Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Life at ktn

came back here... sunday night... as usual .. starts monday straihgt have a lot of plans..

monday morning sleep .. cant wake up so early lar man ... then bout noon .. mc called me n woke me up .. he asked me go ja gei .. i sure say yes... so he fetch me then we ja gei ... after tat we go yc at sam heng .. then we go for football .. yeha~ hee needa take all my gear.. incluiding pants n shirt n boots there .. since all my luggage there... i just bring along my contact lense...

after football tat night .. we went to satay zul for supper.. talk bout next day's plan .. hahah ... well .. terry booked court .. for badminton .. we went for badminton .. then go for lunch .. back house .. then at bout 4 sumthin .. head to megamall again .. initially wanted go to a so call shop tat sells camping stuff for a d-tour.. but once i reach tta shop .. look inside.. ntg much .. zzz ..

so we went for a walk .. me terry ck hee n xuanz. walk around mega abit.. bought McD ice cream .. then after tat we head to komplex sukan belia for WALL CLIMBING@ oh yeha! my sport!! hahah ... tat's today actually.. i din climb much .. just to try get the feel of climbing back .. failed to do so as heavy rain stops us all ...zzzz

well .. ntg much though .. tmr will be a better tmr..

oh.. i do online always here as well .. i online here.. stay it on just to get my downlaod done fast .. then when i m free will browse msn for some chatting purpose.. n i will visit knitknot like always .. n of course blogging .. since this is ktn's comp .. i dun have all blogs saved in bookmark here.. so i go in my blog.. click on 1's .,. then read.. then link to another 1 ... n so on .. just liek friendster.. lolz .. but sadly


Monday, May 28, 2007


Quick post

Thursday night i was packing .. till like 4 in d morning .. meaning it's friday morning dy lar. .i vacuun my room .. clean the toilet n stuff.. moved everything to d hall n stuff... then i rest for a bit.. 6 am woke up .. then meet hee...

we went to nilai after tat .. fetch cs then ~ GENTING we go!! oh yeha .. drove all the way till the cable car to meet them .. the rest of the gang . lolz.. then we took cable car up to genting then check in .. waited like 1 hour for the numbering stuff.. zzz so long.. checked in ..

........ (not to be mentioned here, it's a quick post)

we stayed at genting for 1 night.. then saturday noon we headed to times square.. it was crowded.. yes.. all young girls n some gay-ish teenage boys storm the place just because wu jun or i duno wat's his name came to times square n sing other's song right infront of the entranmce wit no stage at all .. so basically u cant even get to c him from far if u were late.. except u were in the first few rows..

9.30 bus back ktn we bought.. but me n cc not following them back .. they came kl 9 ppl .. now 6 ppl back ktn .. lolz// getting lesser n lesser... me n cc coincidently went to the exact same place at puchong .. zzz (gay-ish)

my parents came to kl todaay morning.. then we went to visit my grandmother at IJN, institusi jantung negara... after tat headed back ktn bout 8 sumthin .. dinner n reached now.`

just to summorise wat happened from thursday till now.. so tat i can stay my blog updated.. lolz~


Thursday, May 24, 2007


Night fall till dawn

yesterday just like normla .. wake up dota .. then pack a bit then night dy .. oh . went dinner .. bak gut teh .. after tat back house finished binders wit cc n some guys .. although lastly got 3 fellow left.. but we win dy .. normal mode..

then it's time for liverpool .. meet wit hee then we go to asia cafe to watch liverpool vs ac milan for champions league.. we reached there quite early.. booked a place.. then sit there order drinks n waited.. later hee's fren came .. then they order drinks .. we order food to eat.. then the matches started..

ntg much to talk bout the match .. liverpool just lack of some striking ability n luck .. they palyed well .. but i can hardly c dida save shots.. because they all shoot the ball to fans ..not the goal .. ac was not bad also .. but liverpool hold those key players well .. so qutie ok .. argh .. but they lose also lar.. sienz lar..

well .. although liverpool lose.. but liverpool fans won a fight!~~ lolz.. yeah .. some bunch of guys were supporting liverpool n were watching the match there also .. but after the match finished.. they started attacking a guy which i think should be AC fans .. imagine 1 bunch of guys attacking a poor guy wit no weapon on handss.. of course.. chairs n fist is those bunch of guy's best weapon here..we were not quite far away from the scene though .. so we RUN FOR OUR LIFES!!!!!

after the match .. me n hee wanted to go dim sum .. so wanted to go sri petaling .. drive there.. cari cari .. look at sri petaling de road sign ,... then we lost.~~ omG! wtf.. we cant find sri petaling no more.. duno mana pigi liao ... we round n round at the same place for like 1 hour then end up coming out from puchong .. argh`. then we decided go sk for dai ga lok.. sadly dai ga lok ntg to eat .. not even opened yet..

so .. wat can u think of at time like tat...6 in the morning.. driving in a lonely road wit an empty stomach .. ahhh .. there's onli 1 .. ur friendly neighbour....


so we had out breakfast there.. it's weekdays .. so of course i ordered the weekdays special .. sausage McMuffin wit coffee/tea for onli 4 bucks! omg~ not bad at all .. well .. the place is 24-hour for drive through onli .. it's not open yet.. we dun have a palce to sit.. so we parked the car at the pasrking place. then we sit at the road site to eat.

later we found out there's a better place to sit.. haha .. those half-wall-liked fence .. so we sat on it n had our breakfast .. ahhhh .. refreshing.. sadly there's no cooling breeze here.. aih`.. too bad .. duno y so hot tat time .. now hot lar.. it's not cool at all .. after tat we went back ..

hee enjoying his cut of tea

me enjoying my cup of coffee

cup of coffee without cover n cup of tea wit cover

hee's car parking at parking lot

NO that very bringt round thing is not teh sun .. it's street lamp


Pack n Clear

argh!! i've been packing n cleaning my house since... conside it tuesday lar .. meaning after my exam .. n now i m still not done ...

let me analyse it... i need to evacuate my room .. as there's a guy moving into my room on 25th.. then where m i staying ?? i will be moving over to alex room instead .. Y ?? becasue there are more windy n spacious .. well .. the spacious part i doubt it lar.. for me seems the same.. but the windy part if definately correct.. the room has 2 windows.. so i can get wind from both sites.. so i will surely gt move wind than now .. ho ho ho ..

so basically i need to get everything done by today .. everything i mean alex evacuating his room .. letting me shift everything inside.. and i evacuate my room let the guy shift inside as well .. argh~ tat's annoying.. a bit regret now .. but nvm .. i think this will bring me better tomorrow.. hopefully..

here's my room on the process of evacuating..

my store room is now cleared.. my box of books .. n my 'kitchen' is gone

friday tat guy move in .. i go genting.. then saturday i back here again .. then sunday i off again .. alex will be gooing to scuba diving as well .. then monday there's 1 more fellow moving in but chris haven't move out so he will be staying my room temporarily.. argh!!~~ so fan ar~!!! everything need to co-wit everything well . in out in out .. just to make sure everything goes right .. aih` .. hope ntg goes wrong ..

i need a place to store my stuff.. so the living hall is the best place.. i foresee he living hall packed wit loads of stuff

well .. needa pack again now.. i found out when u start packing.. u will find a lot useless stuff.. as well as some endless stuff to pack .. wtf! how can tat be .. hmmm .. i will try not to spread my stuff so much again .. :p n my tank is the very hard part for me.. i duno how to deal wit it ar~ water out.. tank move .. water in .. tank set.. walau .. s mafan again .. -_-

random pic of the day :

since i curi alex camera to take those photos .. so i took this photo as well ... a view from my balcony .. ahhh .. aint tat nice ?? tell me yes please~~ well .. it will be nicer if u c it wit ur own eyes.. camera cant show all .. night scene, superb .. wit light from those buildings far far away which u cant really c it in this pics.

