 3 o clock... n we went back .. as we need to wake up at bout.. 7 in the morning tomorrow... for the camp .. tat's y i stay over at cc's place... but me n cc watched movie untill the time comes without sleeping..

the next day .. we waited at the giuard house for some duno who Wincent fren to fetch us to the place.. so he came.. 2 cars.. fetched us to an house.. then from there.. we all gather up n got up to a bus.. n off we go for our camping trip ...

this camp last for 2 days.. saturday n sunday .. we got back on sunday .. bout 7 .. i was tired n rest a while at cc place.. n found out it's already 9 when i got up .. try call for taxi to get back cyber but sadly there's no taxi available tat time.. so .. no choice.. i stay there anothe day n changing my tutorial time as i going back on monday morning ... as for sunday night .. we all went yc.. and go to cyber cafe for dota.. play wit the cc's some duno who 5 guy .. n blueserver duno who 5 guy .. win n lose..

NOW.. i m writing this post in my house.. after my class ... which means i got back home safely~lol~

Thursday, August 24, 2006


ECP mid term

ECP stands for computer and programming design .. actually cant remember.. the name too long.. we just refer it as computer.. so today is it's mid term exam .. i wonder y i is so damn carefree of this exam .. i really dun understand y... i dun seems like understand all bout it .. aih`.. nvm tat .. is over dy ... n it turn out quite good.. i can actually answer those question .. yay~ i know programming.. but luckily the question not tat complicated.. if it it.. i just write the head n tail then ask the lecturer take my paper.. lolz~

so after this exam .. iwalked bck house. then i started playing maple bit.. since connection is superb .. the Alex start playing dota.. same reason .. then i hear the sound of dota from his room ... the sound heated me up n so i play also .. so i go in BS.. then saaw qy inside... he jpoined me in a game.. 1st game.. host noob.. delay like duno wat .. so rmk .. 2nd game.. ok .. not bad.. i got good hero .. n THEN .. tat fellow back n the freaking whole network jammed.. then me n Alex got lkagged out at the same time althought diff game.. WTF~ my life is miserable again now .. all i can do now is watch anime .. n YES .. NTG ELSE~!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Another day of RIP

so as for today , i was suppose to wake up at 8 ... i think t set my alarm too early.. so i have the feeling.. 'still early can reast for a while' .. so this feeling goes on untill i wake at 2 ... skipping all classes from 8 - 2 ... DAMN ~ i must be crazy .. all 5 classes which is all 5 subjects tat i m taking.. ok .. nvm tat .. so i check the time table n found out tat i can replace some of the classes.. so i went school at 3... for my engineering maths tutorial .. this is for replacement on friday .. since this friday i m not going to attent tat class coz i m going for kayaking...

then at 4 i attended electronics then engineering maths lectures... so as u can c.. i onli manage to recover bout 2 classes out of 3.. so damn shit .. i udno wat happen to me.. so freaking tired.. n sleepy this morning ... i slept at .. 1 sumthin .. normal ler .. dun un ..

after 6.. i walk back house .. i was freaking hungry as i nv eat any simgle thing since i wake ... so i go opposite my block there ta bao food to eat.. O .. just to realise there's a new storre there.. it's actually beside the road there's a new 1.. as i walk near.. n i 1 chinese couple.. OMG.. at last ! chinese food! n it's just opposiute my place~!!@!~ so i m the 1st customer of their bussiness here... cool huh... just finish eating.. not bad..

Saturday, August 19, 2006



Warning : lame drawing included...
Announcement : This is not tutorials for rock climbing.. it's just my 1st time experience..

so i start off my day waking at 8 after brushing n stuff.. i went out to meet my fren, Winston at the cyberia roundabout... then later another fren, yong came then we walked to school.. Y?we going to join MMU outdoor club's [there's a longer name for it.. i forgot.. as well as the shortform .. ]weekly activity to batu caves for rock climbing.. well me n winston is not a member.. but.. i think is ok we join .. as they nv say anything.. [maybe they thought we were member]

so after.. like.. 45 minutes waiting.. Cha Uon [pronounce Cha-Uon] came.. driving his iswara.. fetching a person, Umat ..then me winston yong n another malay guy , najib go into the car n off we go ... on the way .. stopped by for petrol .. 3 dollar for each person .. to be fair ler.. right?so we reached there after having breakfast near the place... bout.. 11 sumthin ..just to state something.. talking bout batu caves.. alot ppl thought it's the temple.. ok ..our climbing spot is no where near the temple ...

