Saturday, April 28, 2007


Update Rate - 91%

long never update.. since.. 23rd of april ... a day i forgot bout some1's birthday .. so bad of me.. i remembered it before n reminded myself to sms him but still when the time comes .. i just forgot ...

a lot happened from tat day onwards actually .. lolz .. from monday till tuesday .. OmG long time ...well .. tuesday just like normal .. except went to hee house watch ManU win AC milan 3-2 .. wednesday itself just normal .. same .. watched liverpool lose to chelsea 1-0 .. wat a boring game tat was.. then thursday was suppose to be a holiday .. n yes it is .. well .. ng much ... sleep.. then afternoon went puchong for lunch .. had bak gut teh .. later tat night we went Jusco buy stuff .. nv buy anything in particular.. just hee buy present for wan na .. thursday night i just dota n gem tD.. suddenly pick up wit gemTd again ..duno y .. friday din do much ..OH!! it's TODAY.. tat was fast.. normal day.. just tat at night went jusco again buy wat we suppose to buy .. then back house n now it's 6 sumthin n i cant sleep .. i m suppose to wake up at bout 12 tmr .. then we will go back ktn after hee's muet test .. ktn here i come .~

picture of the day : just some random pic from my folder ..

Monday, April 23, 2007



today before going out for dinner ... went to B block .. then somehow some1 tabao KFC or watever i duno ... it just smells nice.. reminds me of KFC.. so we went to KFC for dinner ~banyaaai ...~~~

aftre KFc went shopping for food.. tat's all ... n now i can tahan till this week before going back ktn liao ... Banyaaaai~~~~~~

Saturday, April 21, 2007



just now at bout 9 .. i woke up n meet up wit hee like promised then we went for dinner... basically we both have no idea where to go dinner .. hee just keep driving to some place.. SOME place as in nowhere.. then somehow we get to sk .. then serdang kampung bahru .. from there we just blindly driving n find for place to have our dinner...

as usual .. ntg much there.. hee just turn here n there n end up we are totally lost.. not knowing the direction of which is which ... we reach some place wit some cool landmark.. like petronas.. bhp .. mobil .. some furniture world along the road.. F1 reatauant. i m not sure how many know where is tat.. we look at our surround n found it written serdang raya.. omg.. no idea where was that ...

so we blindly go forward again ..we saw KLCC from afar.. i know it's far .. but it's beautiful as always.. continue forward.. finally.. after turning here n there in some housing area / industrial area / some unknown places wit some weird designed road n landmark ... we get to a highway .. as in 3-4 lanes type.. on my left there's a big sign writting ... 'technology park' damn .. we are near .. or to say we are at sri petaling.. so dim sum we go .. i did mention dim sum at sri petaling earlier although i just said that for fun since we cant think of any place to go..

but we end up there also .. weird.. so from there there's road sign writting sri petaling n we just follow.. n reach the places i went last time.. except this time we went to the neighbour shop of the 1 i went last time... food not bad .. but i think kinda exp .. we din order much (my standard) but it;'s 43 bucks.. omg.` nvm ..once in a while .. consider ourselves lucky to get there anyway ..

so watched 1st half of MU vs ROMA there.. replay .. saw how MU actully score their 4 goals during 1st half.. then we get back here.. from here we used the worng road n end up paying 2.1 for kesas toll and 1.6 for ldp toll .. compare to tolless when we get there.. sad.. .

Sunday, April 15, 2007



this morning i went to the pc fair 2007 at klcc convention centre

well .. actually i have nothing particualr to buy .. except i need some dvd-r ... instead of going to lowyyat.. my sis said we go to pc fair .. as honestly.. i never been to klcc's pc fair.. lolz~

comparing prices - walk around looking for ppl that u know - look at stuff u wan and not buying it because it's expensive - u just love the crowd

i think those are some reasons ppl go to the pc fair.. lolz~ there are some ppl tat really needa buy some stuff n can grab it in real creap price there.. i duno ... but for me .. i won do that if i m not THAT in need of buying stuff there... i see some real crepa prices flying around n stuff.. but i m sure it won differ much if u go to lowyat 1 week later after the pc fair n get the same thing ... so y go sandwich urself for something like that. ???

lolz... hmmm ... ntg special there actually... i din get to buy wat i wan ... except for dvd-r n stuff... i wanted to buy a ram which will boost my pc speed .. or buy a graphic card so that it will not comsume my already low ram for theie graphic processing things as i m onli usig the intergrated one.. so which is better .. ram ?? for dual channel processing power ? or graphic card... both is out of the case.. :P seriously.. i duno my ram details.. so i cant really go and buy another ram like tat as it will bring not much effect except adding the speed a lil ...

well .. we actually just go to klcc ... - pc fair .. then we ciaoz..

then we tabao some stuff for lunch and eat at my sis place.. then i have yet anmotehr nap .. at night .. after finished the speghetti my sis cooked.. i went back to my house~ here.! n now i m here!!!


