Monday, November 24, 2008



past weekend was very hardcore...


wake play eat sleep wake play eat sleep .....

woot... crazy...


Saturday, November 22, 2008



well ... long time never update.. so just talk bout some MMU days lor..

since my sem start i've been so guai... sleep early n wake early.. early as in 11 o clock or 12 sleep d.. then 8 or 9 wake... -.- but this onli last for 5 days lar...

last week went out lo.. friday went AC then saturday went find andrew dinner n yc lor... since now cc at puchong.. so suppose have more activities lor.. but he claim he no money at all now.. wallet got rm0 ... so i suggest he just ignore his wallet ler.. kekeke

so friday night again lor.. din go out.. but had quite some fun though ... coz i re-ggc-ed ... can play wit nonit pay.. so consider good lor..

this sem i have 1 .. i consider very weird subject lar.. or interesting as refer to my previous.. it's my major de subject.. call diagnosis duno wat shit.. cant remember.. we all refer as the nano subject.. since onli nano student taking so is understood.. :)

wat's this sub about.. well .. it;s bout those machine we will use for furture.. or to say.. wat machine will be used for this nano study ... wat machine to use to determine ur sample.. to c ur sample ... the atom arrangement.. n stuff like tat lor... total have 6 chapters.. each chapter have 2 machine.. so 12 in total lor... all theory ... so just imagine reading user manual for 12 machine without have the chance to touch on any of it lo.. well .. i think will have chance to touch on 1.. since it;s our lab session ...

but somehow i very confuse bout this sub .. n the wat it's about lor... he say shooting sample.. but wat is the sample.. nanoparticles... how to create that ? or how to how n stuff... if the size is already this big.. how u nano-fy it so small then u needa super magnifying tools to c it.. how u get the thing for u to c at the 1st place... very weird... or i should have known this from previous studies ... hmmm.. i duno ..

anywya i just feel this subject is freak hard lar.. not onli i needa memorise the content.. i needa understand throughly also .. y? because there will be a lot comparison ... how to use... how to modify .. how to do this n that.. how to make clear n stuff like tat lor.. which is so suck la...

n sumore got deal wit photos.. since up till now those machine i study is like getting ppicture of the sample ler.. picture as in picture.. photo ... so wat resolution wat sharpness wat wat all come out lor.. which i very suck in la.. i duno bout art... really duno ... just like yesterday there;s this quiz asking us to diff between photos taken from 2 diff machine.. so .. is hard lar.. n he promise will be more to come lor..

very sad case la.. n hell i totally talk like my lecturer now.. -.- he is a fun guy la.. but he just so ... erm .. wan u die kinda person lar.. duno how to say ler.. he is very very knowledgable ler.. know a lot n can tell a lot.. he wan us to know a lot as well .. so u know lor ..

but some how is very interesting.. bcoz it's so .... real world type kinda subject ler... n my lecturer keep advertise bout UPM ... saying they have this machine tat machine.. but din bring us go field trip :P ... hmmm ... interesting is 1 thing.. reality is 1 thing la..

so scary a~~~

n btw taking japanese this sem also .. :> feel like dying as well .. the lecturer cant even speak english fluent.. he is a japanese.. so we having hard time to communicate wit him .. haih...n he dun even know MMLS .. it;s a system for us students to get watever we needa know bout the subject from the lecturer.. notes everything is from there.. so .. .die lor.. c how die ny la..


Thursday, November 13, 2008



no i will not blog in chinese.. very troublesome :)

back to school ... a lot happen as well this few days ... from happy to not happy.. from not happy to sad.. from sad to depress.. from depress to ... words cant describe that..

ntg much .. but somehow i feel myself so normal/abnormal ... i sleep quite early.. like before 12? then wake quite early as well .. attending those 8am classes :) well .. actually skipped 1 though .. woke up 8.02.. so duwan go lor.. but still i wake up .. play comp n stuff :P

n i feel sleepy now d... feel like sleeping. but sadly cant.just bath~ so have to wait a bit sin .. haih ..

ntg much ... this sem taking 1 interesting subject.. well ... suppose it is interesting lor ... keke ... will get back when i have more info bout it -.-


Thursday, November 06, 2008




so meaningless...

p/s : the pic up there is so freaking cool ... i really love that .. c it everyday, since it's the wallpaper o my phone...

cheers ! 333 posts !





finally finished my FRIENDS 10 season ... woot...


n now .. i duno wat to do ... -.-

oh ... n i kinda using -.- instead of -_- ... since nonit press shift.. :> n i do have both symbols assigned to diff emo in msn .. tat's cool ... :>

hmmm ...


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