Friday, August 24, 2007



i set a mission for myself on Sunday tmr i might not be able to do it ..

1 - do house shores .. clean the house .. my room n the living hall .. sum gonna rent the living hall ..starting sept..
2 - change the door nob..
3 - window lock...
4 - do lab repost
5 - assignment??
6 - -_-


Bukit Bintang

went to sungei wang wit xuanz and 1 her fren today .. initially they went wit 1 bunch of ppl guys n girl .. but now left they 2 alone going.. so i teman them lur.. so nicE~

above shown is my route to bukit bintang n back here starting from 11.15am till 7.34pm today ...

1 - i)MMU to putrajaya sentral .. as usual .. tat's the only way to go out ...
ii)putrajaya sentral back to cyberia .. as usual as well .. tat's the only way back..
cost - RM1
2 - putrajaya sentral to serdang by bus ... U42 .. moved at 12 ...
cost - RM2
3 - KTM from serdang station to KL sentral wit xuanz n her fren ... reached here bout 12.49.. moved at 13.01 .. as stated~!!!!
cost - Rm1.70 (Touch 'n Go)
4 - i)monorail from kl sentral to bukit bintang .. reached here bout half hour later n waited bout 10 minutes..
ii)back from bukit bintang bout 6 .. trust me.. it's really packed.. guards at each exit of the train and needa queue ..
cost - RM2.10 x 2 = RM4.20 (Touch 'n Go)
5 - KL sentral to putrajaya sentral using KLIA transit .. because i duwan wait for U42 bus at serdang station (swt.. KTM is not a concern .. lolz..)
cost - RM9.50 (No Touch 'n Go)


ntg much bout the trip .. just went there teman them shopping as they will be going to a course night .. so needa buy some clothes n stuff... i bought some stuff as well .. guess wat .. i bought all those house shore stuff... damn .. like door nob .. and my window lock n stuff.. battery for my alarm clock .. and practically.. i never buy anything to wear on .. except contact lenses.. everything cost me RM100 almost.. aih`.. sad. ..

went to tappanyakki for lunch and bought some bread for dinner ... since we got back before dinner time.. same some money .. spend a lot today as well .. din buy much but still .. aih`.. but all is needed stuff.. not a waste.. so kinda ok wit it.. now my wallet left bout RM8 onli .. OMG.. sad.

ntg much to say .. ntg special to report.. i found out sumthing when i got back from putra to cyber here.. the scenery of putrajaya's bridge and the fair thingi tat's going on now till 2nd of september.. u can c it best not at night.. it's during evening before night falls and before day ends.. it's when the sky turn into a blend of tat 2.. wit all lights on .. ahhh.. tat's perfect. .. light reflected on the lake.. not a dark lake during night.. it's so clear n greeny... might c a hunchback of "sea horse" .. .

came across this when i was at the monorail station at bukit bintang.. a movie named sumthin sea horse going to air soon .. how soon ?? MAR 2008.. watched the trailer there.. seems nice.. sumthin like the locknest (have no 1 bit of idea bout the spelling) monster thingi ..

and i m very tired now.. yesterday futsal .. today walk 6 hours.. OMG.. my leg is going to fail me.. i cant feel it now.. the muscle is .. numb.. OMG.. i dun even feel like walking to the kitchen or toilet.. hope i got a bowl thingi down here for me to pee -_-

-real end-


Update woot~

no mood blog.. ntg to blog .. so update just for fun ...

nowadays so busy ar... so many stuff to do tong sam fong bou lar .. play chinese maps lar.. and erm ... no more actually.. is just tong sam fong bou really takes a lot of my time .. lolz... n u know hard to stop when stated.. aih`..


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Long to Short

i just got my haircut yesterday ... to make it a pic post blog.. so more pictures less words..

look at the front part.. so long ..

side n back also ..

just for fun .. tie it up...

in the process...

after some moments...

ta da ~~ this is my new hair.. so freaking short..

here u go .. a picture post... that's what i call a haircut.. CUT .. not trimming.. so u dun need to visit saloon so often .. save some money. i think the next visit will be... 2 months ? bout the hairstyle.. depends .. nice or not i cant care much .. :p

Monday, August 13, 2007


Kuantan Days

came back on monday .. now it's already sunday .. will be going backl on monday as well .. wit my sis...

monday till friday basically ntg much to talk about.. except went out on some nights ja gei or yc lar.. but just 1 or 2 days.. the fun starts saturday evening.. when me hee kk jing yean n kk's fren form a team for futsal ..finally.. get to play futsal here!!!long time no play dy .. actually planned since thursday .. but till saturday onli get to play .. zzz so sienz.. n the match was good.. sweat a lot.. had a lot of fun ..