some intro by them to me.. the place we heading to have a lot of section .. it's like 1 big rock have 4 sites... the 1 we going is the basic 1...wit like 30 routes on a piece of wall ...n some otehr tat i stated at the bottom of this post...

few term to use :
lead/open : to create a route for others to climb ...

as we reach there.. there's a pak cik the pondok... wit a warm smile.. n saying good morning to us.. i suppose he is like jaga for the place.. as the place is a public place.. u can go any time.. if u have the equipments n stuff ler.. so we put all thsoe equipments in the pondok .. n then they [Najib, Cha Uon, Umat] started to open some easy route for us to we all tested it all ...

as time goes by .. we get to climb more n more route they open .. then there's more n more ppl came.. all they know 1.. i suppose they've been climbing for long time.. then i saw 1 bunch of singaporean there climbing..2 girls 3 guy .. they came earlier... talked to 1 of them .. so i know .. n there's a i think is couple.. 1 guy 1 girl .. came to climb also .... wow~ pro..

then i forgot bout wat time.. we feel some water droplet.. OMG it's going to rain ... but well .. ntg happen... then later on .. few hours later.. it's really rainning.. so we have to stop climbing n go to the pondok for shade... then we take the stairs to inside the caves... there's some freaking high lvl route .. bout 6a onwards.. just to c .. tat's where u can climb while it;s raining ler.. i actually saw the couple trying one of the route.. freaking high ..

wehn teh rain stopped.. we continue climbing.... then bout 6 sumthin .. we gone back home..

Knowledge gained...
it's very veyr tight.. u cant walk wit it.. it hurts.. but if u climb wit it it's just nice.. for example.. i wearing number 9 shoe.. but for the climbing shoe.. it's maybe 7 n half or 8 onli ..

u definately need this.. if not u cant even get started.. hope every1 knows.. wear it like a pants wit onli straps..

-rope, big hook[i named it myself], runer, bag of cholk
these are all equipments tat needed in order to climb..

ok .. so starts off wit a person leading.. 1 person start climbing wit a big hook .. n the rope tie thightly to the harness.. as the person start climbing.. the other at the bottom will slowly release some rope for him .... tat particular job they call it as 'belay'...which is the person at the bottom supporting u o climb... then there's bolt on the walls.. which is used for hooking the runer.. notice tat the harness, there's a flat 1 n a curve 1.. flat 1 is for u to hook it onto the bolt on the walls.. so for every bolt.. u put a runer.. tehn u clip the rope on .. this is to ensure if u falls.. u will stay on the runer.. sumthin like check point.. then wehn u reach the top .. it;s the top of the route.. there's some chain n special ring there.. so u attach the rope onto tat .. as for how.. hard to explain .. nv try before.. but they explained to me once.. then after tat u can just sit n relax as the person at the bottom slowly release the rope for u to go down .. well .. u have to kick the wall .. it's not totally relax.. just some brief explaination .. i doubt any1 will read all ..

What they taught me
- a wet rope will take bout 5-6 days to dry it.. Y ? because u cant dry it under he sun ...
- the cliping proscess during the leading or open process is extremely important.. u cant clip it the otherway round.. [hard to explain how.. my drawing sux]
- mistake for begineer : using ur hand to pull urself up instead of legs..
- how to open a route... though i nv try before..
- the difficulties of a route ranging from 5A onwards.. 5B 5C then 6A n so on .... for this not quite sure.. i just asked bit bout it...
- do not rush .. make sure u stepped firmly.. n balanced urself .. all position comfortable then u go ..
- there's very flexible ways to climb a route.. unlike wall climbing...[both have pros n cons]

-- some details is just hardly express in words n lame drawing --

i was really very happy n exited for the 1st time experience on rock climbing.. despite tat i've done it N-th times at TC.. i get to know form some commetties of the club tat there'll be a rock climbing course at somewhere around i forgot... liek 6 days.. n u will be awarded certificates after attending the course... consider it..



