Saturday, October 27, 2007


Muet Speaking Test

i went back cyber on wednesday .. for the muet speaking etst on thursday.. i took 9.30 am bus on wednesday .. reach cyber bout 3 sumthin ..then on the comp .. started playing some games.. n onli bread for dinner..

on thursday .. went for muet exam .. i was shocked when i realize when the test was so formal .. we were placed in a quarantine room .. and groups by groups were called to the exam venue.. i was in the 3rd group ..n onli have 4 in total... mine was session 2 which was at 11 o clock ..

all hp are asked to placed inside a box.. n take it to the exam venue when u were called. n u cant use the hp when i in quarantine room .. wow~ it's like.. so .. formal. .i just keep the hp in my bag .. n i was the only 1 with bag there.. omg.. like noob.. no choice..

the exam was fun .. i screwed a bit during individual presentation .. but when during discussion part.. i think i did quite well least i did what i should .. like opposing other's opinion n stand on my own .. the invigilator said we had a great "fight" lolz~~ more like argument then discussion .. but they said we did well .. we as in me plus other 3 fellows which was in 1 group..

after the exam.. i walk to front gate.. waited for 429 n get to putra central .. i rush to KLIA transit place and 0 min showed there for the train i am suppose to take!! OOMG!! ticket bought fast n i rush down.. the train just reach .. i just got in time..evan 1 minutes can cause me to wait the for like 30 minutes.. n i already read my one piece i brought to accompany me during the quarantine time.. zzz

got to perkeliling.. it was like 2.30 .. i searched plusliner.. mara liner and bulan restu bus.. mara n plus got 3.30 bus which is earliest for my case... so i took tat 1.. as mara liner no more ticket.. i took mara from ktn to kl though .. i walked some distance just to find chinese restaurant for lunch .. lolz~ n finally!! i found 1 !!!!! oh yeha~ i had chicken rice ..

the plusliner bus was somewhat special.. in terms of the seating.. it's not like 2 - 2 .. or 2 - 1 seating.. it was 2 - 2 on the fornt and 1 - 1 - 1 at the back part.. kinda cool .. like airplane..~ but the seat not comfortable.. too small .. unlike 2 - 1 big n comfortable seats.. i reach ktn bout 7.27 ..

my mother came fetch me wit my aunt.. (the 1 staying beside ...) and we actually had KFC .. surprise!! lolz ... after KFC i got back home and start calling ppl to yum cha.. as every1 except MMU-ians will be going back soon .. n i just got back from kl -_- so i called every1 out.. and 6 out of 8 showed up .. yes.. yl n wb which is the onli 2 girls didn't show up .. exclude andrew's which is wit andrew... we actually stayed till bout 4 o clock .. well .. andrew went back at 12 .. then zai at 2and me mc n hee at bout 4.. when the mood comes . it really comes..

as for friday ntg really happened .. from planned futsal..sad..

1 day cyber trip cost - 16.80 + 1.7 + 5.3 + 1 + 1 + 5.3 + 1.7 + 16.9

that's the minimum .. that's only bus fare and train fare .. yeah .. it's RM50 ~ jun jun .. consider bus ticket is 17 ~ if i were to drive.. 50 is only petrol ..

another long picture-less post

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Dedicated to die heart fans.. ck ~

everyday waiting my update e~ almost 1 month .. but still i browse through ur blog u also din update much .. ben started blogging again .. xyn nonit say 1 .. she won blog unless hse finished exam .. and who else .. almost all blog i go in .. no update.. most is like 1 update ny ..

ok .. never mind tat ..

after the pavillion thingi .. i was having my exam week .. which i m not suppose to blog.. my exam on saturday (6th) and tuesday (9th) and.. well .. ntg much to say bout it ..

and then i back ktn .. for like 2 weeks..

n now here i m .. sitting in my room .. at CYBERJAYA ~ yeah~ because i'm having muet exam tmr.. aih`.. purposely back here 1 day for just 1 stupid speaking test and then back ktn again .. dun ask y i back ktn again instead of staying here till school start .. i won !!

staying here for another 1 weeks means i have to starve for another 1 week .. n for the whole week i m all alone here.. wtf! ntg to do here.. erm .. tat's 1 advantage here comparing to ktn .. i have my comp here which i can play games.. (ktn comp cant play games .. zzz even mini games.. it will have problems. i can onli dl n play it here) so i have t get back ktn tmr.. i suppose.. hmmm .. by bus as usual ..

for 2 weeks my fish i left here.. well .. they all survived .. except for some which i expect not to .. lolz~ i can c how starved they are.. they are all very very skinny.. so kelian man ~~ ahh .. i dun have car now .. if not i will go n buy fish for them .. pity ..

this post is just to keep update and have no particular meaning .. i will post bout ktn live later.. well .. when i have the mood to though .. i duwan it to be pictureless post.. i wanna post some pics for tat .. since we went camping at ktn .. and did some stuff.. which no pics~zzz and.. well .. ntg much .. i will recalll everything when i post it .. ~

so here u go .. an update wit no meaning.. just pure crap ..

new things ??
- hee got a new camera ..
- i bought a hammock just for the camp ..
- i once have a never-touch-comp disease due to some reasons (TBA)
- ky at sg long now duno doing wat
- terry back um study n left ah zai at ktn .. -_- (room mates??? )

argh .. ntg new lar.. always the same thing happen ler.. over n over again .. like a loop ..

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