1 day before tat which is friday .. my sis came back from kl .. n tat night itself we had steamboat..yeah .. so nice.. back to saturday ... had dinner at opposite stadium place which is now a whole diff place to me.. it shifted place but have better accessibility i can say .. n the food still nice..though the claypot chicken rice din open which is the main purpose we went there.. aih`.. but the wan chai nice also ..

i watched EPL tat night at house.. for some matches.. not all .. so nice.. a lot new players n stuff.. all i tak kenal langsung.. except those big clubs ler..

this is a very busy day i can say .. morning wake up breakfast .. went kim kee for the used-to-be-best hong kong zhu ciong fan but sadly .. it's not nice anymore.. i cant find another palce nicer than he used to be.. so sad.. when he was at tong sing it was damn nice..

after breakfast .. we went to fetch my aunt's fren back from port.. because he mabuk kapal (no idea wat u call tat)after tat we went to haji ahmad for next round of breakfast where my father said thge place had better hong kong zhu ciong fan .. so went there try it out.. TO ME .. same.. i cant find another place better than tat .. Aftre tat .. went to Lim Brothers but some piping stuff.. as i will be plumber later on ..

after tat we went to giant.. for some shopping.. bout 2 hours there.. more or less... when back house it's already 2 sumthin almost 3.. then i went to my aunt's house to repair her basin for her.. then back house.. almost 4.. then i start doing the caves for my fishes?!!!!yeah .. finally.. wit pipes of course.. tehn 5 sumthin i went up my room sleep ..

bout 8 we had dinner at begger's chicken .. wit my aunts s then back my 'grandmother' house for some chit chatting stuff... then went xuanz house take stuff for her.. then back house.. right after tat ..kk came fetch me out.. we went for MU..

-Mu vs Reading-
noob game.. mu never score a goal so do reading.. sienz.. well.. kk once tell me bout wat his uncle told him bout some dark site of football .. so .. maybe yes maybe no .. but c'mon .. u cant even score a goal against reading??!! wtf is tat .. n sumore MU had the most noob formation ever seen..damn ...

oh.. not to forget.. i've seen the most stupid thing ever since i watched football for so long.. reading sub-ed a player.. n not even 1 minute passed.. tat fellow goes flying sliding tackle on 1 MU player which i forgot who .. n he get RED CARD!!! he just get on the pitch .. n thnot even sweat a bit.. n he is out.. i bet the manager can go dig a hole for himself to hide in and another for tat fellow to burried in .. lolz!~~~ could be the worst of the worst for this season ?? i duno .. just feel REAL funny.....

-Mu vs Reading-

p/s : guess wat .. this comp is so slow tat i typed bout like.. let's say 10-20 letters n i can c the letters come out 1 by 1 on the screen .,. imagine tat .. so i needa know if i had make any mistake n stuff n do it BEFORE it appear.. LOLZ...

p/s 2 : the problem no more.. not so slow dy .. i wonder y ...

p/s 3 : just to make it up to 3 since now PS 3 came out but i yet to have a look at it..

Friday, August 10, 2007



today is Thursday ... more specifically it's Friday now 10th August 2007

but according to the title it should be about Thursday which is 9th August 2007

Thursday, 9th August 2007 is the day i hate the most.. so far.. today just keep giving me a lot of problem .. wat's planned turn out to be blank .. wat;s good turn out to be not cool at all .. wtf is this.. y i have to go through all this .. i really hate today very much ..

i think just today alone my life is shortened by like 1-2 years.. AGAIN .. my eye brows almost joined together the whole day .. wat u call tat .. "zhou mei tou" ... everything seems not right today .. starting the moment i wake up .. WTF .. untill even now.. every single moment.. every single second .. all is not right at all .. everything is not right...

Monday, August 06, 2007


The Weekend

for some special cases i will talk bout this starting Thursday .. y?? because thursday wei kee came by here again ..reason : there must be some...

thursday he came by .. ntg much though .. he stayed at hee place .. till after dinner bout 11 o clock after hee's mid term ..we went dim sum at sri petaling.. 20 bucks gone.. tat night he came by my house n stay for the night. ..IF i m not mistaken .. we watched 'guess who' at my place after the dim sum thingi .. till wat time?? leave it to ur imagination ...

on friday he left early .. he went subang and PC fair at the same day n got back here bout 9 sumthin as we waited him at a restaurant for dinner.. we ordered all those dishes waiting wit a very hungry stomach n eat bit by bit of the rice n food while waiting for him ... ahhhh .. suffering..lolz..

