Saturday, March 31, 2007


Electronic Dim Sum

yesterday night i just finished my electronic mid term test ... it was quite a tough one for me .. some say very easy .. well .. i know i din prepare well ... read tutorial question .. but when go in .. everything forgotten .. damn ~

anyway .. after the exam .. i went to dim sum wit frenz at sri petaling ... oh yeah . finally .. get to eat dim sum at sri petaling at night .. woo ho o ~ we went to the place where my frenz normally go when here for dim sum.. it was danm good .. comparing to here.. .. here dun even have pork!! omfg~! welll puchong do have dim sum .. but here is erm .. they got more variety .. n stuff ... just tat maybe some not so nice ler .. normal ..

so we dim sum there .. chit chat.. talk bout exam .. assignment ... girls .. tvb drama~ food . n so on n so forth .. we reach there bout like 11 o clock ... takes us some time to scout for other places n end up same place also .. then we leave there bout 3 ... wow` tat was late ..

and as for now .. i m waiting time to pass then waiting my aunt to come fetch me back ktn .. finally can go back .. but ntg special also ler .. back for qing ming ny .. hmmm .. wat a good boy i m ~ wahahah

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


what short lab session

today i went for my lab at 2 o clock after my tutorial class ... IM2.. erm .. instrumentation n stuff ... anyway .. lab session is fron 2 to 5 .. which is 3 hours .. u get to do your experiment n colloct those data in tat time period..

but today ..this lab itself.. is so special .. y i say so .. well today is my 1st lab for this trimester.. tat's not the point .. when i reach there... the lab was kinda empty wit just few students n the lab technitian n lecturer are no where to be seen ..

so we all waited... later..lab technitian n 2 lecturer came in .. the lecturer come in n straight direct us to the 4 tables wit those equipments .. then he say ask us find 1 person to incharge of each table n do the experiment.. later on all .. i mean every1 just collect the data ...

meaning i do ntg at all ~~ no .. he setup everything for us .. we just like vary the temperature n get the reading n stuff.. then it's done.. i m not one of them .. so i just sit there wait n copy data .. then cabutz..

just 1 hour .. zzz tat's so simple... do ntg at all n get all data .. he say he wanted to make sure ervy1 aat least get data instead of like cant finish n stuff.. since short of equipment plus might take long time to do all 4 part of the experiment...

Friday, March 23, 2007



yet another satisfying dinner.. lolz..

without money in the wallet.. i just able to go downstaris there.. ta bao the nasi lemak from opposite... without chicken sumore.. it's 2 bucks.. tambah nasi .. kinda exp hor choice.. cheapest around ..

so i ta bao .. then back house.. i already defrose my stuff.. like meat n sotong ball .. plus hot dog... so i cook all up .. plus eggs.. there goes my dinner... nasi lemak wit various stuff ... lolz.. kinda full now ... it's so nice ...

i know cant c clearly.. but tat's practically how it looks like.. lolz.. imagine~


Mouse Without Right Click

yes// today i found out my mouse got problem .. tat is ... i cant right click wit it .. i found out when i actually started a game.. !! omfg!!!

i remember using it just a moment agoi .. but now i cant use.. so i dota without it .. dam .. imagine.. needa press m n click some where to move... luckily leaver is here to help me.. he left.. so rmk ..

as u know i will never give up on my mouse so easily.. n i m a future electronic engoneer.. so i open up the mouse.. trying to investigate wat's wrong wit it .. i saw some white colour powder on the circuit.. i wipe it off.. test. cant. so i try re=solder it to make the connection better.. well .. this time better.. but still ... it may fial at some point ..

my mouse is the logitech most common white coloured mouse.. with middle scroll .. so basically it has 3 button right ?? n those 3 button actually is make out of 3 switches in the circuit.. i r actually pressing it when u left or right click .. OBVIOUSLY!!! so i thought tat since the middle 1 .. i seldom use it .. i mean the clicking part.. without the scroll .. i just dun used to it when browsing anything ...

so i take out the right click switch .. then the middle switch .. i interchange it .. coz i suspect the switch might be the 1 at fault. . since the ratio of right click to left click is like .. 27:4 so the right click might fail any time very sooner than the left 1. .. so i did .. wit the help of Alex equipments .. those solder stuff... it's done.. i successfully changed the switch ... but does it work ??

so wit the skeleton mouse.. i tried it out .. it workS!!! omG~~ the right click is now working perfectly like before~~!! wooh oo ~~ so i plug in the middle swith wit the previous right click switch.. just put it in .. i dun use it anywya .. but it's good to have every part present right ?? so i did ..

