Thursday, November 05, 2009



yes.. no internet near 1 month..

went perlis on .. few weeks back ..then back ktn ..then went genting..then back kl start class...

not to mention once class started a lot of stuff need to use internet.. for instance i needa update myself wit the bulletin. so basically i duno much of the things. luckily still got frens tell me :D

n now finally have internet.. but is kinda slow.. still ok la.. can surf net.. can update my kaspersky..!!! 1 month no anti virus !! n i know my pc got virus~~~ wuuuuu

ntg much ..

now my life if filled wit wall climbing :D

there's a new climbing gym at putrajaya, free entrance... for now.. heard will charge per entry.. for liek rm3.. still cheap .. now my class is monday till wednesday onli n latest is till 4.. everyday after class then straight shoot there climb.. and back bout 6 sumthin for dinner.. :D thursday n friday of course open my eyes then i shoot to putra also :D did i mention i'm staying at equine park now? sri kembangan :D not bad ler.. new lifestyle.. new environment n new housemate.. haha hee n chun yit if u know..


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