Sunday, September 30, 2007



today went to kl area .. which is times square tat part..

woke up .. then go to tasik selatan wit xuanz.. she met wit her frenz.. then i waited for cc n hx to reach .. we then go to kl central .. ate mee cup at 7-11 there.. cc say he hungry .. n duwan to eat alone -_+

then took monorail to times square.. met ky there.. then walk walk .. then went to low yat .. i bought a new speaker for myself n keyboard for my sis... !! OMG I GOT A SPEAKER DY!! yeah~
just the cheap cheap sonic gear 39 bucks tat 1 onli .. 3 box like thingi .. wit 1 of it bigger as a sub woofer.. well .. i dun care.. i just think it;s better to add 10 or 20 more.. or maybe cheaper.. rather than buy those multimedia speaker.. which spoil easily..

then xuanz follow us .. we went to pavilion .. the newly opened mall at the end of bintang walk there.. yea~ just go there n scout around.. then had our tea time at KFC when xuanz follow her frenz go shopping.. keke .. chit chat a bit there.. fun ~_~ ..

xuanz say goodbye to us at kfc there.. coz she going back dy .. oh no.. they going dinner dy .. so early zzz .. coz we planned go petaling street for dinner.. ky said there's a place claypot chicken rice very try out there lor... it turns out not bad.. and the liong char .. not to forget everytime visit petaling street.. bought one piece 59 there~ finally out!!

ntg much .. at 7.30 .. hx cc n ky took U41 bus back to serdang there.. as for me.. i m looking for E1 back to putrajaya straight.. which i think is more simpler.. the bus stopped at pasar seni there and starts at 8 .. journey took 40 minutes.. no jam at all .. well .. i suppose.. (i was sleeping)

waited for 429 till 9.07 o clock .. bout 9.30 reach my house~~ ahhh ~~ tiring~ and now my speaker instlled.. din eat up much of my space.. i just stack others up .. ntg much to say bout ..

oh oh ..

cant ignore the title.. Pavilion KL ..

the place was super d grand.. been to KLCC ?? i say Pavilion looks 3 times.. or maybe 3.5 times more grand.. and it's kinda big place also .. 7 floors .. wit those brand tat u never heard before.. or to say never to be seen in any mall easily.. the mall gives me the feeling tat if u were to buy wears there.. u better have some cash in ur wallet.. though they also have some normal brands.. not too common lar... n u won c shops like at sungei wang .. where those are the 1 i like to go more.. :P there are some erm ... makes-u-will-come-n-try restaurant.. which will give u a feeling tat u wanna try it out someday .. when got the cash .. :P

no pics as usual .. n ky say my blog macam indian .. OMG!!! wat font colout should i change!?!?!


Saturday, September 22, 2007


Things to do

this is bout thing to do back at kuantan later.. in bout 2 more weeks or so .. SCARY ~!!

y scary?? coz final coming~~ o m g~

so wat to do back at ktn ..

i wan to go dentist

i wan to go for blood test

i wan to play futsal banyak banyak

i wan to sleep a lot

i wan to watch astro a lot a lot

i wan to do ntg

i wan to do stuff i wan to do

i wan to go tc

i wan to go jungle tracking

i wan to play

i wan to not study

i wan to have no worries bout anything..

i wan to die! lolz~

Friday, September 21, 2007


Today's Journey

today woke up quiite early.. y?? because bout 9 o clock in d morning... i heard strong wind blowing outside.. seems like raining also .. as u know.. or u duno .. if i didn't close my window when raining then my room might flood... W~~~

so i got up n check the surrounding.. yes it's raining.. n the wind is blowing strong.. luckily is not the direction tat would flood my room .. but still i close my window incase.. then burn some stuff... online a bit .. then watch my fish for a while.. then i forgot dy ..OH~~ i cleaned my room ..

then bout 11.. went out for to catch the bus.. going to serdang meet xuanz then go midvalley..

so midvalley i went.. well ..

lunch : yoshinoya midvalley
located at LG there.. cant remember the lot name though ..