Penyu Ninja Mutasi Remaja

i think i dun have to transelate back wat's tat mean right ?? it's obviously teenage mutant ninja turtle... i got tat transelation when i watched tat movie yesterday ..zzz

saturday morning ... woke up early sleep 'early'.. as usual .. then meet up wit hee n we went dim sum at puchong together wit wan na .. as she came here ffor the weekend.. so dim sum at puchong.. the same place we went back tat day .. will try out the other shop next time... after the dim sum .. we went to irene aquarium for the purpose which is very obvious and should not be mention here SO clearly.. hee bought himself some fishes...

then he drop me at kelana jaya station then i waited my sis there .. then she came fetch me... go her house.. i have a nap.. then off we go to cineleisure for the movie ... we reach there bout 3.10 .. which then we bought 2 ticket for 3.40 de ninja turtle movie ...

after the movie we walk around n i get myself a new haircut.. 15 bucks at cut n go shop ... cheap .. not bad.. i m not in a hurry .. so time is not the problem anyway ... after tat we go to kepong for dinner which normally we won do tat coz is quite far but this this my sis fren ajak her go de coz one of her fren bd~ ahhh ...

well.. we suppoose to meet some1 who knows the way to the shop after the toll .. but somehow there's no stopable place after the toll .. it;s a frewaing highway .. so we messed up n we were lost for some while... but somehow there's a roundabout like .. 10-15 km away from the point we started our sightseeing journey... then another fren came to the rescue.. meet at a petrol station .. wasted 2 toll fees~ omg~ .. then finally lead by bernie we reached the place~

here's some plot .. while we were finding parking at the place... we saw the 2 frenz which came earlier , edmund n clement sitting on a table which belongs to some hawker stalls~ at that point i was stunned~ came all the way for hawker stalls~ omg!!! then my sis found a place to park .. so as bernie .. then bernie told us tat edmund they all booked a place att he restaurant n blabalbl .. i was so relieve by then ... lolz~ coz my sis told me they were going to eat seafood which i got o hyped up bout it .. s-e-a-f-o-o-d

then we sit at the hawker stall place n wait for our turn .. accoding to edmund.. he ordered some crabs n stuffs .. then the fellow will call when there's a plce for us.. believe... the palce is SUPER CROWDED~ i've never.. not say never ler. . is like there are super lot pf ppl waiting outside for their turn .. it's like the 1st time i went to yuen yuen .. maybe worst this time... argh~ yuen yuen is buffet steamboat.. fix price.. n this restaurant is just some odinary one.. where u order dishes but they have some great seafood on the list for sure... i think rm18 per kg for crabs is kinda creap ... well .. should be .. . tat;'s y is so crowded n all ppl willing to wait 1 hour for their turn .. the food must be nice as well though ..

so finally our turn n i was shocked when i c how many dishes we actually have.. lolz... we have bout ... 9 for 7 person ... including pried rice... and that 2 crabs ...well .. if mention here u won feel lot.. but tat time i feel realy full n satisfying.. lolz~ prawns .. la la .. crabs is the seafood i m talking bout here~ yes!! all my fav~ u uu u u u

so we finish all the dishes wit rie n stuff then the crab is served .. wahaha .. main dish :p ... eating crabs without using ur hand is practically impossible.. tat's y i finish my rice real quick n start wit the crab thingi ...i needa mention bout the prawns.. coconut prawn .. transelate it in cantonese or chinese it will be claer wat is that... eating bun wit tat is just nothing than perfect~!! the bun soked wit the curry ,,, n the nice smell of the prawn in it.. ahhh! it's just wonderfull !!

