Saturday, February 23, 2008


Yet another road found~

today was boring.. y? because whole way have no class n ntg to do .. so i decided to go service my car.. since it's already 5000km since the last time.. asked my uncle bring me to the place.. he knows they guy well .. so i won get cheated or sumthin ...

woke up at 10 plus.. then meet my uncle there at 11.30 .. while waiting for my car.. went for lunch .. after my car finished service.. back house.. took my shirt for laundry .. (took to hee house to wash ..) then watched a movie at his place.. called.. "the comebacks" or somesort...

after the movie.. we went for swimming.. at bout 6 plus .. we went out to mines.. watch jumper wit hx.. 3 of us nia~ hx tried ajak more ppl but failed... not free.. got exam n no reply is wat he got.. oh well .. nvm .. since i wanted to watch tat movie.. n hx DID asked me last week if wanna watch .. n i so have the mood to watch it today .. so we went for tat movie at mines~

the movie was 7.20' went for McD before tat... the movie was nice.. but u know hollywood's movie fighting scene.. they shake the camera for i duno wat reason n makes u feel like the fighting was VERY exciting which is totally NOT! screw it!

the story of the movie was nice.. the theme was new.. my opinion was.. they can base on this theme n can have a lot more to expand.. watch it n know wat i mean .. talked wit ck for a while before he leave for aus after d movie...

went to sri petaling after tat.. tried to find for snooker center there but failed.. oh well .. dim sum time~ since long time nv dim sum dy .. quite full .. but rm20~ 4 days dinner gone~ aih`...

so 12.30 .. i send hx back UKM .. (i nv know local U can go in n out freely after 12) i used a traditional route.. back from sri petaling.. through serdang.. then towards kajang.. n follow UKM sign .(bypass kajang town) after passing by some road wit huge trees on both site making like a tunnel n few roundabout.. n few turns~ finally! we reached the main enrance of UKM ~ woo woo

after sending hx back .. we got kinda lost.. hee remember the rounabout turn but not the normal turn .. so i just follow instinct .. n road sign .. walla! i reached PUTRAJAYA !!! which is totally unexpected! omfg~~

at 1st .. i got no freaking where i was in putra .. then just follow precint14 n drive straight ... then after a VERY ... i mean VERY weird round-a-bout like roundabout.. finally.. we get to a place we familiar~ familiar road sign .. cyberjaya~

this is the road before reaching the weird thing...

closer shot

with flash ... onli the road sign focused..

n below is just to make some comparison between my k800 camera n hee's N80 camera... note the difference... which is better?

close shot wit flash ...

another 1 ...

i duno y we were so excited bout the road sign .. i evern turn back to my original spot ... which means i actually drive round the thing n back to same road.. just to take these pics.. kekek..

so finally get back house here...

another road found... cyber-putra-bangi-ukm
n i found out putra can actually link to kajang as well .. (through road sign)

actually dun quite know HOW to .. just .. well .. at least i know is link-able.. kekek ... n infact.. MAYBE nearer .. at least i dun think will jam at normal time though ..

-another midnight road discovery completed-

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Climbing Today

today went climbing... nice..

Chaun came here bout 12+ then we took off to batu caves.. damai wall .. as usual ..

saw an accident on d way there.. before reaching the place we had our brunch ... buy toto.. magnum... 3d+1... got 2 number... 1 is the number plate of the lorry .. another is the number on the crane.. choose 1~~~

IF u can c those numbers..

after brunch we head to damai .. n whoa~ there's a lot ppl there today .. because UIAM ppl camp there last night.. n the climb there yesterday .. tat's the reason i didn't climb yesterday ..

n today... FINALLY .. i got my new harness... bought it few weeks back . but today ny get.. gone through a lot.. in short.. bought at summit.. then asked my fren take for me.. coz got staff price less 15% .. which makes it 212.40 from 250 ... then din get chance to give me coz i went bcak ktn .. then he gave to chaun who will have a higher chance of c-ing me.. n i got from him .. today .. tat's it...

so like normal ... climbing... i climbed 2 routes onli today .. so sad.. i din get to do multi pitch which they did today .. i official my harness wit a belay :>

notice this pic there's a red shirt girl on top .. (aemee) she is actually belaying from top .. to let the bottom ppl come up .. (chaun) (not in this pic)

enlarge the pic n u will find 3 ppl on top .. 2 at lower n 1 at top .. lower is the 2nd pitch .. the top is the 3rd pitch ..

just to let u c how high it is... 1st pitch is 23 meter.. (roughly) 2nd pitch not sure.. might be adding another 20++ the 2nd to 3rd is kinda short i can c.. probally 10m or so ... so total ??

another pair doing multi pitch on d left...

fear the height!!!

those UIAM folks... a lot~ the occupied the right site of the wall totally.. lolz~

so tat's my today .. ntg speciall except my new harness which i din take a pic of...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Journey back from kuantan to kl

just a short post bout my journey back kl tat day ...

as u all know.. CNY back kuantan .. then i came back on sunday .. which is a hot day for all ppl to go back to their work place... study place n so on... y ?? because every1 start work n study at the same day .. which is monday ~

i start my journey around 3.30pm ... a bit jam at the gambang there.. slow moving traffic.. took bout half or 1 hour to reach the toll ... the toll jam a bit. but not touch n go ...

n so i was on the highway ...kinda smooth though ... just i realise EVERY single petronas is filled wit cars cars n more cars.. i wonder y every1 went to pump petrol at the same time same petrol station ... cheaper?? i wonder...

the traffice was kinda smooth all the way till temerloh where i stopped n have nasi lemak .. n some keropok .. n some udang punya kiuh... then continues.. .

untill i reach lancang... the traffic was very the terrible !!! it's the freaking 1st time ever i saw this highway ever jam like this.. normally u will never c more then 10cars at the same time.. now i saw 1000 cars all together... jam jam jam jam jam jam sampai toll ~~~~!@~!@~!@~!2

touch n go was faster than others.. except smart tag lar. . . then traffice back to normal .. tak sampai 5km .. jam starts AGAIN !! wtf !! bei har min can mou or.. zzz... jam jam jam jam aain .. very slow moving traffic again ... untill almost 9 . i tak tahan jor.. i saw the junction to bentong.. i straight turn in .. u know.. a junction where there's no car at all compare to jam infront..

went in bentong for dinner... at KFC... (when was the last time i had KFC?? 29th??) then thought of staying 1 night at bentong here then continue journey the next morning.. stayed at hee's uncle place..good thing he got relatives here... n got 1 ang pao sumore.. woo hoo ~ cool ..

the next day morning bout 5 i stat journey dy .. well .. traffic was super d smooth.. i can almost drive digonally on d road~ used bout almost 2 hours onli to reach cyber ... so fast.. from bentong.. after fetching xuanz back n hee to get his car at sk ...imagine the smoothness...

- when stuck in a jam .. try to stay at the left lane.. for me is a bit faster.. y ?? because some really inpatient guy will tend to go to emergency lane.. so u can move forward faster.. .

- try not to go to right n left n right n so on .. waste time ... i met a fren .. she drive like tat.. at 1st she faster than me.. then later i keep on the left lane.. following the same car for 1 hours plus.. end up i was faster than her a lot .. :>

- if u stuck on a jam with an old car like mine... give ur car a rest by turning to any stranger places n have a cup of tea before continuing ur journey ...

p/s : i got new phone.. k800 ..

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