so today i went fot my CK2 lab .. which is for circuit theory..need to submit full lab report.. aih`.. need to do extra stuff again .. i walk to school at bout 9 ,... realizing i dun know the venue for my lab .. well .. lucky meet up wit my fren .. so we went to the CK1 lab .. which we think should be the same.. in fact it is...

so we conducted the experiment.. very fast.. kinda easy .. the get all the value.. then go back at 11. . which is 1 hour earlier.. so i back house .. online a while.. then kinda sleepy.. so i THOUGHT i can like rest a while untill 2.30 class... so i lye on the bed ... by the time i wake.. it's 2.30 ++ so i skipped the class.. another rest .. thought of going for the 3.30 .. another time .. skipped...

well .. actually i just skip for the 2.30 class.. 3.30 is another option for me.. which i join other group .. but at last i went school at 4.30 .. for my tutorial.. then 5.30 for circuit theory .. n 6.30 for my originally 2.30 field theory .. uuu .. cool ..

went dinner wit some frenz after class.. then lepak at their house.. hostel .. at last get 2 c how's the hostel looks like..grapped trinity blood n FMA from him .. as my FMA some episod corrupted.. then i just back 1 hour ago .. after bathing .. n i m here ending this post... going supper..

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


ptptn day

so today is the 'hari bersama ptptn' ... it's a day where they come to our campus to collect forms.. sell .. teach us how to fill in n stuff like tat .. so i prepared all those forms.. then go to the hall at time then buy the form n fill it up .. hjate the filling part.. make my hand pain . .

after tat i go back hoouse bout... 5 something.. damn .. from 2 to 5.. stupid thing..but wen i go back house i was kinda happy.. i saw my housemate, Alex playing dota.. so i know today the connection is nice.. which our other housemate din open dl .. so i straight go in the room n started playing dota.. blueserver.. keke.. after some matches..i go tabao the nasi lemak downstairs.. nice niec.. long time no eat... when back i dota again .. then i play maple.. tehn dota ... UNTILL ... now... my housemate back n while i was in game i can straight feel the difference... wtf.. delay 10 sec... no ler.. maybe 3 or maybe 5.. is just lag elr... wtf .. hate it. .

actually just now i thought of something else to write.. but now all i can think of is onli anger..

Monday, August 14, 2006



hope i can rest in peace...

Sunday, August 13, 2006


101 reasons y i hate KTM komuter

- the train is too long
- nv come in time
- purely ground
- not underground
- not overhead
- very slow
- not moving in a consistant speed
- wait very long for 1 train
- old train
- not new
- dun like the colour
- insdie not nice
- outside not nice
- wat is KTM ??
- wat is komuter??
- seat not nice
- force to stand when no place to sit
- has 4 end station
- breakdown rate =90%
- alwasy make me wait
- too many station
- nv passby my place
- ticket not nice
- ticket counter very small
- without notice cant even c the ticket counter
- entrance to lil
- 400 ppl for 4 small entrance
- too many ppl in a train
- air cond not cold
- sometimes very hot inside
- no music inside the train
- station very small
- very little sitting place for waiting
- cannot stand on the railway
- no auto pilot system
- u can nv smile while inside the train
- too many ticket selling machine
- some coin onli
- confusing station name
- confusing route
- not under rapid kl
- can go to seramben
- cant go to genting
- cant stop half way
- very noisy
- not quiet enuf
- always make noise when it brakes
- distance between 2 station very far
- 1 station for 1 dollar
- 2 station also 1 dollar
- 3 station ..i not sure
- 4 station ... i not sure
- serdang to central 1.70
- need use it to go find cc
- need change train to go other places
- u cant control the time
- u cant climb on top the train like in the movie
- u cant cross the yellow line while waiting the train
- u can die if u hit by the moving train
- u nv get to c the dirver's face clearly
- the door closing warning sound not nice
- the door open to fast
- the door close too fast
- door never open half way
- u cant open the door at will
- u cant close door at will
- they nv wait
- ck loves to take it over bus
- stop operating at midnight
- no wi-fi inside
- not much hand holder for standing ppl
- need to take the overhead bridge wehn u wanna take opposite route
- no nice advertisement outsdie the train
- no nice advertisement insdie the train
- u cant go all the way to the end inside the train
- u cant talk to the driver
- no pretty girls inside
- u will never c ppl naked inside
- u cant sing song very loud inside
- no karaoke system
- no place to sleep for end to end station ppl
- hate the interlink stations
- u cant play computer game inside
- no entertainment
- no big screen tv for movie
- ntg digital inside
- no toilet inside
- no nice scenery at road from station to station
- u cant break the glass wit ur hands
- all the seats look dull
- there's ntg to buy inside the train
- they report the next sattion unclear
- u need to spend money no matter wat to get in the train
- i don't own the company
- lookalike wit star-line trains
- it goes the way the rail goes
- i don't get to drive the train
- it's not a plane
- i hate it yet u still need it sumtimes
- there's 99 reasons above for me to hate it
- i just born to hate it