n now.. for the grand finale.. i reassemble the mouse .. then plug it in my comp .. wat da u know! the red light doesn't light! wtf! everything's fine n now there's no poweR!!! well .. might be circuit failure.. i tried it on Alex comp .. it works perfectly.. so must be my p/s2 connector problem .. zzz ... i tried again .. it doesn't work as well ..

asked Alex if he got p/s2 to USB connector ... nop ... called hee n asked if he got p/s2 to USB connector.. he say yes.. i went to his place n take it .. then found out it's USB to p/s2 connector.. no use for me .. well .. no choice.. have to investigate my comp .. the motherboard itself.. it's actually the connector onli .. i shut down comp .. then open up the casing .. then wat da u know .. i saw red light .. lolz~ damn funny .. the cpu should have known i will do something unpleasant to him .. so it works .. yeah~

so now my mouse is repaired .. by me! woo hoo .. i saved another 30 bucks~ yeah .. n a lot of time obviously.. now i can use my comp like normal .. cheer~

this the pic of the mouse after i removed the top part.. it's actually working in this form .. keke .. needa have the base.. without it .. can onli click using the circuit.. cant move around.. i wonder..

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Stone age era

hmmm ... it's actually this afternoon .. i suppose is bout 3 sumthin .. i finished my class.. then i back house.. playing dota...

dulan 1 - i get CM .. n failed to swap wit others..
dulan 2 - i repick .. get alchemiost which i hate.. even wit 6k life.. he is still useless..
dulan 3 - i play not well .. feed gau gau ...
dulan 4 - just when i started to have some motivation to farm .. suddenly everything black out..

y ?? NO ELECTRICITY .. all of a sudden.. i was in a middle of a game.. OMFG!!! then i sms-ed hee asked his if he got the same thing happen to him .. he say yes.. so i assume whole blobk is the same.. no thunder no ntg.. zzz .. suddenly.. then we went for a walk

we went to his fren place.. he went there to do their assignment actually.. as for me.. i just follow... initially say wanna go yunm cha.. coz kinda hungry ,.... but end up .. go his fren place.. play PS2 ... winning eleven .. lolz~~ i play wit hee which is fren do his part for the assignmetn ... .. n my afternoon ends like tat .. till bout 6.30 .. back house .. electricity on ... 1 dota game ..

then dinner at pizza hut~ woohoo ~~ now broke liao .. very poor~ -_-


Terry to the visit

yesterday terry came to cyber!!

after terry finished his half marathon on sunday ... then monday he went do his scolarship stuff .. tuesday went meet his NS frenz.. n wednesday he finally came here to meet us .. lolz~so nice of him .. although partly forced by us ler...

so yesterday he came bout 3 ... then saty my house .. we played some games.. then we followed alex went puchong to get his electronics component .. since ntg to do .. just go for a walk .. but sadly at night i had extra class at 7 .. so i cant go dinner wit them .. whichi s terry n hee ler...

initially wanna go find cs de.. but .. aih` . .. i got extra class.. then hee ajak futsal at cyberpark there... n cs cant come over to our place.. coz no car.. so .. plan canceled.. end up we 3 playing futsal at cyber ..

after futsal we went O-town for supper .. ordered various type of bread n i found out their snacks quite good.. good place for yum cha .. lolz ... then back house ... then hee come over my place.. they 2 play tank n yes.. i mean the super old school tank 1990 the artali game .. i got the emulator in my pc.. soo ....

the next morning.. which is this morning .. terry went to campus wit me at bout 11.. he go n meet hee there.. n i went for class ... again .. they went lunch .. without me.. aih` .. nvm ler .. then hee send him to putra n he take train to pudu .. then he board his bus at 2.30 ..

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Dim Sum early morning

it was friday morning ... on thursday night.. when me n hee going dinner.. he suddenly proposed wit this idea.. dim sum next morning.. 6 o clock .. zzz ... damn early.. haha .. coz i have lab on 9 .. anyway .. so as a tradition .. i stayed up whole night.. untill 6 o clock ... thursday night ... after dinner me n hee watch epic movie in my house .. bought some pirated vcd which quality sucks.. 5 bucks.. wat u expect..

after he went back his house sleep i dota till next morning.. purely dota onli .. i duno y .. the heat is on .. as connection perfect.. so i dota till like 6 in the morning.. then go his plac.e.. then he fetch his 2 fren .. then off we go ..