Oh .. just remember... u know.. alex room ..which will be MY room later .. HAS A GENTING/KLCC/KL tower view!!! believe it or not!!!!!!!! it's TRUE!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Lonely Tank

ahhh .. looking at my fish tank .. it's so lonely now .. now onli left 3 cichlids.. plus tat 2 aligator gar.. so sad man .. all died of same symptom which i duno wat... oh not forgetting there's a pleco n feather fin .. get from hee de.. they survive here well .. i wonder.. lolz

now whenever i feed them.. there's onli 3 fish come n rebut [duno english] unlike last time .. moment of glory... once i put in food.. ALL come n get it.. ahh .. so nice to c.. even those hiding also know i m feeding then ... now.. there'ss onli 1 fish actively swimming around .. while 1 hiding some where.. n the otehr 1 swimming at the corner.. because the 1 swimming at the middle of whole tank is like king.. it will bully whoever comes near him .. haha .. funny ..

n tat 2 aligator gar.. still same .. they can grow REAL fat after i feed them a lot n become VERY skinny after few dasy nv feed them .. they onli eat live food live small fishes i buy from fish shop .. others.. NO .. they tak layan at all .. they dun eat fish food n stuff.. not even those dried shrimps.. i once c my aligator gar eat shrimps . but alive 1.. i was surprised.. because i tot they onli eat fishes.. i think they eat anything tat's edible n moving .. NOT like fish food which is floating on the surface..

n the feather fin .. he no longer hide under the wood n suck the wood dry .. he now constantly swimming around the filter ther .. i mean the pump ther .. i wonder y .. then the pleco .. same as always .. i never c him stick on the glss like others plece do in other tank .. my pleco here hide in some rocky area.. n suck the rock .. it will come out sometimes for some unknown reason .. maybe he just enjoy being chased by the king of the tank fish .. well .. he did suck on the glass thouse.. but it's onli behind.. i wan c him sucking the glass infront! aih` .. i think he is sked...

ntg much now .. oh 1 more thing .. my tank will once in a while filled wit dead fish all around .. because i bought those feeder fish for them to eat.. i keep those fish in a small tank .. so i can feed them 2 per day or so .. but.. those fish just died so easily.. i wonder y .,,, maybe no filter.. i just use air blower for the small tank to provive oxygen .. few days after i put those small fish in the small tank .. the water starts to change yellowish .. plus the smell ..oh~ n dead fish starts floating on top .. well .. too smelly . so whole tank pour into the big tank then he aligator gar will eat all he can .. both of them .. argh ! they just won get full ..zzz they can go like 2 inch from 1 inch .. i mean the diameter of their body ..zzz ...

it's just yesterday i pour everything inside.. n now they shrink again .. lolz.. funny.. n there are fishes tat they din eat. so those cichlids will go nip those fish till die n eat them up .. YES.. my tank is a survival tank .. the stronger survives!! n my cichlids loves to left some leftover. for i duno who .. they dun eat the fish in whole like the aligator gar.. so i will c fish bones floating around.. or fish head... or some dead fish body wit a hole at the belly.. n stuff like tat.. it's disgusting.. but i'm used to it dy.. aih` ..

no pictures as usual .. i will post a lot if some kind enuf to sponsor me a camera .. or a very good camera phone.. i mean those camera phose tat can really take nice clear picture.. i dun mind the features of the phone.. as long as the phone can send n receive calls .. lolz~ n not a cheap phone salotaped wit a camera .. i duwan tat .. :p

enjoy reading~ haha -_- f3f3

random pic of the day :

just found out tat this pic is actually quit cool .. lolz.. latest fashion in .. TCXG .. watever.. i duno .. just my fashion maybe .. :p

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Ming Chu

after holy shit.. went to sk for dinner wit hee ler.. as usuall .. .

we went to ming chu which cantonese name is TAI KAR LOK ... dun ask me y .. i have the same reaction as u now.. something different here is ... they opened another 1 beside the original 1.. oh.. ming chu is like a food court type place.. where got a lot hawker stalls de.. so there's another beside.. so the palce is even bigger wit more stalls..

tat's not enuf ?? we notice yet another hawker stalls place like ming chu BESIDE the new ming chu lagi .. OMG.. so is like whole row of food!!!! yes!! tat's the best.. u can order small food u like n eat all u wan .. but money is the matter..

we ordered from same stall .. er.. how to say .. u can choose rice or mee or lou xu fun .. then they will give u 1 bowl of soup and.. ARGH !!@#! duno how to explain lar!! i got now camera phone n cant take pic lar!!!! so after tat we ordered some otak otak from a newly open otak otak stall .. not nice at all .. there's big screen Tv at both places.. the new ming chu n new new place.. we were watching er.. cant recall the name of the drama.. channel 34 lar.. then untill last episode THEY CHANGED THE CHANNEL !!! OMFg!! we decided either watch tat or football or watsoever,, but they changed the channel .. ZZ .. so we went off wanting to watch football at otehr place..

then we walk to the car.. aiks~ the new new place big screen tv showing football wor!! yes! so we basically just walk to next door n sit down .. order drinks n watch football .. lolz~ i ordered ABC.. quite nice.. then hee order taiwan sausage.. later on i ordered penang lobak .. er.. i wonder y they call it tat.. penang lobak has ntg to do wit lobak at all .. they selling stuff like.. bean burd skin n some liek yong tau fu ... fine! i duno how to explain lagi again .

ater finish tat .. i ordered ABC lagi.. then hee go tabau A LOT stuff for his frenz.. zz i mean a lot .. whole hosue ask him ta bao .. haha .. coz he is outside.. after tat we watched football till 1st half of extra time then we go back .. hee send those stuff to his frenz. then we back house. .then i go check for the score.. MU lost..

actually ntg much .. just tat now my wallet has no money at all ..i used up bout 18+ today just for my dinner+supper.. n MU lose lagi .. very d sienz.. no fun at all .. eveyrtime i din watch they sure lose.. drogba scored 116 .. meaning is right after 2nd half of extra time.. n tat;s the time we baru wan balik ~ omg~



today after exam sleep .. till like 5.30 woke up .. game time.. my cm holy shitted.. i m so happy!! finally.. sorry for acting noob here.. u won understand how my cm can holy feed last time ... but i know this kinda thing onli happen once in a life time..

i hosted a game.. n ar-ed cm .. so mid wit silencer.. tat silencer make good couple wit me as well .. we are happy family.. i bite he hit 2 times. nova .. hit.. die.. mid got rhasta n naga.. both is sayur! yes.. sayurS!!! so we made good combi...