so we finished everything like 10 ...we din get to try their 'jiu pai choi' cheese crab coz bernie doesn't eat cheese :p ... nvm that . the other 2 is good enuf.. so there's another good reason to go back that place again i guess.. hahah ...while we were waiting for our food to be served i found out that my sis frenz are all jokers.. real jokers... lolz... they were talking bout jokes all the time which is real funny .. while waiting.. while eating ... after eating.. haha ... filled wit laughters.. cool .. i was really satisfied wit the meal as it's been along long long time since i've tried real s-e-a-f-o-o-d ... crabs .. yeah~

after dinner. we all went back .. except for me my sis bernie n bernie's ... we went for movie.. yet again for me .. we watched catch and release because kathay don;t have hitcher.. sad case.. we were planning to watch hitcher... aih`...sad..

catch and release starring jennifer gardner.. well .. that movie itself is not basd.. if u like this kinda genre.. not romance comedy.. yet is kinda like romance comedy stuff... well .. i won purposely go n watch this kinda movie if i have a choice.. lolz ... most of it are good i know .. catch and release is kinda easy going movie.. without ups n downs... it's like about things happened around this bunch of frenz.. n stuff like that... no climax n stuff.. .my guess.. it's like the famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S series... should be ...

after the movie it;s already 3 sumthin when we get back house ... wat else.. sleep!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Nasi Lemak Ayam

today's dinner : nasi lemak ayam .

i tabao it downstairs .. long time never eat the ayam . so i added ayam on it.. 4.5 bucks.. quite ok.

but if u think i will be satisfied by JUST TAT .. u r wrong~ before i go tabao i prepared my extra food by defrozing (is there even a word like this?) them .. there are crab meat ball, crab stick, chicken ball, hotdogs, slice beef bought not long ago from jusco. not just that, i have soem other non frozen food as eggs..

after i back .. i decided to cook those food and i though to myself, the meal is not perfect without some good soup .. so wit ikan bilis, cabbage, and japanese taufu i cook my soup and it's good~ guess my skill is still not yet rotten .. :P after the soup i cook my food using butter onli no oil involve.. not to mention cant even find any of those .. note that it's not mine anyway .. haha ..

everything's done, then is dinner time!! wit nice nasi lemak ayam wit extra topping plus the very nice soup .. wat can i say more ? ntg . it's just superb!! haha ... talking bout enjoy ur food .. i think i do ..

well .. some might say they are poor therefore they eat maggie mee everyday .. that's the same wit me as well .. these few days i've been eating instant noodles.. but mine using chicken stalk which i think is a BIT healthier than those maggie mee thingi ..(cant remember wat u call that).. one thing different is my mee always comes wit those stuff i just mentioned up there.. everything ... talking bout enjoy~ i think i do~ poor = maggie ?? it's true but u can make a diff wit some minor changes .. even hotdogs is good enuf .. or eggs.. just add few cents per meal .. and u get 1 better meal for urself~ keke .. .

obviously i needa eat it infront of my comp .. if not how i m gonna watch anime while eating... lolz


Naruto Back On Track

naruto's anime been back on track quite some time.. as usual i just download it n leave it there .. few days back i was bored so i started watching those naruto i downloaded till 220 .. which ends the filler part .. n i found out there are some filler which is actually quite interesting...

the came out wit a new name for naruto just to indicate they are back on track n following the comic plus it's 2 years n half later already;s called naruto shippuuden .. last night i finished the filler part n started watching episode 1 of shippuuden .. i thought of just watch 1 episdoe to c wat's it;s like .. but sad ly.. i cant stop after watching the 1st .. i continue watching till the end .. which is the latest tat i downloaded. .. omfg~ it's nice.`

Monday, April 09, 2007


Blast Miner

blast miner is yet another great game to play ... by anyone!!

it's combination of 2 game mode.. puzzle n arcade ...

i played the puzzle mode because the arcade mode is just like tetris .. but the diff is u blast everything out n try to blast the gold to the top ... n dun let the ground to reach the top ...

the puzzle mode is basically for u to bring the gold to a spesific place... there are items for u to use in order to do so use those items .. u place them in the correct place n by experiment u will find a place suitable n so on .. just to get the gold to the place u wan .. there are budget so u cant just simple buy n place. .. so u needa think n experiment a lot ... hard to explain .. needa play it urself to know ...

after u place everything ... press the TEST button on the bottom right to test ur 'circuit' ... ~!??? watevr u call tat ... then if fail .. edit n try agin .. n so on ..

here are some pics .. click on it to view bigger image so u can read wat i wrote inside the pics itself...