Uniten Karnival

it's saturday .. yesterday ...well ... after my bus stopped at pudu .. i receive sms from ck asking me to go to this karnival thing at cc place.. so i said ok .. so i took train to tasik selatan where i can change to KTM to go cc place..1.70 dolalr.. then 1 dollar for 1 station to serdang.. wel.. here comes something really frust.. i waited kinda long for this stupid train to arrive.. i aw there's at least 2 train passed by the opposite site before 1 reached infront of me.. ok .. nvm .. i reach serdang station safe.

as for now.. i have to wait for ck to reach here as wel.. so we can go together.. i reached serdang station bout.. like 1 something.. THEN .. i waited for ck .. i c the board there writing 1.40 the train will arrive.. not yet .. again next time.. 1.49 .. not yet .. 2.04.. not yet .. 2.34 .. again~ NOT YET ! then bout almost 3 the stupid train finally arrive.. ck said the train stopped at central there for like 1 hour plus.. stupid KTM .. breakdown rate = 90% ... so i waited at the station or like 1 hour plus plus plus.. we take taxi to cc place.. 10 dolalr..

wehn we reached... we walk to this so call karnival place.. there's this stadium .. there's wall climbing.. ok .. just 1 wall tat fit 2 person climb at once.. n 1 dollar per climb.. then thgere's futsal .. paintball .. n behind.. there's stalls selling food n drinks.. we bought something to eat n st on top to c ppl playing paintball .. while waiting frenz to play..well. we watched them play .. they won .. then we walk to this fisbee place.. jsut to c girlz~ damn . guys school .. then we decided to back hostel as there's ntg to do at all~!@! .. so me n ck plus cc played dota.. how to play .. 1 comp 3 ppl .. we take turn ..

time pass by damn fast today .. after some dota n some doing ntg time.. it's already 9 o clock .. we all went for dinner.. to a place.. i duno how to explain .. food.. not much .. there's a lot in the menu .. but when u order.. all not available. but there's something good bout this palce.. they got board games.. dart.. n stuff like tat for us to play .. so we took on jengga..loser will have to treat something.. 1st time it was cc's housemate, mike he treat us the arabian bread.. quite nice.. then it was me~ damn~! stupid thing i have to treat them ice cream .. 1 dollar ice cream .. then we saw a carrom board. so we take on it again .. we ordered pizza to accompany us while playing .. then we go on dart.. then we got back hostel .. went to find wincent for fun .. just to realise they lose their 2nd paintball game...then we back hosue dota again .. ntg to do ... then bout 3 something we all went to sleep ..

then there's now.. sunday morning.. me using cc comp writng this post..


Days at Kuantan

so as i said.. we all were at ben house sunday night.. so for today .. i satyed there longer untill xuanz come n fetch me out.. so we went kuantan parade to just walk walk n doing ntg.. wanted to buyu shoes but cant find even 1 decent shop tat sell it.. damn.. then at 5.. we.. as in ben me sy wk ky hx n andrew went watch movie . dragon tiger gate or sumthin like tat .. we booked the ticket at the morning itself.. :> last minute booking..after the movie . they went to izza hut for dinner.. as for me.. i HAVE to go to my gradmother place for dinner.. as tat day was some special day which i have to go back there n have my dinner.. since i was the 1 came up wit the after movie dinner plan .. so i just ate some then i go join them at pizza hut.. ate some cold pizza.. lolz.. n some drinks. ...asfter dinner.. we do our usual thing.. go cool X ja gei .. after tat we went back like normal ...