later on i go round n help kill bit.. i din get much though .. i just din die much lar.. then blink mari .. seriously.. whole game i never use blink much also .. i dun have chance to blink in ulti at all .. sad.. ok .. then some how i start kill laio .. cm need pt!!! if not u will never get to farm well .. i learned tat ..ok

when's my moment og glory .. haha .. tat's when 1 time.. they 4 chase us.. me n OD.. [their alchemist left.. then our silencer left also, so 4v4..] then we turn back .. OD ulti .. i ulti .. i kill 4 terus!! woo hoo~~ they die all .. double triple..

then like naga got manta .. battlr fury .. he split manyak come find me net me.. i ulti terus.. tehn use silencer ulti cover me .. tehn he die gau gau .. canot touch me also .. zzz i got scepter, pt, null, linken, mkb, blink end game.. ended 18-4 or killed mroe later.. forgot.. lolz.. i can bite n normal hit till rhasta die .. haha ... i wonder y cm hit so damn fast .. i remember her att speed is superb slow de.. nvm ..

so i get to enjoy once in a life time cm holy shit moment.. haha .. yes.. once in a life time.. i dun think time like tat will appear another time.. so taty's it ler.. i lazy go open the replay n save some screen shot .. so no pics ler.. n tat's the way my blog goes anyway .. haha

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Smile 2

whenever u are down or no mood oe watever tat makes u dun feel like smiling n not happy .. try go outside n meet people from this earth.. best if u can meet like ur frenz.. where they will tell jokes n whole bunch of ppl will go laughing like mad man .. well ... tat would be the best case..

imagine.. every1 laughing there.. looking at u .. tell u some real funny jokes.. n u stay like -_- tat will be lame right .. so u will automatically get along n become cheerful together also .. NORMALLY...

start smiling n all sadness n unhappiness will go away n will never come back to u anymore.. u can just leave them behind n deal wit them later on .. the important thing is u can regain some good status for urself.. right ??

to every1 tat read this .. start smiling n give urself a chance to live a happy life ... u deserve it!

Friday, May 18, 2007



today went for meeting.. as i mentioned yesterday .. it's for training and yet i mentioned it also .. so the meeting actually just to confirm budget n transportation n stuff .. n as of now.. everything seems fine.. shud be ..

i went therr 3.10 .. no 1 came.. zzz .. then every 1 came near 4.. but there's no empty rooms.. so we all went to hb3 sit on a table n discuss... so everything set now.. 6th go johor .. n have out trianing .. then till 11.. 12 going tioman for yet another climbing session .. yeah~ they went there before n said it was fun .. so now i m excited.. quite excited though .. it;s complicated at some point .. like 15 ppl going will be split into expedition team n climbing team .. then ppl going tioman will be split also .. n so on .. need not mention here.. as it's complicated ..

so they said johor every meal will be sponsored.. exclude tea time n water lar.. of course.. then as for tioman they haven't get the budget.. so the status now is 'self-sponsored' well .. it's ok also .. they said roughly would be around 1-2 hundred according to their pass experience.. this time they even plan to jungle trekking into the place.. unlike last time 4-wheel or boat which will cost a lot because it's holiday season .. u know..pulau tioman .. everything is money

after meeting i came back n regain something i lost.. yeha` n so i just finished the maggi asam laksa.. nice! n now sing this mouse blogging here`



Life Without Mouse

tat kinda life ends!

i just took hee's mouse as he got touchpad he can use.. lolz~ i never know changing m,ouse u needa reset those sensitivity n stuff.. the mouse so fast.. tak biasa sial .. but now shud be ok i think .. time to do stuff~



i cant believe i can actually blog under this kinda situation.. wat situation u asking.. ahhh ...

right now .. my computer has no mouse at all .. yes.. just now i was in a middle of a game.. then it started to show sight of right click not functioning .. i need to click it at certain angle to make it function .. then i went out for meeting ...

after tat i came back .. n the mouse still remain same.. the right click will function at it's own will .. so i try to fix it.. i think this time i worsen the case.. the whole mouse is not even working now ..zzz i cant even use a mouse right now .. coz i dun have any spare 1.. i m just using my keyboard now .. everything base on the keyboard now ..

so tat's it.. live without a mouse.. i duno how i gonna live through the rest of the days .. where can i get a mouse .. hmm .. i wonder.. even my logitech fails me 2nd time. . argh .. y they have to break down at this kinda moment ?? zzz .. just when i thought i could print some notes to read n stuff. n this happens.. so shits so happend during shitty time.. i know tat ..


Stock Up

went for dinner juse now at dengkil .. before dinner i bought meals for my fish .. yes.. i bought small fish for them to eat.. my 2 aligator gar have got ntg to eat for few days .. well .. they can stand few days without eating anyway .. but i just pity them .. so bought quite lor in case not enuf ..

after dinner on our way back we notice 1 supermarket just a corner away form the place we had our dinner .. we stop by n go in .. we wanted to go to 24 hour shop anyway .. to stock up .. the supermarket gives me a feeling of nirwana [i m refering to kuantan's nirwana supermarket NOT tat nirwana] so we went in .. i bought bread.. 2 packet 1 bucks biscuit.. then 1 tong of biscuit n some maggie mee .. finally i found maggi asam laksa flavour.. my favourite .. i bought some snacks back when we pump oil at petronas before going dinner as well ..

so now my 'kitchen' is stocked up wit foods.. so i can bite something when i feel like it during midnight like this.. i always do feel tat way .. but i m wondering .. i have bread.. wat shud i eat wit it ?? i dun have jam .. though i remember i got a hazelnut spread.. where is it ?? maybe i finished it n i forgotten bout it ..

u guys wan update here it is .. i doubt any1 will finish reading it .. it's even more boring than ck's post.. omg~



seriously.. mymood nowadays remain horizontal .. wat's the value i dun mention here.. it once pump up higher .. but something will go wrong n make it back to normal .. or maybe make it lower.. everyday same..

i myself go ntg to blog about .. or i cant blog about those.. like wat i did these few days .. ppl tat do wit me should know .. my exam on saturday n next monday .. both i onli hope to pass.. i dun expect more than tat now..

i got lot to say but just duno how to express in words.. lot to say n duno who to tell .. every single corner of my mind is filled wit something that should not be threr.. i just cant find a way to remove it .. because i dun even know wat is it n how to remove.. it just appear n seems so hollow .. i cant touch it and can onli feel it ..

for the pass few days i just stay in the house.. do wat i wanna do n ignore wat i should do .. tmr i will be going campus though.. there's a meeting going on regarding 2nd n 3rd week of this coming holiday .. it's a rock climbing training .. or trip .. watever.. i should be happy n looking forward.. but i just duno y .. hope ntg goes wrong .. it;s been long long long time since i last climb.. y is tat so .. i nv get invited by them .. because raining hari hari cant climb .. or i just bring forgotten .. god knows..

Thursday, May 17, 2007



i found out it;s good to smile always .. put a smile on ur face when u dota .. put a smile on ur face when u walking back house from campus .. put a smile on ur face when u having exam .. everything will be alright by then .. BUT ..

i cant do it today .. duno y.. mood so down .. well .. everything will be new tmr .. i suppose .. hope so though .. a smile on the face is equivalent to a better tomorrow..

n finally genting trip is all set.. hope ntg goes wrong .. terry boy so good doing the job every1 else escaping . so we shud give him a roundof applause .. hooray~ he deserve to be treated a meal !! oh yeha !

