Monday, July 30, 2007


Just another update

apparently i lost the initiative to blog.. i myself duno y as well . surely i m not busy studying ..

i was kinda busy during the past few weeks.. due to the camp thingi .. but now it;s over.. yeah~ n actually i m very free now every night doing ntg except gaming n gaming.. or anime-ing .. i have ntg better to do .. needa start study a bit IF I CAN!! o m g ..

i do have stuff to blog a bout if i m hardworking.. but i just too lazy to wait for those pics to upload while uploading wat i do ?? sit there n wait?? hmmm .. weird..

events for this month :

1st weekend - camp
2nd weekend - ben came KL (blogged abit bout it)
3rd week - back ktn (ntg to blog bout this)
4th week - this week i m bored dead...

bout the camp .. i just kinda lazy to upload pics n blog.. if u wan c pics can refer to bryan's blog.. which is located at the left corner of my blog page.. :P

since it passed few weeks ago .. so i kinda forgot wat happened.. though some good memory still remains .. i had a great time.. i believe every do as well .. know some bunch of frenz .. some are crazy fellows some are normal sentimental fellow.. -_- wat a description .. -_-

well .. the main event ben came kl was bon odori .. since wei kee blogged bout it wit a silver surfer at front for no reason .. so just link there n c ler.. sorry i m just too lazy .. n it's better since they blog better .. :p

going back ktn on 3rd week is just .. speechless.. i have ntg much to say bout it .. back ktn .. once reach then yc wit whoever tat's still at ktn .. cs n wk .. next day .. went mega wit xuanz... 1 new futsal shoes i got.. next day back ktn ..

just to comment bout the bus.. we bought plusliner as all buses no more.. bought 2 o clock bus.. the bus came at 3 .. reach kl at 6 plus.. reach cyber at 9 plus.. damn .. it's a stupid day tat is.. damn fire tat day.. i reach cyber TAT early is bcoz i took taxi .. oh .. we even waited KTM for like .. 1 hour ?? or more.. FUCK IT !! FUCK KTM .. go to hell ..

as for this week .. well .. ntg much though .. just went for movie on friday .. invisible / invincible target.. i m not sure bout the name .. then saturday .. dun mention .. as of today my sis came find me.. fetch xuanz.. then went lunch .. n walk around jusco .. surely i bought sumthin .. since i m not the 1 paying.. woo woo ~~ thanx~~ oh i got my present as well today ~~ hehe .. thanx PY

pic post?? neah .. malaz wait it upload.. n dun have good pic to post.. maybe next time..

Monday, July 23, 2007


Happy Birthday

yes.. today is my birthday ...

n i m not here to wish myself Happy Birthday.. but anyhow i m here.. so i wish myself a Happy Birthday 1st ..


thanx every1 for all the wishes. .. i really appreciated it .. some mini party was held last night at frenz house.. n it was somehow special .. not every year there's sumthin like tat for me..receive some presents as well this year.. some received way earlier .. n some later baru can get .. lolz..

i yet to have picture of myself at the age of 20 ... so .. cant post any here.. i just changed my tank water as well just now .. they seems happy..

happy always to me~

Monday, July 16, 2007


Another Visit

as u all know.. today monday i m very d free.. i have no classes on the whole afternoon .. so during this very free time .. decided to go find xuanz cc n ky for dinner...

so bout 5 went out.. reach uniten 10 minutes later.. i drive slowly ny.. but just reach there fast .. so it's quite fast de.. picked up cc dy then go UPM pick up xuanz.. called ym but he said he have class.. so .. too bad ...

later on we moved to sg long.. which is a whole new place for me.. never drive there or go there by any means of transport.. so i just follow sign n some direction given earlier.. reach sg long.. turn in .. then go straight .. then call ky because i m lost.. i cant c his UTAR.. he say keep going straight.. he never mention needa turn right at a point...zzz

anyway .. found him n we went to a howker stall for dinner.. we had dinner quite early.. sg long is a place out of my imagination .. i though it will be like kajang .. or serdang or sk . but it's NOT!! along the road i onli c some british style houses... condominium .. and even shop lots are all british or france or watever style.. is just so diff.. it's like a high class place.. yes very high class it seems.. even the hawker stall is at those high class shop lots i mentioned.. where u can sit upstairs.. at the balcony like thingi -_- hard to explain .. u will never know it;s shop lot untill u c a freaking sign board there. xuanz bought cc a secret recipe cake.. n i treat him dinner... since his bd...