as for today .. i forgot wat time i wake.. nvm tat .. go ben sms-ed n ask me out for lunch .. i said yes.. hai xin come fetch me after a while.. so we went ben house.. fetch ben n yl plus her sis out for lunch .. we went a long nv go place. lucky.. where i used to accidentally saw some crocrouch [duno spelling] in my fried rice.. n so i NEVER go there again ... so i just order a drink .. i ate sumthin is ok ..then me n hx went ben hosue play PS2 .. later on ben fetch me back wehn he going gym .. then after my dinner.. i was too i drove to ben hosue again .. then i found out i was too lazy to drive back.. so i just overnight there.. again ~

so as for today .. i wake up quite early.. went back home.. tehn had my breakfast wit my father..while waiting for the time to go swim.. ben fetch e out from my house n went maroon to cut my hair.. after the hair cut.. went ben house... i bath there..then we wait for the time to pass.. .when time come.. wan bin went ben house .. to let him fetch to swimming.. so there's wan bin .. me ..hx n xuanz in the car n off we go .. we went to the swimming pool .. then we started to swim .. after tat we went to secret recipe for our dinner.. as for now.. yee ling n wan na joined us .. well .. they nv really eat.. just order soem cakes or so to eat.. same goes to wan bin tat gonna dinner at house later on .. as hx got tuition at 8 .. we stop our conversation n we send him to tuition ... so ben fetch us all back ... pity him .. become driver all of a sudden .. so ntg much now .. all back house.. as for me.. i got ntg do except watch movie..

well.. for today .. i wake up early as well .. my mother fetch me to ben house.. then yl came as well to do some stuff.. then we went to meng fong to buy the very nice bread for them sabsian.. as we planned last night .. which is wednesday night ..we delivered to them the bread..initially they dun have teacher entering their class.. BUT . soem duno who went in to take over .. so we cant stay there for long.. so we went take out SPM cert.. n went back ben hosue .i slept there for a while. n i was very hungry after i wake.. so we went lunch .. 1st went to the closed fried mee stall which i love it very much .. then went ah soon beside the hospital instead.. then ben fetch yl ack house.. n stopped me at the bus station n i bought my bus ticket back kl here.. then ben wanted to go gym.. as for me.. i got ntg better to do.. so i asked him to drop me at the school to c them play basketball .. so he did. so i watch them play .. ky arrive late because tuition .. then we both went i zone to play bs.. tat;s ky's thursday routine... afternoon tuition .. go ja gei .. then dinner.. then tuition again .. but as for today .. duno wat happened.. he went sabs instead straight go ja gei .. so i got to join .. after tat we went dinner.. i just eat some as i wgonna dinner at house.. i walked back after dinner.. no car.. as for the night.. mc said wanted to go out.. but he ffk at last .. so i stayed in the hosue watch movie yet again~!

for today .. my mother fetch me to ben house as usual .. i play ps2 there while waiting the time to turn 12 .. then i walk to school to meet xuanz ..then go her house..then we went to mega .. bought something .. then she send me to cool X to meet them .. we losing streak today ..lolz.. then back house for dinenr.. wait for my motehr to come back as i wanna use the car.. i wanna go out tonight.. duwanna stay in the house.. last night at kuantan for the week.. so i went find them at their tuition place.. sy n hx n mc.. plus ben .. 5 of us went to lin chee kang .. then mc went off to futsal.. hx went back to meet his maple gf.. damn~ me ben n sy went cool X for fun .. no comp available.. so ben n sy back .. as for me.. i went back to cool X after sending ben back n play alone.. since i was too bored.. well ..maple for a while.. then there's game.. so i joined. 3v3 game.. after tat at bout 2.30 .. i decided to go back . i was shocked when the cashier said it's 4 dollar.. wow~ i remember i stayed there more than 2 hours.. but just 4 dollar.. maybe midnight rate lower..

so my father send me to bus station .. before tat we went breakfast at the pasar.. n then i got in the bus n straight sleep the time i got in . so off i go to kl~

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Hari Ko-Ko pictures

blif me.. other than ben .. all these are japanese... lolz... wan na is.. half. maybe ..
this is hai xin cooking.. as the main cheft .. his booth selling some hot dogs...
this is st john marching.. there's competetion for it.. dun as me.. i have no idea who won ...
this is me playing the scooping the fishy thingi ... blif me.. is very very hard.. i wonder how ppl can get like 15 ... damn .. i m so noob...
c those fishy ?? it's not animal abuse.. we did not kill them.. just place them from a big pool into a smaller 1 then put it back again ... cool ...