Wednesday, May 16, 2007



now it's raining outside.. should be .. i hear thunder all over n loud .. no sound of rain drops .. but i can feel the rain dropping from high up just to make ppl's life bad n worst .. as i will be walking to campus later for exam.. wat accompany me will be just an empty file and my empty mind .. obviously my knowledge ventred far far away n refuse to come back here.. they said they need want some peaceful time at some other place than mine.. hope they do come back after their small vacation .. no matter when ..

yet again .. they sky is grey .. n yes it's true ..

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Mother's Day

every 1 is writing a post bout this .. so i think i should too

this year.. ntg to write about for mother's day .. u dun wanna know wat i did n i dun feel like telling ... tat's all ..

Friday, May 11, 2007



serious case happened again ... yes i said AGAIN

i remember this happened most recently was during before study as well .. like of today .. weekend before study week .. 1st sem of my study at cyberjaya here .. i m not trying to be superstitious but i just believe this kinda stuff will happen same twice in a row... it just couldn't be ..

last time it happened so sudden as well .. wit me not knowing anything at all as well .. everything seems to be same .. time .. plot .. setting .. all same .. y is this happening again ?? same moment ?? few days before i enter my study week ?? wat r u trying to tell me here ?? r u implying anything here ?? can just tell it straight right to my face.. small matter like this won do . .

these onli happen during long sem ... because will have like 4 months to set up the plot n let let explode during few dasy before my study week it so ??i believe so ..

should i just quit mmu as it's not good to be here ?? or what shud i change ?? this is no coincidence.. NO at all .. there must be sumthin wrong .. wat is going wrong here ?? i cant even get a hold of it .. can sum1 just tell me ?? there will be another long sem coming after this .. i dun hope to c same thing happen again during few days before study week just like now . .it just cant be..



i've been wondering for quite some time now.. maybe for like few months or i dun even know .. why everything around me is moving forward wit a greater speed than usual .. am i the 1 that staying put ad not moving as everything else did ?? or even worst am i moving backward ?? just for a wild guess.. i will take the 2nd choice.. i AM moving backward ...

is not that i m moving backward.. i m actually moving in an increasing speed as well .. as i notice everything around me is moving forward faster n faster.. so i dun expect things to move faster always.. it is me that changed.. not everything around me .. i understand that ...

what makes me move backward ?? is it since that day ?? or since that particular time?? i dun know .. i have no idea ... i cant stop now as my brakes are broken .. n there;s no hope of stopping things around me from moving forward.. it's just impossible.. can some1 make me stop ?? or even better.. push me wit a greter force so that i can move forward like others again ?



as u guys know .. ck came by since last saturday .. he stayed here for like almost 1 week .. saturday till monday .. then wednesday .. we are talking bout nights here... exclude saturday night .. as we all rented a hotel back there...

so wat i charge for rental ??
- kuai lan
- lan ci
- famous amos
- new experience
- cup noodle
- new information
- 2 packet random biscuit
- 1 packet of high class tissue
- and most expensive part of this is - friendship

so make sure u got all the 'money' needed before u renting my place to stay for a night or two .. maybe more..


Random Update 2

just woke up .. it's already 2 sumthin .. i was awaken by a sms by my father giving me a bad news.. he told me that my grandmother admitted hostital and suspected is was a stroke.. omg! it's a great bad news.. later on my mother called telling the same thing again ... then she asked us to come back if possible.. so i expect going back ktn tmr or so wit my sis in a case of emergency..

woke up "early morning" n i opened 5 blogs to read .. onli 1 updated.. all 4 still remain same blogged bout wat we did when he came here last week till yesterday .. n obviously his 1 is better compare to mine although we are basically talking bout the exact same thing.. i just duno ho to write. ..

p/s : how's my background .. can u all actually read the content ?? well .. i doubt not many ppl read it anywya .. for me the background is very messy.. the fork ..zzz

Thursday, May 10, 2007


City Prima

today bout 10 sumthin... i heard a door knock .. i woke up for a little then i check on d door.. OMG.. it;s locked.. i remember i left it unlock last night .. maybe i was too used to it n locked it before i sleep .. so i unlock n c there;s no 1 out there.. i continued my sleep .. not long after tat ck come in .. he step on me wit a wet feet n wake me up .. he throwed 2 packet of tissue to me as well... of course.. i counter attacked..

after tat we both ent down .. called the rent car guy then waited him for like 6-7 minutes downstairs.. luckily it's morning n it's shaded there.. after we get our kancil SLK .. i drive to camous.. settle my fees.. i know it;s late but they barred me for tat.. so i have to settle it.. thought can earn some money from the bank wit 3k inside.. alright settled.. my CIMB is now kosong..

after pump in 20 bucks .. we drove to ck's gf house .. from here on she will be named ST .. so we went there... ST came out and off we go .. it's already 12 by tat time .. so we went to subang jaya.. since we needa lunch .. so went to sunway pyramid for kim garry .. because for no reason .. i feel like eating it..but the weird thing is .. i reach there... i cant even think of sumthin to order.. my mind blank ..zz so end up order a nicely-named-exactly-same-like-cintamee noodle for my lunch .. n a waffle.. from here on .. i m afraid of PEANUT .. I DUN LIKE TAT!! argh!!

at bout 2 .. after we finished lunch .. we went to study link.. which is the "serious thing" ck needa do today .. n tat's it.. the place is opposite taylor college tat's beside inti college.. i m very blur bout taylor.. there are another taylor university college not far away from there.. n there's taylor's bussiness school.., which is which .. so ck gave everything to the person there .. then asked few questions then consider application for July intake of UTAS done.. for now ...

it's 3.30 .. n it's freaking early to go back .. after getting all the trouble to come out .. i wanted to go taylor college for a walk .. but they duwan .. sad.. i sms-ed 2 person studying here n i failed to even meet 1 ... double sad ... then i wanted to buy my one piece 56 here.. cant find any place selling.. TRIPLE sad .. !!!

ck said since have time.. so he wanna go his UTAR collect the useless cert ..but how to go ?? oh well .. no 1 knows.. so just drive forward n find a road along the way.. we drive on n paid a 1.6 bucks toll .. then continue and yet another 1.6 toll .. ahhh ... some missed turn n finally!! we entered PUSAT BANDARAYA .. although tat's the sign i m following all the way .. i though it will lead me to some highway .. but sadly NO .. it lead me to road tat i will only WALK by by feet or i will passby on top by monorail or putra lrt or watsoever means of public transport.. we passed by KL sentral .. then infront of puduraya!! [this is most surprise!! i will onli passby there by bus.. n now i m driving pass it.. woo~~] n now the jam started.. i got fedup . then it changed to ck drive..