entertainment : Evan Almighty
cant find any better movie to watch .. so just watch tat .. booked 1 night before.. wasted 1 bucks.. damn .. the cinema is EMPTY ~~!!! i can count the total ppl there wit my hands.. plus 1 hand of xuanz maybe. .

high tea : baskin robin hokey pokey
yeah ... she wanted it then bought it .. finish it while walking around n round..

dinner : korea kyung joo restaurant
korean food.. ntg big.. just ordered 1 beef rice for me .. and a chicken bee beem bap.. my beef rice is just beef cooked in some special sause.. n it's GOOooooOOooOoD .. then the bee beem bap is sumthin like 1 bowl of rice wit some vege .. some this n tat .. then u mix it up .. u can pour in the sause they give if u like.. then eat it up ..

actually the main point of this is not the 2 main dish ~~ the 1 i love then most is the appetizer .. yeha .. u will be served before they serve the main dish .. there are 5 of them .. n there's this mash potato thingi .. it's super duper nice.. the best i'vve had since back whenever i remember..
guess wat .. U CAN REFILL`~ woo ~~ but dare not ask for more.. so just refill 1 time.. the taste.. still here.~~~ ahhh .. KFC punya can pigi tepi jor lar.. ok .. i duno how to describe at all .. just to say it's super nice..

surprises : met ym n a girl (siaper??) at ktm station
we wear waiting for the train and we met them there.. the girl going back UKM n ym going back serdang perhaps.. :P

surprises again : ym told us he saw terry n sy at midvalley also
i sms-ed sy n he told me he back from midvalley long time dy .. he said he go there buy some stuff ny .. shud be when i was watching the movie.

more surprises?? : i ask sy bout ym n the girl
he told me wat he saw which i didn't back then .. :P

my journey back was ktm and KLIA transit .. xuanz said she wanna try it .. well .. i hate waiting for the never-will-come U42 at serdang there also .. -_- especially tat kinda time...


Thursday, September 13, 2007



i got tagged by this guy ... CK

you get 30 or more you are paranoid

If you get 30 or less you are fearless

I fear...

[ ] The dark
[ ] Staying single forever
[ ] Being a parent
[ ] Giving birth
[ ] Being myself in front of others
[ ] Open spaces
[ ] Closed spaces
[ ] Heights
[ ] Cats
[ ] Dogs
[ ] Birds
[ ] Fish
[x] Spiders
[ ] Driving or being in cars
[ ] Flying
[ ] Flowers or other plants
[ ] Being touched (molest atau gam dong??)
[ ] Fire
[x] Deep water
[x] The ocean
[x] Failure
[ ] Success
[x] Thunder/lightning
[ ] Frogs/toads
[ ] My boyfriend/girlfriends dad
[ ] My boyfriend/girlfriends mom
[ ] Mice/rats
[x] Jumping from high places
[ ] Snow
[ ] Rain
[ ] Wind
[ ] Crossing hanging bridges
[x] Death
[ ] Heaven
[x] Being robbed
[ ] Cotton balls
[x] Cemeteries
[ ] Clowns
[x] Large crowds
[ ] Men
[ ] Woman
[x] Having great responsibility
[ ] Doctors including dentists
[ ] Tornadoes
[ ] Hurricanes
[x] Diseases
[ ] Snakes
[x] Sharks
[ ] Friday the thirteenth
[x] Ghosts (!!!)
[x] Poverty
[ ] Halloween
[ ] School
[ ] Trains/or railroads
[ ] Odd numbers
[ ] Even numbers
[x] Being alone at night
[x] Being blind
[x] Being deaf
[x] Growing up
[x] Monsters under the bed
[x] Noise in the night
[x] Bee stings
[ ] Not accomplishing my dream/goal
[ ] Needle
[ ] Blood
[x] Exam
[ ] The welcome mat
[ ] Feet
[x] Having your heart broken
[x] Being rejected
[ ] Whales
[ ] Ur mom
[ ] Ur dad
[x] Rapists
[x] Strangers
[x] (i add this) approaching girls/boys

i cant freaking press enter now.. wtf

Tuesday, September 11, 2007



wah .. today super tired ar~~~

today went campus.. guess wta .. DIN GO CLASS AT ALL !!~!~!~!!~~!~!