anyway .. he reached n we finished dinner and got back home .. tat night wk tried to test n use his newly bought external harddisk .. n guess wat .. it's not working .. he bought a 300gb-non-working-external-harddisk .. well .. it's not his fault.. we opened the box n found out the chips were all cheap ..

chip is the cheap
cheap is the chip
the chip is cheap
cheap the chip is

next day saturday .. he went off early again because he needa get back pc fair place to get a refund or watever means repay for the guy he bought the harddisk from .. and he had a gathering at 3 near KLCC as well ..

as for me .. went for movie wit sy terry n hx at mines .. we watched 7.45's movie.. had nando's before the movie .. me n hx went way earlier to buy ticket n i needa go giant buy the pipe for my toilet.. it spoil when i m cleaning the toilet.. well it's just a flexible rubber host tat delivers the water to the tank of the toilet thingi .. for these few days i've been filling the tank manually.. zzz

we watched simpson .. woo hoo .. finally .. simpson .. the movie was nice but in my opinion it's hardly called a M-O-V-I-E it's onli bout 1 hour n 15 minutes .. it was fun though .. it a futurama liked simpson i can say .

hx stayed my place after tat ...

sunday morning. . another day.. wei kee finally needa get back to vancouver ... sad .. we went KLIA to send him off by transit .. hee cs n wan na were there too [hee went melaka on saturday wit wan na.. he fetched cs along to KLIA wehn he got back from melaka]...we had McD there..

after sending him off me n hx took a bus to KL sentral .. the KLCC then meet up wit sy .. ignore ky in this case.. he proposed "pc fair on sunday ?? " n when we got there meet him up .. he said "the fair no fun, no leng lui, things expensive, ntg much to c" n he said he duwan go .. [he was there damn early wit his frenz, he probally went the fair earlier n duwanna get back there again]... so me n hx went meet wit sy onli .. terry din came.. they surveyed price for lap tops.. n i bought my RAM .. to make my machine run on dual channel or watever .. my machine is too slow... n now.. kinda faster i can c. .. especially when gaming.. lolz~~

we had KFC after the fair.. chit chat will like 8.30 .. then go back ..

sy putra to university straight. .. me n hx change ktm at sentral [it was smooth today no waiting n stuff].. i stop serdang n hx stop UKM...

1st - i feel KTM upgraded...
2nd - elaboration of 1st - it came on time, the interior seems diff a bit, cooling,and the power failure like incident while on the track is not so power failure liked.. [at least the lights' not off and it came back fast n smooth], the driver announcing the next station is clearer and better.
3rd - funny advertisement i saw on the train :


-ada jiran kita yang kata dia gergasi, ader yang kata die terhebat, tapi sebenarnya kita yang TERBESAR-

-i cant remember-

words cant really bring out the joke.. i got no camera .. sorry ..

i saw a box written MYDIN is ontop of 2 box.. 1 written "gergasi" and the other "terhebat" the point is those 2 box clearly shows it's GIANT and CAREFOUR, the font n colour...


Thursday, August 02, 2007


New Thing

today i woke up early for class .. tat's 9 o clock .. OMG.. i woke up at 9 for the class at 8 .. yes it's on purpose.. anyway .. went for the class.. then took a bus to maybank cyberjaya ..

wat i did ?? i need bank in a cheque given by a tenant to me.. -_- so i go all d way there.. bank in the cheques.. along wit some cash given by other tenants.. keke .. 300 cash along wit the 1040 cheque..

wat's so new.. this is the 1st time i ever bank in cheque man ~ i went to maybank .. using the cheque deposit machine.. key in everything neede n bank in the cheque.. tat's simple.. n the machine is touch screen cool man .. keke .. then the cash deposit.. ntg much bout it.. though it's the 1st time but at least i know how to .. i never know how to deposit cheque till i get there.. asked my mother bout it before i go though ..

wanted to change my ATM card.. but sadly they say no stock .. i duno how real is tat.. if no stock then wat bout those ppl opening a new acc?? nvm .. i just continue using this old card of mine..

everything settle.. took a bus to CTT .. cyberjaya transit terminal (not sure bout the long form) it's a place the bus will passby before reaching MMU .. went there for lunch .. long time never had proper lunch like tat.. 4 bucks of mix rice.. and 1 buck for an ice cream .. surely is my all time favourite.. twister ..

just because i m eating the ice cream .. i cant get onto the bus to go back MMU .. so i walked all the way back MMu from CTT there.. how far?? bout 15-20 minutes walk .. not tat far though .. just the heat.. aih`..

-You'll be at your brightest and happiest when you are learning something new today.-

this is my friendster horoscope.. learning something new... the cheque deposit?? i dun remember being brightest or happiest.. lolz.. but not bad though .. at least i know how to do it next time..

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