Saturday, July 25, 2009



1000 个 我爱你


100 个 对不起

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Happy Birthday


good way to revive my blog is to wish myself a happy birthday :D

it's been almost 2 months since i entered this working life... today was suppose to be an odinary day for me as well ... i got tired at bout 10 n i decided to get sleep ... but something different was i was being awake by a bunch of ppl .. :D my uncle was holding a cake wit candles... and i can hear sound of xuanz n some of my frenz.. my sister were there as well ... THEN i know wat's going on ...

since the baby is sleeping they weren't able to sing birthday song right away .. so i go downstairs and my mini party started ... i was happy of course... although i dun seem like being tat happy.. i just don't know how to show .. or don't know how to react...

i neve thought this year there'll be another surprise mini party for my birthday ... it was totally unexpected... credit to my sis *applause* and also my dear xuanz.. *applause*

i may be weak at responding to surprises and may not react the way i should be.. but inside i m truely very happy n excited... wat's being more happier and excited than receiving presents and close frenz n family throwing a party for u .. :D0:

i love all u guys...


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