actually ck got call his friendly-staying-in-puchong friend Johnny! [give him a round of applause] he is a tour guide.. so kl road he is pro .. he can tell u from here to there wit toll n without .. of course we took the with toll road n still the wrong 1 i suppose.. according to him .. we needa follow the road sign Jalan Tun Razak .. n we did .. and finally.. we reach bulatan pahang.. a place ck familiar wit.. by now it;s already 5 sumthin or so .. woo .. stopped by a shell .. pumped 10 bucks inside.. then it's already too late to collect tat useless cert n it's still too early for ck's-wanna-take-6-o clock-bus .. at the gas station we saw EYES OF MALAYSIA clearly.. yes.. u guessed it right.. we went taman tasik titwangsa for a short walk .. n i mean REAL short here.. parked the car.. walk beside the lake for like 2.3 meters.. then ST left ck's hp in the car.. then walk back then no more.. ck make a U turn n go back .. eyes of malaysia is beside us as we making the u turn[it's a one way road n still we make the u turn.. so paham lar] is eyes of maylaysia TAT big?? i m not sure myself.. maybe i never stand RIGHT below it n look up before.. so i think it's not TAT big .. although those place to sit is kinda very small...for me..

well .. we still got time.. as i requested.. ck drive me to city prima .. it's a cc at genting klang .. we reached there parked the car.. go in D-tour n come out again JUST TO MAKE MYSELF SAD..

after tat it's already time.. ck bring me to perkeliling.. i learned something new here.. perkeliling is so damn near from the place i were.. i never know .. i tot it's a place very deep down inside the heart of kl .. but it's not .. anyway .. ck stopped the car at the bus stop then he take his luggage n buy his 6 o clock ticket.. then i drive back .. wit ST sitting infront of course!! i cant tahan ppl sitting at the back when there's no 1 infront when i m driving ..

so again .. make a u turn n passby the junction to city prima again .. sad case.. then continue on into MRR2.. a road i m seriously very familiar with .. at least i know how to go back my palce from here.. so from 6 sumthin .. safely drive along the road.. lalala ... talked a bit .. listen some songs.. listen to funny jokes from 988 Djs.. then 7 sumthin .. reached south city plaza.. where i stopped n wanted to buy my one piece 56.. sadly i got back wit 27 28 n 30 ...zz since 3 for 10 .. so onli 30 is weird.. might as well buying backward.. as i m now.

then i send ST back house n so i send the car back safely to the rental ppl n get back my student ID .. back house i cook noodle for myself wit the inredient i keep in the firdge since... well .. maybe 3 weeks?? cant remember .. it's weird .. when i don't have a car .. i feel like going here n ther .. n now i got 1 .. i cant find a way to go n just head straight back house after sending ST back .. aih`.. maybe it;s just dull to dinner myself.. hahah ... n moneyless...

cost - car rental 45, petrol 30, toll [1.6 x 4] + [1.3], KIM garry 22.++ total , comic 10

Tuesday, May 08, 2007



this mornig i woke up after ck poke me at 8 .. on my waist.. opened the door for him .. then i continue wat i suppose to do ..

for the afternoon it's pure plain HOT.. ntg much .. received a msg from hee asking me go yumcha .. so we went old town - nearest n best place for tea break here.. after tat back n gem td till ck back ..

at bout 9 o clock we went nilai find cs for dinner as we planned .. we reach there bout half an hour.. then he bring us to a chinese restaurant for some traditional dinner.. haha .. i call it tat myself.. then we went to a tong sui pou for some nice dessert after dinner..

so we chat quite lot here.. one of the interest topic which is mainly the reason i blog here is...

hee bought a coca-cola made in thailand wit a sticker at the bottom of the bottle.. he buy it just to collect.. then he asked me bout the soda lime xyn gave me as souvenier when she back ktn tat time... i answered him tat my father drank it n i dun get a chance to feel the drink .. sad.. nvm tat .. then ck n cs was surprised.. y??? because they never receive anything at all from xyn .. omg~ cs was the only 1 tat took all the trouble to get to KLIA for xyn's departure to aus last 2 years... n he didn't even get a keychain .. ck on the other hand same.. didn't get anything from her .. though i duno wat ck did .. haha .. they 2 were so.. sad?? i duno ..

so tat's it .. i found out i seriously don;t have the talent n skill to express a thing in words.. noob.. sorry bout tat ..

p/s : my skins are peeling off.. it's been 2 days ...

Sunday, May 06, 2007


12 hours of suffering n pleasure

prolouge -
[something to add on.. ky actually reached my house during afternoon time.. at bout 12.. surprisingly .. he took a seriously long route to my place though .. n by this morning .. he actually d-tour whole kl area by every single type of train in kl central .. i do mean EVERY SINGLE ONE [KLIA transit n EXPRESS count as 1, he took the transit.] he reached here.. then we went puchong for lunch.. the back at cyber we actually went swimming at the swimming pool at my apartment there.. and then is the arrival of ck at 9 then everything started]

it all started last night .. at bout 10 sumthin at night .. after i had dinner wit ck ky n hee .. [ky n ck came by, ky came for 1 night n ck staying till thursday or so] then hee fetched us to ktm serdang. after we got there .. we took the train to kl central . sorry at this point i have no choice but to take this stupid ktm! i needa hypnotise myself just to get in the train.

at kl central we took the putra lrt to dang wangi ... from here .. we played some games.. like resident evil special mode in an empty lrt station at 12 midnight where 3 main character looking for way out .. later on we played also some mini rpg where 3 main character keep walking front to go to destination n not knowing wat's ahead of them ..

so finally we reached Ruums! ahhh .. at's already 12.30 or so .. leaded by nicky, ck's fren ..we all got in ..then after charging up the mood .. we started to do wat we should do there.. it was fun .. it's my 1st time in kl though .. yet i still miss melaka's .. nvm tat .. we all give all out till 3 o clock n went yumcha at genting klang wit tek.. 20 bucks

i get to meet a seriously-I-think very pretty girl .. not VERY pretty as in VERY pretty .. it's the look tat counts . tiger tooth plmm .. haha .. seriously.. i cant tahan tat .. omg~ i gonna dream bout her tonight though i cant remember heer face well now .. it's one of nicky's fren though .. i talked to her bit without even knowing her name n stuff.. keke just for fun .. at least it's inside some corner of my memory now.. lolz~ all i know tat is she worked at a cyber cafe near genting klang there...

ok .. after yumcha .. its already 4 sumthin .. we no car go get back n seriously no place to get back also . ck suggest we rent a super luxury hotel room for like 6 bucks for the night .. as in few hours till morning where there's bus for us to go back .. so we went tbun .. u know tbun ? it's a very famous cc in kl though .. package 3 hours .. dota 2 rounds.. then i played some mini games n make the comp hang twice!! then ky n ck was playing counter strike which i dun like i never join them.. .

at bout 7 ++ we walked some distance to a bus stop .. then yet again we take tek so wangsa maju station .. Oh yeah .. so familiar n peace place.. peace?? ignore that .. so normal route.. central .. ktm to serdang yet again .. sorry .. cant find any other way to go serdang.. duno much bout buses.. this time ck n ky needa hit me very hard in the head for me to faint n then they take me inside the train .. at midvalley station we met ck's gf.. st aka A-san. a lot of name for her .. super nice gf .. a treat ck very good gf .. a ck should be appreciate gf .. a very cared bout ck gf .. n so on n so offence.. just envy ck got this kinda gf tat treat him so good n so understanding .. omg! bin dou wan .. li dou lor!