y so ?? because i was busy doing assignment ... 1st go to microprocessor lab then c my fren do the microcihp burning thingi .. as i dun un the code also .. lolz~~ then later on went to project lab 2 for the hardware.. soldering n stuff.. do a lot of touchup there... those not perfectly connected being connected nicely ..then got a lot problems.. then went find lecturer.. then found out problem .. then test n test n test n try n try n try .. after lunch then stick at the project lab till 5 ..

ahhh ... kinda satusfy wit todays work actually.. at least now the hardware can say like OK dy lar.. at least tested wit some simple code n ntg wrong happened.. n today there's damn lot ppl at the lab also .. lolz.. all rushing for the same assignment.. so we exchange resources a bit.. (actually is steal ppl's resourse.. ) like using their hardware to check our source code.. and vice versa..

well .. it actually is the 1st time doing stuff like this in campus .. kinda like.. new.. so kinda excited.. i never know campus can do stuff like tat.. keke .. well .. IF i mena IF.. then can like go there play wit some circuit,. :P ..

ntg much .. just something happened today .. 9-5 .. ahhh .. pure assi..



Sunday, September 09, 2007



actually i got stuff to blog bout .. but kinda forgot dy..

i cant online for past week due to installation of new tel line of mine here.. as to say i just register a telephone line.. under my name.. previously the 1 i using was not under my name n he wans it back since he moved out dy .. - logic ..

so i applied.. then tel line up .. but not streamyx.. wait lagi .. sumthin funny is.. i duno y i can online now.. i din do anything regarding streamyx yet actually.. i m actually not using my new account also .. i using my ktn house acc.. so .. duno bouit details.. but can online..

so wat i did during days without internet?

- titan quest - a game copied from wk's comp .. ahhh .. helped a lot.. i dun even care if i can online or not.. not like last time.. no online = die..

- assignment - due date soon .. so needa go fren house buat assignment.. very ci gik this time.. needa do hardware out ... plus those report n stuff lar.. normal .. kinda like 1st time for this lar.. HARDWARE syok .. get to play wit those components n circuit stuff.. no longer theory onli .. actually i din do much .. they too geng.. -_-

- drama - din really started it since last few days.. i watching men in pain .. "nan yan zi fu" kinda funny n nice.. important is.. the main actor is "lau song yan" hope u know who tat is... tat's the main reason i watch this drama..

- - - as it says .. it's onli " - "

ntg much to update now.. ciaoz~

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Nice Drama

sad.. very the sad ar~~~~

just finish watching a 25 episode TVB drama.. "dak wai hang dung" .. brink of law...

got steven ma , ma jun wai de.. n mm ciok hei .. sumore duno name ler..

the drama super nice.. very gan jiong ci gek .. it have the characteristic of y i duwan watch drama last time.. becasue once start u will never stop .. n yes.. this 1 memang like tat... too gan jioong n ci gek liao .. it makes my heart beat very very fast at some episode n some part.. i think is nicer than tong sam fong bou .. tong sam fong bou mostly at thsoe fighting for the 6B .. which i dun think is a lot of a property.. this drama got a lot.. got fight for "ga can" then got love a bit de.. then got police case.. sumoe wat ler..oh.. got ma jun wai .. surely got a lot horses.. YES>. HORSES~~ i think he loves horse a lot a lot a lot a lot ..

but this drama too sad liao .. some part very touching lagi .. argh ~~~ very sad ar~ luckily i'm not those cry type ppl .. if not sure cry like mad at the last few episode.. coz really very sad.. n very touching .. ahhh ...

conclusion .. please watch this drama.. it's very nice..

p/s : not my style to browse for pics n post it here.. :P minta maaf lar..
-brink of law-
go search for it ler..

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