a bout 8 .. send ky back to his campus because he needa go dance.. -_- n this is the time i feel malaysia like.. lolz.. he bring us further inside.. n i feel serdang or sk or puchong there.. haha .. where those shop lots are normal building .. and the road kinda small .. those hawkers stalls is filled wit ppl n stuff.. feel like a busy place.. n utar is just a tiny gate .. (from wat i c .. too dark)

went to cc's new house at kajang after ky's ... oh .. been to ky house .. i dun feel like mentioning how messy his room is .. not onli me.. even cc agree.. xuanz too for sure -_- i feel tat my room is so nice n tidy .. haha

ok ok .. went to cc's house.. yes nice n clean n tidy .. his room also nice.. but his house no internet.. he damn suffer.. but i can c tat he has a lot of games.. and movie to watch .. no to mention nearly 100gb of naughty stuff..

went back UPM at bout 9.30 .. reach cyber 10 o clock .. 5 hours.. 25 bucks for the car rental .. tat's all .. ntg special .. ahhh .. another monday

Sunday, July 15, 2007



ben came here on thursday noon... then i woke up early mosning n clean my house tat day .. my living hall is not tidy n nice.. :P then i went for calss n ben stay at my house.. later he went out wit yl duno to where..

at night we went to the chinese singing competition at my campus MPH .. it was fun .. i went support my fren n ben went there just for fun n listen to mmu kiaz sing....

later tat night went yc..

on friday basically we did ntg.. i went serdang n came back wit xuanz here.. then at night borrowed yl's car n went dinner.. we had bak gut teh.. not bad..

later tat night we all were tired n sleep early.. -_-

on saturday wei kee pulak came here.. he said it was boring at kuantan n came to kl here.. because there will be a so call gathering on sunday .. which is today at midvalley.. so he came as well .. he got ntg to do at ktn anyway .. :P

so we all went to bon odori together.. on saturday night .. gathered at campus at bout 2.30 .. then start journey at 3 .. reach there bout 4.. then gate open at 5 .. stayed there till 9.30 .. then gate close.. went back by then ...reach cyber at bout 11... back house sleep .. super tired day also

today sunday .. we all went to midvalley .. wake bout 10 .. then strat journey from here bout 10.45 .. reach midvalley at bout 1.. which is 1 hour late.. zzz then meet them at kim garry .. had lunch ..

n tat's all for today .. every1 went back 4 sumthin ..

left me ben wk n mc .. mc catching a bus at 8 ... went for pool few rounds.. then mc back n we back cyber .. reach here bout 8 .. n now they 2 watching anime beside me.. hee lying on d bed behind me.. n at my position is me writing this..


Saturday, July 14, 2007


Fish Died

yes. my fish died!!! 2 of the crocodile IS DEAD!!

i duno wat happen ... all of a sudden..their fin started to .. "rot" yes.. kinda like rotting n eventually their fins n tails are getting smaller n smaller.. n later on .. dead.. RIP ... might be the small fish i feed the cause.. or .. i duno .. but other fish seems ok wit it.. though it;s tail seems to be rotting a lil also .. but i think it's ok now..

in remembrance..

Sunday, July 08, 2007


07 - 07 - 07

i was in the camp during this day ..


ck went to australia tat day!!!!!! me n hee walk slowly towards the car.. while no 1 noticing us.. especially our leader.. then straight drive to KLIA .. just to send reach-KLIA-REAL-late-ck off.. then we got back to the camp .. when any1 ask bout our disappearance .. we said we got lost on the way to toilet which is just 30 meters aways from the hall ...logic enough ..


long long long weeek

since 29th i never write a word here... somehow my frenz' blog are all d same.. i wonder y ... well ... local university orientation week .. tat's y ...

so wat i've been doing all this week ?? it's been a long week because i've been doing the same thing like previous 1.. meeting everyday .. yumcha till lae night everyday .. so basically i used up most of the 24 hour of a day for something other than sleep ... i hardly get enough sleep at all .. tat's bad..

went for transformer on thursday .. which suppose to be a briefing day before camp for us... and we needa do some work as well .. BUT .. transformer comes 1st ... i must watch transformer before going to camp .. because thinking tat every1 will be talking bout it and i duwanna be blur when tat happens.. but it didn't at all ..

well .. the camp was on friday till today .. sunday ... as usual .. when u used up 90% of a day working.. the day's VERY long ... so i feel like i m away from my comp for quite very long time.. because now i even duno how to type well .. feel weird..... -_-

i will be blogging bout the camp when i get those pics.. i believe there are a lot of great pics there...oh .. i m very tired now---

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