we went puchong.. opposite ioi mall.. it was like 6.50 when we reach .. the shop has yet to opened.. so we waited till like 7 .. then we go in .. eat n chit chat a bit.. then bout 8 we head back ... so hee drop me at campus .. then i waited till 9 for my lab .. is actully ecp tutorial ... i call it lab ..

after class i sleep whole day till liek 5.30 for my lecture class... went for lecture.. then come back .. dinner.. and.. ntg much ... initial plan last week was to find cs at nilai for dinner on friday night .. since cs has something to do .. so .. plan canceled.. jst went to mamak for dinner.. ntg special .. at night .. just like usual ... play game.. n stuff.. oh .. 1 game caught me interest a lot... bridge building.. it's uploaded at knitknot by ben .. <-- salute!! great game`

Monday, March 12, 2007


no climbing this weekend

so saturday n sunday there's no climbing for me.. i sms-ed n asked weather there's climbing action .. bt there's no reply .. so no i perhaps..

on saturday went to my sis place.. as i mentioned.. then overnigh there.. on sunday, which is today .. my parents came.. fetching my grandparents here, so we meet up at ikea as they needa buy sumthin there... then at night went kampung bahru puchong for dinner, we went to this..'puchong lim wild animal restaurant' (direct translation) , basically is a normal restaurant .. n something special is that they also serve wild animals including squirrel, labi-labi, 3+6, musang, crocodile, unta, rusa, snake n so on .. arrghhh... damn scary just to mention those.. lolz..

but we never order much of those.. just squirrel soup and labi labi soup :P overall it's a nice dinner where i get to eat good stuff .. lolz.. enjoy~



this post is about 300.

what is 300? 300 of wat ?? tat's the question a lot asked me when i mention bout this movie.. yes, it's a movie title. although the name might seems bit weird for a WAR movie.. but it is.. i know this mvie through my fren as well .. recommending this movie before it aired because he watched the railer n found it's damn nice so he ask us all to watch.

saturday afternoon i went to my sis place, we swim, then at night we went watch 300. at the end of the show, i m speechless by how well this movie is done. words just cant explain how i felt tat time.

300 is a story bout 300 spartan defending against 1 whole troop of persiansss, wat i mean troop here is nearly like 500000 or 1 mil .. they nv mention the number.. well, it may seems like impossible but tat's real history (or tat's wat i've been told, but i doubt it because i can c some freaking monsters appear in the battle which i don't think exist in this world even ancient time, not sure bout tat part) ok this story is how they defend there land..wit great spartan fighting skills and tactics.

one thing i like bout this movie is tat it tells u y those spartans are so damn good in all aspect, they explain all, wat trigger the war, explained, so throughout the whole movie u won like keep asking some question like, why this is happening? n how this happen ? n how this possible n so on tells everything u needa know bout spartans.

the action of this movie is just superb, not to mention the sound, background(drawn out, they did that on purpose and the effect is nice) everything is just perfect.. er.. thje actors.. all has the body every man wants.. tat's all i can comment..zzz...throughout the 2 hours in the cinema.. i can really feel i m in it itself... this movie can really moves ur heart..

this is another history-war movie that leave some mark in my mind other than alexander the great.
i strongly recomend every1 to watch this movie as this might be one of the best movie around at this moment of time..
before the move starts .. i saw some trailer on transformer n spiderman-3 , tat 2 movie is also in my must watch list.ahhh tat's just so nice...

p/s : i m not trying to give a review on the movie itself.. is just how i felt after watching it, sorry english not good, cant describe any better. anyway words just have to express feelings.. don't u agree?

Thursday, March 08, 2007



sky remain blue .. my heart remain grey ..

hahah ... ntg... just too sienz.. today went jogging wit hee... just to train my stamina.. i needa jog frequently.. for my upcoming expedition to sarawak!@!@WOO HOO ,.. many stuff not confirm yet. so .. duno ler ... hope can ..

so ntg special happen also .. go campus .. back .. eat sleep ... aih`.. boring de life..

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Futsal At Puchong

yesterday night went puchong play futsal wit hee n his frenz from 10-12+++

tat's all ...