Monday, August 07, 2006


SABS Hari Kokurikulum

sabs= my secondary school ... missed it..

so sunday morning.. i went to this this thing... well.. for my day ... meaning saturday night.. i cant sleep ... so i watched moie n stuff till morning.. then i woke my parents up n we went breakfast.. later... i go to yee ling house for my bag.. i got noclothes.. so i go er place.. then we go ben place together then we walk to scool...

before we got in the school.. i can hear this duno who singing 'eyes on me' n it's freaking nice!!! very very nice!!! there's thie singing competetion here... so we go in the school through the back door.. then we started walk . meet man chan 1st .. talked.. then we go to the field for those stuff ...

there's this haunted house thing.. n as usual.. gazebo at the field for those club's business... selling drinks.. ice cream ... n lot's more... so xuan'z kelab catur do the 'lou gam yu' thing.. scopping the fish.. lolz...there's this 1 mini pool ... wit water of course.. there's some small fishes inside.. the game is where u take this self made net... made of get as many fish as u can out from the pool... so any1 tat get's the most fishes will get the reward... USB pendrive.. 512 mb. well.. quite ok for a prize..

then we walk here n there looking for stuff.. bought some drinks.. something to eat ... then we just walk around ..erm.. let me think.. ntg much .. just walking around.. go to frenz booth... chit chatting.. ntg muc ler.. then we wanted go to the haunted house.. but there's just to many ppl crowded the entrance.. we dun have a chance at all ..when there's no more ppl .. they close the store dy ... so sad!~~bout 2 the thing finished...

then we all went to medan selera for our lunch .. after eating.. we went ja gei as usual ... 3 rounds of dota.. then i went back house for dinner... later on we all went ben house for the night.. as monday .. which is today .. sabs holiday .. so all so happy n decided to go ben house for some fun ... as i m here now using his lap top writing this for photos.. i will upload maybe at the next post or so ...

for the night at ben house... there's me.. ky .. hx.. n sam [ky's other gay mate] ..we did some ps2 game.. warcraft n ntg much also .. i was tired so i sleep earlier... they watched...american haunting... it's so's not a good day for overnight-ing.. we all were sleepy n not like usual... actively stayed till late night .. n stuff... as for tis morning.. i woke up n i cant c sy n hx dy .. they oth went back very early.. i woke at 10 .. so... they went back VERY early.. :. .. .so .. tat's it for now ... there's some plan later.. will post it when free..

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Back Kuantan!

so now i m finally back at my home sweet home...

today bout noon me n ck went to midvalley... by using putra line then change to ktm .. then reach midvalley wit ease.. after looking for a place to put my bag .. locker service tat is n failed... then we meet up wit cs n cc.. then we went for some tea break at some place... then we started walking n looking for stuff we wanna buy... been few shops n ntg much to buy .. or to say ntg tat can be buy.

later on we meet ai li n we decided go to sungei wang... since ck wanna go low yat .. so do i .. then we go sungei wang.. then finally able to find ck's long wanted sweater... n cc long wanted pair of shoes... actually the shoes was so nice tat i wanna buy also .. but i dun wanna be so gay to have the exact same shoe wit cc .. tat's.. i duno .. but it's just so nice.. aih`.. too bad..

after buying we went low yat then we went to McD for our dinner.. this time just me ck cc n ai li .. cs went back wit frenz .. n he said he will be going to putra for sight viewing tmr.. so nice~ ok .. so we sat at McD .. n chit chtting n finally realize it's already 8.20 .. which my bus is at 8.30 .. so we dismissed.. n i make my way to pudu..