after some miss match of chamber n time n watsoever n blabalbla . we finally reached KTM serdang.. we walking to tyhe opposite road. . wait for the NEVER WILL COME U42 BUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously a super guai lan bus.. tell u wat.. we waited there for like 1 hour.. or maybe less .. we saw U41 stopped by .. load n unload .. for more then surprisingly a freaking more than 10 times!! n they can go like 3 U41 bus in 5 minutes!! SCREW IT!!where is U42!! i needa go back putrajaya !!! damn!! so we got inpatient n decided to take train back .. well .. train cost around 7.3 bucks.. EACH .. so we asked for tek .. 3rd time here.. 25 bucks seems fair to me.. so we hop on .. guess wat we saw THE MOMENT WE GET INTO THE TEKSI!!!! u guessed it right .. i dun feel like mentioning here again bout tat super guai lan n cheap ass bus anymore..

reached my place.. all bath then 2nd round for us.. aih` .. we ajak-ed hee for bak kut teh during morning time liao de.. so we went puchong.. direstion showing by ck's fren who lived in puchong by phone.. n finally we reaced the place.. then his fren appear right before us when we sat down.. so 6 of us having this very nice bak gut teh .. for brunch.. nice~

after bak gut teh we went back .. sending ky to ktm serdang YET AGAIN .. then sending st back to her house which is at sk - a place we alwasys go for dinner.. then we all back house rest.. wat u expect.. ck now still sleeping .. i got too hot n cant even sleep.. damn ....

p/s : the 12 hours i mentioned is from 10.30pm 5th of May till 10.30am 6th of May 2007.. more or less..

Friday, May 04, 2007



so tat ends my 5 days holiday at ktn.. ahhhh ... missed it.. .

thursday mornign .. went hee place after breakfst wit ffather .. then off we go back cyber. . so hee drive till temerloh then i continue the journey... then ... it;s written at duno how many post away ..


Weird Sport

as i was waiting for the match .. i watched channel 84 of astro .. new channell .. euro sport or watever .. i came across some weird sport... seriously.. 1st time i watch this sport..

here goes..
i have no idea wat's teh name of the sport.. because it's written tennis ATP on the info there.. but it's not .. so this sport .. it;s kinda like ice hockey.. the field is the same like ice hockey.. except it;'s not ice.. it;s solid ground if not mistaken .. the ground is sumthin like .. cement ground wit green colour paint ..

the field kinda big .. like NFL football .. 1 line at th middle .. 1 line on both site some distance fropm teh center.. then another line on the goal there... the gial is kinda small like ice hoskey as well .. they are wearing helmet n shirt similar to NFL football .. and for shorts.. just some normal shorts wit some normal sport shoes..

now .. there's a ball .. ur aim is to put the ball into the goal .. same like ice hockey.. but the thing they use to do this is a stick .. wit some net like thingi at the end for then to hold the ball inside then they can walk and run wherever they wan wit the ball inside the net on the stick ... then u can either pass to teammate for them to score from their angle. ore u can make a run and sore it urself.. oppose team use their stick n intercept u if u are trying to pass the ball .. form wat i c is .. the oppose team use the stick to kacau the fellow by waving the thing in fornt oh him .. then kacau the stick n so on ler.. duno how to explain ler. .

then there's no out.. like ice hockey.. then each goal is consider 1 goal .. then the goal keeper is like ice hockey as well .. armoured.. guarding a smaller goal than ice . how many player per team ?? seriously.. i duno .. i just c them keep changing players .. yes is very very very often .. like after 1 fellow score a goal .. u c him walking around .. then walk back to bench then another fellow come out .. or whole bunch go to the bench then whole bunch come out .. confusing elr. ~ duno wtf is going on ..

n the ball may bounce here n there.. because the palce is sealed.. wit doors.. like squach .. so the ball bounce back if hit the wall .. but not very bouncy ... like .. bounce bit ny lker. .

i know drawing sucks... but is sumthin like this.. a stick wit a net.. the ball will be inside the net.. the net is not those soft type as i c .. is hard type .. so i think the ball will bounce out if i din catch it properly...

erm .. ntg much liao ler. ..

half way .. i slept.. while waiting for the match to start , i mean Mu vs Ac.. then i close my eyes.. when i open my eyes .. its already 5.30 .. OMFg.. Mu lost liao !! ARGH !~!~@~so sad~! i din get to c it .. i know if i watch it the outcome will be diff de.. hahah ..


Sungai Lembing & Pancing

when we ja gei at coolx .. those girls contacted hx n asked if we had plans for the next day .. such as swimming.. pancing.. or tc3 .. so we agreed on pancing which this FOR US.. refers to the sungai pandan waterfall .. for them i m not sure..

later on .. hx tell us that those girls deny our decison and they said they will follow IF we are going to sungai lembing for curry mee .. [seriously .. i nv heard sungai lembing famous for this] nvm that .. they rather go to a further place and not in between .. lolz... maybe water is not their preference..

well .. so at taj .. we discussed bout this .. those girls said not to go and asked us to enjoy.. later on .. some man wit heart of steel grabbed hp of a man wit heart of an arrow which points to the exact same location n never changes, then he called those girls saying that we are going to sungai lembing for breakfast then we will walk around .. which is their preference this time.. seriously.. no reason for them to say no .. so they agreed...

a word from a man wit heart of steel means ntg .. especially when those words are directed to girls.. lolz~ the plan was lie bout it and we go to the waterfall AFTER breakfast which never mentioned in the invitation .. hahah ...

after the match .. all were at cs house still .. so we depart from there.. 2 cars.. hx n mc .. mc fetching all thsoe girls since his gf is one of them .. then hx fetch me ky n cc which is another victim of this whole plot except this time is con by a man wit heart that splits... so 4 of us.. meet wit mc at ky house.. then off we go .. mc driving his iswara fetching his gf jia bing , yx and ms ..

so we reached sugai lembing.. then we had our breakfast.. there.. i met YOON MENG yet again .. except this time is not wit LING QIAO .. he is wit other 3 frenz of ours .. bok, xz , and py.. they were leaving when our food is served... hha ..

after breakfast we sit there and chit chat abit .. then we intend to go on wit our plan .. the man wit heart of steel will take the lead n take all the blame later if there's any .. so off we go to the waterfall .. just right at the junction . it started to rain .. omg~ so after some small discussion .. we decided to go pancing cave.. climb a rock into a cave n pray.. as it's actually a temple like place.. where there are lot's of buddha in the cave.. one of it is sleeping buddha. .

so we go ther .. mc n his gf dun feel like walking so high up the stairs so they stayed behind .. we climbed up and enjoyed the scenic view there..we actually reach the buddha cave .. but we climb higher for sight c-ing.. n yes .. the scenery is freaking nice.. we stayed there for some time.. then we climb back down to the cave..

inside we pray a bit n stuff.. then we get back out and down we go .. argh/~ after climb all the way up now we needa climb back down .. tiring .. argh ~ we were all sweating n the rain stopped.. n there will be nothing better than jumping into the cold water falling from 20 meters high ... ahhhh .. thinking bout it makes me wanna do it now .. BUT !! the main organiser here deny that and he went straight back house fetching all the girls.. argh !!

so ... hx dropped me cc n ky at coolx .. ha.. here... i used dazzle.. 1st time.. and cc hated me so much after tat match because i never save him when fighting .. plus i m the 1 ask him to go gb tat fellow .. magnus .. i hit him n walk away when i c magnus trying to ulti .. then cc kena ulti n get hit till almost die.. he scolded me never ulti him n heal him .. never do ntg when i ask him to fight .. so he hated me untill this moment.. aih` ..

bout 3 sumthn .. cc got hungry .. so we walked to i love u [it's a cafe] for tea break .. ordered some bun ..after that cc called his motehr n ky called his'.. cc fetch me back this time.. OMG.. 1st time man .. though he is not the 1 driving.. lolz~~ so i got back kinda early for the 1st time .. 4 sumthin ..

i online a bit in the house .. bath .. then hee asked for football .. i wanted to go .. but sadly .. i lie on the bed a bit then i slept .. when i open my eyes. . it's already 11 o clock ..zzz... so end up onli 3 of them went n i have no idea how they play .. hahah ...

i woke up n have my bak gut teh cooked by my mother .. at this point.. my sis already got back kl .. she actually back tat mornign .. when i was as sungai lembing .. aih`.. ok .. so after tat i stayed downstairs n waited for the match and c who is facing LiverPool in the finals.. .