Monday, March 05, 2007


So Happening At Bukit Jalil

yesterday i went climbing at damai ... at 10 chaun called me n say he is downstairs liao ... zzz so punctual ... so i have no choice but to leave cs in my room then throw the key inside for him later use... aih` .. so bad ...

we climb till like ... 4 sumthin .. then it started to rain .. heavily.. then we decided pack n go makan .. at 5.30 plus... after dinner it's already bout 7 .. then we head back .. on the wy we receive call from ppl wroking at the bukit jalil event there .. asking us go climb there till 10 ... so we say ok .. .

so bukit jalil we go .. as u all know ... lee hom having concert there.. so i expect a HUGE traffic jam .. but surprisingly.. no .. not tat i imagined... :P then we reach there.. .we parked inside.. where all other ppl cant.. keke .. we use the reason jaga event... so we park inside.. vvvvip parking.. lolz..

i get to play flying fox.. a different bit 1.. this is wearing full body harness n just hang ... then my fren wear the opposite site n they playing.. superman style... zzz imagine hanging from the back ler .. .then fly down .. hahah tat's cool ~ sadly no pics taken ...

oh.. n wat's so happening ?? ahh .. from my place.. i can c infront of me is lee hom's concert.. which is inside the stadium .. all i can hear is super loud cheer... zzz ... then on my left is some chap go me event where some local artist sing .. n some acrobatic performance... from my place i can c those performance.. then on my 11 o clock .. i can c something like pasar malam .. hen i believe on the other site there are something going on as well ..

after flying fox i go bouldering wit them ... it's just a small wall .. but the thiing is.. roof... big challenge to me... coz i nv know how to treat roof de.. aih` .. so sad .. but i tried aslo .. then at last .. tried dyno .. but still fail .. keke ..

bout 10.30 we head back quick .. coz the concert almost over.. sked there will be huge traffic jam ... so i got back .. mandi .. play game n sleep ... n now my body all so pain ... thanx to those extreme bouldering... aih`...

Saturday, March 03, 2007


dua jam kat puchong

yesterday night ... hee called me out for dinner..he said wan eat something good... but we both have no idea where to eat.. so just drive.. suddenly.. hee said .. go puchong.. so we went there.. and we found ourselves behindtesco there ... the food corner palce.. where there's a lot hawker stalls...n tat's wat i call food~ we order 1 main dish .. plus 2 side dish .. damn nice.. n i ordered ice kacang... we ordered 'la-la' and 'xiu tau fu' ...damn full ady ... but still .. not enuf .. is not satisfying enough ...

we went to opposite IOI mall there.. there's this tong sui n lok lok there... just some van beside the street.. we ordered 'cing bou liong' n some lok lok ... OMG... after finish is REALLY full .. i can hardly stand at tat moment. . then we go IOI mall for a walk ... bout 10 we leave the place n head back to cyber ...

just 2 hours... enough for us to have this super satisfying meal~~ tat's superb .. long long long long time nv try like this before.. it's onli bout 10+++ i can have so many variety of food in my stomach compare to McD .. same price wit just a burger plus potatoes n some gasses in my stomach ,,.. oh .. there's this icy feeling also .. :P(sundae)

later we might going to kampung bahru serdang there.. to have MORE NICE FOOD.. hahahah ... i dun care dy .. since it's the strat of a month .. treat myself better .. :p

Thursday, March 01, 2007


130th Post

wat's going on in campus n wat's wrong in me~

it's been 2 days since i last enter my campus .. zzz which means tuesday was the lasy day i go campus ... yesterday n today .. not even once ... y? ?

let's analyse this ... well .. for wednesday .. i had calss on 8 .. then 11 .. then 1 .. time's odd.. plus the 1 o clock tutorial class canceled.. so .. i duno .. my alarm woke me up .. n i got up .. but i just too lazy to life my body up n go to class.. so i continue sleeping.. till 1 sumthin .. zzz tat's lame .. then at night went ikano wit hee n bought some fishes... oh .. on the way back .. we went to ss2 murni ..FINALLY!!! hahah ..

as for today .. dun ask .. i also duno myself.. my class starts at 11 ... i got 2 tutorial classes today .. n 3 lecture classs. . which got this engine maths class where i kinda pay attention during class.. oh .. not forgetting computer class .. i did pay attention as well .. although cant really understand.. electronics.. damn .. lkecturer changed.. makes my interest on paying attention GONE.. totally.. i miss tat bryan guy .. he is damn good ...

ok back to story .. i woke up bout 10 sumthin .. my alarm woke me up .. then i just got so lazy .. then i decided skip this class.. then another 1 hour.. smae thing happen .. n so i skipped whole day classes... bout 2 .. i receive a call asking me go climb.. i simply say yes.. OMG.. i was thinking bout replacing my classes at later time.. but. aih`...

something is wrong wit me man .. i m like .. dead .. mind dead .. body dead .. heart dead ... the 1 inside me has yet to wake up .. omg~ i feel tired for no reason n still dun feel like sleeping... i woke up n still dun fell like walking .. go to class dun feel like stdying .. sit infront of comp dun feel like chatting... aih` ...

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