so i rush there..i wanted to take taxi .. it says 10 dollar.. plus i c it's jamming.. so i think walk is a faster way .. so i walk.. by the time i reach there.. i c my hp shows 8.33 .. then i go c the board.. then i go down the platform .. there's no more buses there... i went n ask n they siad it took off... so i go to the transnational counter n try get another ticket.. so the cashier said tat 9.30 ticket for half price. so i gave 8.50 extra for my trip back .. which is 16.9+8.50=25.40 whichi s 40 cents more expensive than my last trip .. aih` so i waited n get on the bus when it arrives.. then SHARP .. i repeat SHARP .. at 9.30 the clock shows on the bus .. it took off... it's really SHARP ... i c my hp .. is the exact same time! meaning i was like 3 minutes late onli!!! they r just too punctual n i just dun blif it .. suprisingly ... there's no real traffic jam today .. inside or outside pudu.. i dun c many ppl around n the traffic is kinda smooth also .nice.

reached here bout 1.30 .. so it's 4 hour ride back .. actually 3 n half onli .. but the bus stopped for half an hour at i duno where.. so it's 4 in total.. fair enuf. n so i end my post here..

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Life Threatening Journey

dun let the topic scare u ... this is just my jourey to wangsa maju go find ck the same..sorry to any1 tat asked me not to go there but i aqlready planned long ago before the warning.. anyway now i m save n still typing this blog here.,.,..n is morning now.. going out...

so from cyber bout 6.30 i started to wait for bus.. waited quite some time.. till 6.30 actually.. then i reached putra station..then i straight go for the E1 bus straight to sentral.... then bout 40 minutes more i reached kl sentral ... n now onli i know there's this very nice spot of central.. i thought i was at airpost.. lolz ..
so after tat i go for the putra line to wangsa maju ... this time is a shorter journey.. just like 20 minutes.. so i reached wangsa .. now is my life threatening walk to ck's place... lolz ... not tat far actually.. then i reached his house.. then after he bath he took me makan .. some nice maggie goreng.. then we talked at the mamak there... till midnight.. way pass midnight.. then when got back i just maple till just now ... n i used his comp .. wat he do ? sleep ... lolz.. there's ntg more for him to do dy ...

n for now i neeed go bath n we are going off ... so dun worry .. i m save now.. ntg happen to me. .

Friday, August 04, 2006


Engineering Maths 1 Mid Term Test 1

so.. today is finally the day.. it's a 20 MCQ question paper... as u know.. MCQ normally harder.. coz it may confuse u ... like they give u 5 answer.. then the last choice E is alwasy 'None Of The Above'... damn ~ i hate tat ..i duno for otehrs.. for me this kinda 'ngak sik' guy .. so .. is not good for me.. aih` .. anyway .. i think i know how to do most of them .. just some crap integration which i guessed the answer n is correct.. cool~ ..keke .. shud be correct.. coz every1 write tat answer.. so .. as usual .. whole day study .. feel so tense untill it's over.. walked around for 1 hour plus.. for fun .. ntg to do .. duwan study dy .. n at last .. holiday coming .. in 2 days time.. but there's another nightmare after the holiday~~!!!Argh~ killing me ler..

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Circuit Theory Mid Term Test

so finally ... i get over it... been study my whole day at the library...luckily it pays off.. keke .. i know how to do .. except i did something extra by adding the unwanted resistant into my calculation n get my final answer wrong... Argh~! nvm .. at least i know wat i m wrong at n y.. :> for other.. i think still ok ler... not bad i think .. not as bad as i thought it will be.. well .. i nv know untill my result out... haha .. anyway ..tomorow is my engineering maths 1 test ... oh~ it's killing me just by thinking bout it.. exams are getting harder n harder... after my 1 week holiday n there will be this field theory exam ... oh~ shivering just by mentioning it.. i m doomed~

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Study Study Study!!

today after class at 2... i went straight to library .. reason ?? study .. keke .. well those tat know me... u all might not believe it ...but i actually did.. coz i found out tat exam is tomorow n the day after tat .. n i know ntg bout it... i went back home bout 7 ... so 5 hours.. i know is not enuf.. but.. u know.. when i feel lazy i m ... then now back to the old me.. online.. play game... blogging. . n stuff like tat .. ntg related to study .. :> well .. actually how normally ppl study ?? i have no idea/? read? do exercise? aih`.. is so damn troublesome... y need exam~

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