Thursday, May 03, 2007


LiverPool Rox

beforee going to coolx i needa fetch some fellow wit no licence back his house.. then i got back hosue .. change .. then go 13th for some sushi n show face .. :P .. then coolx i go ...after coolx mc suggest to go yum cha .. so he called up hee cs n terry then we went taj ..

i fetched ck n joined them there... for some reason hx was later than me .. as he went back house to take his stuff.. so we chit chat there while waiting for time to pass untill it's time to c how liverpool wins..

we went cs hosue like planned.. then hx set up his ps2 then we ja gei a bit there then it;s time for the match .. which is the main reason we were there... 90 minutes gone.. the match ends wit 1-0 liverpool win ... so extra time .. since chelsea won 1-0 last match .. extra time ended wit 0-0 after the lines man denying kuyt's goal ,, sad.. it was so nice.. n it's the 1st shot on target by the liverpool striker.. yes.. 1st of the whole game!!!!

penalty shot out .. 4-1 .. reina together wit his proness against penalty saved 2 from chelsea's robben and jeremi .. so liverpool get into finals!! OH YES! happy ending .. they continue ja gei .. i got sleepy n slept there .. well .. our plan doesn't stop here .. .there are more to go ..


Buddha Day

on 1st of May .. it's buddle day .. or wesak .. watever it is.. i just got awaken by my mother n sis then we go temple .. every year i go .. so this year remain the same .. so we went there.. me my mother my sis n my mother;s fren .. 2 of them .. total 5 ppl ..

well .. went there for .. some obvious reason which i seriously duno how to transelate here. . get to meet some frenz there.. like i met YOON MENG together ling if not mistaken her name is LING QIAO ... and TAY EE LIN .. however her name was spelled.. then i get to meet a long time never contact fren that we just started to msn just not long ago .. haha .. so lucky man ... aih` ..

after tat we went back house ... i bath n rest a bit .. then at bout 1 or 2 .. oh . i remember.. i was ready n i waited for cc n hif gf to ready .. so that I CAN GO FETCH THEM ... cc came my house then we went fetch his gf .. together .. we went coolx .. as ky n sy there.. obviously.. cc's gf dun dota .. so he cant also .. so he went eat wit her n left us dota ourselves.. aih` we play till almost 5 .. then off we go to megamall for the movie .. spiderman ~

the movie was not bad. . i dun intend to comment here .. after the movie we went for dinner .. after some discussion .. medan we go .. which is just some hawker stalls place.. where u get to order watever u like to eat there .. wel.. it's normal when all opinion cant be centered.. so we went to a plce which is a center for all opinion ...

end up all ordered the exact same thign ..14 bucks mix grill ..quite worth the price actually.. for some reason i just dun feel like eating those .. so i ordered lou xu fan .. whcih i haven't eaten for a long long time.. it was not bad n cheap though ..

after dinner. . we went to coolx YET AGAIN ... for 1 match .. since we have 5 there so we can go bs together ... go bully some noobs or get bullied by some pro .. haha ..



this take place after the futsal game.. my father's fren came back from JB .. so we went to begger's chicken for dinenr .. [hak yi gai] it's a famous restaurant at ktn .. near my place..

we ordered 9 dishes for 12 ppl for like 180bucks onli .. so kinda cheap actually .... ntg much bout it actually .. after dinner .. back hosue .. parents go golf club for 2nd round .. me n sis in teh house .. erm .. i did ntg actually .. just watch tv n stuff.. then after my sis back .. i get to sleep ..



after we got back from TC .. we are tie to another eent yet to come ... futsal ... kian han ajak me when i was at tc .. he ask me ajak 5 ppl vs his 5 ppl ... so i did ... so me cs hee terry n mc ... we 5 vs them 5 .. he booked 6 o clock .. kinda late though .. nvm .. i got back hosue bout 4.. i was so tired n lazy to bath .. so i watched tv.. n stuff.. lire on the sofa n sleep for a while ... wake n sleep constantly n so on so i will not missed the time...

i wasted till almost 6 then my mother got back .. i went upstairs bath .. then drive to terry place n fetch him go futsal .. we reached there 2 minutes late ... BUT ... their team reach LATER!! OMFG!! so we played 4 on 4 1st .. when their teammate reached.. we 5 on 5 back ...

so the math was fun .. i get to maximise all my leftover strenght after back from tc ... argh ..wit all those cuts i get back at tc during the climb... is a custom also .. as now i m so old .. so is normal to shed some blood on the rock while i was climbing .. back to futsal ..

so we played on .. then some situation begans .. like some rough play by some character.. or some miss judge tackle .. miss timing tackles n stuff like tat ... well .. tat's football .. we nv blame anything .. but something is really get to my nerves is tat we are the 1 being blamed! omfg` wat was that ... nvm tat.. tat's just human ..

so during tat match ..,. i give myself some new wound on the hand n legs... n injured my leg because i got kicked so hard on the leg by nick who is just going to shoot the ball ... so basically my leg is the ball this time... n boom .. i cant walf for 5 minutes... but is not his fault. .

the game end 1 hour ++ because some1 needa chase back their lost goals... well ... ended 9-9 ... fair score i suppose...

the futsal game is one of the best 1 i've ever had. . serious.. it's been long time i never push myself to this limit n give it all out n still not feel the fatigue after the game.. i was like bathing back in the field itself..the sweat just keeps generating non stop till an extend it becomes plain water.. lolz.. ignore it .. the point is .. i got to play 1 good match n i m very satisfy bout it ... ah~ except for some small situation which can be ignored.. lolz~


TC negative

went to tc on monday morning ... members - 7 monkeys..

well initiall planning was go tc 3 wit girls around.. but since now girls are not aorund .. we went to negative instead.. coz tat's the palce for us ! yeha!!

so from my house.. went to tc by sy's car.. then we stopped by 7-11 to stock up some food.. then we called up hee n cs asked them go hoi yin for breakfast.. so we did. . after breakfast .. we park the car in the car park .. then we walk to tc negative.. or to say climb ...

we reached bay 1 then as a custom .. we go into the water n enjoy ourselves.. tat day the weeather was perfect.. not hot at all.. though at some point it's quite sunny.. but most of the time it's not .. we enjoy ourselves ay bay 1 wit football n frisbeess....after some moment... we head to bay 2 pulak .. but bay 2 is always not a spot to play .. haha .. so bay3 we went. ..