this is an example of a level of the puzzle mode.. this is an expert lvl .. so u c those time bomb will explode after the time on the bomb itself reach zero .. this is obvious right the gold drop .. the bomb will send it fly here n there n reaching the top at last ... cool huh .. this is an easy 1 actually.. there are some real hard puzzle for solving which might take long time to figure out n place the right item at the right place... n note tat not all items can be used each round .. like this.. some items cant be used ... n got budget..

this is an easy mode ... real easy ... use the acid to break the walls blockign the way ... use the time bomb to send the gold fly to the exit after few seconds~ easy~ .. c wat the guy said ?? "experiment is the key to blast mining" i do tat to know the usage of each items.. though tghe guy will explain at 1st few level when u press on them ... just to brief u on how to use it n wat it;s for ..

blast away .. after u press the TEST button .. the thing will flow n end up like this.. lolz~ i blasted the gold high up to the exit at top there. ..easy 1 ..

this is the arcade mode... it's liek tetris .. the ground will raise up every few seconds.. so u needa keep it low by blasting it off. .. use those items available.. this u can control every items u bring forth .. using keyboard.. n at the meantime.. blast the gold to the top part where it will suck it to the right n go down ... n so on .. for me.. it;s not as fun as the puzzle mode.. coz i suck on this.. lolz~

it;s a great game. .. seriously... sadly u needa buy it~ but u know there;a always a way to escape those~ which i dun needa mention here.. lolz~



there's sumthin special here.. i just changed my aquarium's water last thursday .. n now the water is so so so clear ... hah .. so happy to c compare to last time .. the water can be .. is not yellowish anymore .. is blacky .. lolz~ i just so lazy to change the water.. bu i cant tahan n changed it .. i even wash the whole tank inside out ~ it's worth my time though ..

*no pics available*


Chrono Trigger

i got so boring this few weeks .. so i searched the net for top 10snes game ... i do this because lately i got sucked by this mysterious force of snes emulator ... so i needa open the emulator n play some game on it everyday ... my search gives me chrono trigger... so i dl-ed n played the game .. it's a rpg game.. yet anotehr thing to keep me stick my ass on the chair n focus! ..

i finished the game in bout 1 week or so .. or maybe 2.. cant remember ... it's a freaking nice game ... maybe i just seldom play this kinda rpg game .. u must know i m NOT aq final fantasy fans AT ALL ! chrono trigger however is a game freom square soft also ... n i just found out it's so nice.. the graphic although it's not 3d but it's good enuf .. honestly i like this kinda graphic better than those 3d game which emphasize on the graphic than the storyline of the game n gameplay n stuff ... afterall the rom is just like 1mb ..

after i finished the game .. i got boring again ... so i search again n found out tales of phantasia .. which is also a rpg game (actually i searched for rpgs) so again i play n this game is a bit diff from chrono trigger in terms of the fighting scene ..tales of phantasia fighting scene is like .. a fighting game .. u know .. street fighter n stuff... u can even buy a combo command in the game n equip it.. so u can use skills by pressing the correct command follow by attact. .. example .. down,down-right,right attack .. exactly like street fighter type game ... i bought the thing which cost 5,000,000 n i fail to use it properly due to noobness of fighting game plus keyboard just cant perform those command really well ...

chrono trigger n tales of phantasia both related to time travel .. omg~ y all rpg love time travel ?? aih` .. hmmm ... i wanna find a pc game .. rpg tyle baldurs gate ... i missed tat game .. lozl~ coz i dun get to finish it .. n during tat time i was so noob to games like tat n dno wat to do .. end up .. noob...

argh.. this is just some random update anyway ... since tat's wat i've been doing for past few weeks.. so i got ntg else to blog a bout ...

Monday, April 02, 2007


April Fool

just came back from ktn .. is not JUSt .. i reach here bout like ... 6 sumthin almost 7.. then we went dinner wit my cousin and my aunts n my sis ... i cameback here following my aunt;s car wit my sis n my otehr ant together ...

i get to drive her car back here.. as she feels headache .. altis .. damn sked .. if anything happen .. i mati lor .. luckily ntg happen . n good car.. keke ... sure thing .. after reach ,, we contacted my cousin which came back earlier bout like half an hour .. then we went dinner at opposite taman megah there.. near to kelana jaya station ..

we ate steamboat .. is not bad.. quite satisfying .. we even da-bao-ed 3 eggs because cant finish it .. lolz!! hardly find a place for the egee to fit in the bowl anyway ... lolz.. funny .. after dinner .. they send me back then i dota-ed 2 round n some TDs .. n now going to sleep soon .. very soon i believe~

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