this is the palce we are looking for... haha .. as always we had our climax here.. i m talking bout the fun ... not anything we frisbees and football in teh water n ground ... should buy a volleyball .. at least is more suitable to play in the water..

hard to explain wat kinda fun we had here.. haha .. but tat day i did something real special .. me n ky went explore the sea.. well.. basically we just went to rocky places where only accessable through water.. we climbed to a very high altitude in a rock n enjoy the scenewry tehre.. ntg must to enjoy.. so we went down after a picture is taken . lolz~

later on i found a place which is very very nice to do a diving jump .. lolz~ basically is just jumo into the water on a high place.. dun think too much .. so i climbed up the rock n waited quite some moment to jump into the water.. wat was i waiting for ?? my guts n the waves to come... lolz .. jumping down from 1 floor high need a lot of guts.. n the water is only waist high... ky didn't get to jump because he dun dare + he cant even get up the rock .. honestly speaking.. i spent a lot of time just to get up the rock .. lolz... need a lot of skills.. n yes i m the only 1 crazy enuf to do such suicidal action there.. hahah .. they appreciate their lifes... hahah ... n so i did a record.. at least for myself... 2 times... sitting on the rock .. n squad.. i will do the standing jump next time if i have the chance.. aih` ...

while me n ky were climbing the super high rock n i was doing my record thing.. the rest is building a sand castle of their own enuf to fit in .. like .. 1 terry size head ... yeah .. i think tat will fit.. haha ... but the castle was nice wit the bridge finely made...

after all tat happy moments.. we stopped a while n eat stuff we brought here.. n have our football match.. yet again 4v3 .. same o persoon as 1st day .. exact same .. aih` ..after tat we play again ... n after we all were exhausted we head back .. this time.. as every1 so tired we use the other route to go back tc.. this time needa a lot of walking skilll .. not climbing skills .. as it's a long road to walk back to tc... aih`..

so as usual .. McD we went.. we all ordered the monday special .. McChicken value meal free a McChicken Ala Carte cool .. n worth it man .~~ except for some dun feel like eating chicken ordered fish burger. ..

after the meal .. we all head back ... ~

half way there .. this pic shows better lighting than the rest which show clear face n i think not nice..n yes we are just bunch of monkeys using the rope some random ppl which we duno left there.. n tat's the onli way it is for u to go down form top n climb up from bottom ...

yes it is some stupid post.. i admit... just for fun .. this is the very high up rock we climbed up to ..

this is the sand castle.. the front view is nicer though ...

all eating... this is an auto capture function .. n all TcXg members present tat day is here...

taken at McD .. look at this loving couple... lovely!


Wild Hogs

sunday morning .. after breakfast .. i went to megamall buy ticket for 1st of may spiderman premiere for 16 fellow.. tat's a lot ~

my parents fetch me ther after breakfast ... they drop me then they parked teh car n go to me after that .. then my sis suggested tat we watch wild hogs.. uu .. 12 o clock till 2 o clock .. well .. it's ok .. so we went for tat movie.. my father do have some opinion that 32 bucks for 4 ticket compare to 8 bucks for 1 dvd n whole family watch together.. but u know it';s different things.. hahaha ... it';s been long long long time since we watched movie together.. i mean in a cinema..

after tat movie we went back house . .. then ky again ajak ja gei .. well .. he memang like tat because i duno y he got so boring in the house n always go coolx solo i join him there.. then after 1 match or so .. we joined hx n terry together wit hee n cs at taman gelora for the pasar malam .. basically i just go there for fun .. maybe water onli . as i know i got dinner in the house .. as usual sunday night routine also .. we stayed there till 7 sumtihn n off we go ..

from here.. i fetch ky back house.. n wait for him to pack n stuff.. then i throw him at coolx n i back house for my dinner. ..after dinner i went to 13th .. then chit chat some .. then 9th to lend my aunt;s comp to transfer stuff .. complicated.. then we went to my grandmother place .. yet another sunday night routine... so i needa join ky later at coolx due to that ..

aftr i got back house i go join ky at coolx .. together wit... i cant remember .. if not mistaken is mc n sy ,... yeah .. it is... we played few matches.. then we went to....ZAM ZAM yum cha .. after that they swarm my place for the night as monday morning we going to TC.. yeha!!! so hx brought along his ps2 n we ja gei at my place.. i got tired after few house n i sleep till 7 sumthin before we go to tc ...

mc went back early n ffk us because he needa do stuff for his father.. aih` .. sienz.. so me ky hx n sy all storm sy's car to tc after fetch terry ..


5 Days holiday at ktn

so this needa start talking from saturday ..28th April 2007 which is Ck's Birthday ...

saturday morning .. i took hee's car went petrol station to pump oil .. n air for tires...after all that done .. i go fetch him at campus at bout 1.. after he finished his muet test.. so after he get his stuff n i get my left stuff .. we deaprt from our place... then straight go for ktn ... on the way we had our lunch at sri serdang.

bout 5.30 we reached ktn .. the 1st thing we do is football .. as we promised others.. lolz~ so we got back .. after i change i drive a car n get to air putih for football .. wehn we reach . the place cant be used.. so sadly we changed our venue for a 4 on 3 match .. i m on the 3 site.. no score is needed as it's just for fun ..

later tat night .. i went for dinner at a new place, my father's fren;'s restaurant.. crocodile rock ..or i cant remember the name. the place is basically selling his atmosphere n design .. as my father said he is a interior designer.. wel.. the place is a big house. . n he changed it into some restaurant for pizzas or pasta .. or even steak .. the palce is nice wit all decoration n design .. at least i found it better than tjantek .. i mean for the design part.. food.. honestly speaking it's kinda expensive..

later tat night i went to .... coolx .. ky n cc there asking us to go .. nop . actually they just wanna go ther efor a while.. or.. it's complicated.. so wat we did was.. me n sy n ky n cc dota 1 round.. then all of us went to JR1 yum cha.. n y there?? because some claim tat there will be leng luiz there because those girls will go JR1 after the sabs IU night .. end up .. zzz

after that for no reason .. sy get so hyped up n ajak us go hx house ja gei.. ps2.. oh yeah .. well .. i cant say no to that .. so we all storm the place n we ja-ed till like 5 o clock then i drive back house . after fetching ky back .. ar~

back house i sleep for like few hours then wake up for breakfast wit family.. every sunday morning routine~ now my sis is back .. so i must go .~


Back at Cyberjaya

i just came back .. actually 2 hours ago .. we went eat n stuff.. then just now went down a while.. now sitting here.. quite tired.. n blogging but it .. i haven't bath n stuff.. planining to clean the room 1st .. argh .. so mch to do .. n i m so lazy.. aih`..


Update at ktn

this is not bout wat i did back at ktn .. is just some random update i wanna write about .. now it's 12.30am .. n i m waiting to c who is facing liverpool in the finals! omg! tat's heart trilling .

normally i dun update blog or circles or watever in ktn although there's a comp here.. but i just got so bored.. aih` .. so just write something here... i will soon blog bout wat i did back at ktn here .. well .. there must be something since i came back for lie 5 days .. n frenz around here is just so active n weak against invitation .. LOLZ!!! their dompet kosong because we came back .. tat's just the trend.. hahah

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