Friday, June 29, 2007



since ntg special lately to blog.. so just blog the non-odinary today then others ...

-the odinary-
for these few days.. i just go near near dinner.. for instant.. inside campus .. after dinner will go to meeting.. then y c wit them ... then will discuss n chit chat n so on till late night... latest is 6 .. but started at 2.. no details!!!


lab session:
yeah .. started my 1st lab session today .. 2.30 afternoon.. it was a electromagnetic lab ..ntg much bout it .. is just tat i seriously dun understand y they have to give us some alien device.. ask us to perform some alien task n getting some result which i duno wat is it. .

well .. it's true everything is written in the lab sheet.. i mean the theory n how to function the device n stuff.. but still .. all of a sudden u needa play wit the device n getting some record .. not to mention some devices is even broken .. all china product ...WTF .. we paid so much yet we cant get to use high quality n branded devices!!!

fish feeding:
hee told me he bought me rm2 feeder fish to feed my fishes.. they have been starving for like.. i duno .. 1 or 2 weeks.. so he came my house after my lab .. i pour in those fishies.. then we start to observer them having their meal.. .. expected.. all were so hungry ..

as for dinner today~ ncie 1... i tabao-ed uncle bob fried chicken t campus after my lab ..
uncle bob's fried chicken is a stall inside the campus (my campus lately have a lot hawker stall tat sells food there..) tat sells fried chicken as it state.. it's like 1 big piece of chicken chop deef fried.. then added some pepper or some chili power for some taste of spice.. then cut into smaller pieces, everything in a paper bag.. wahla! chrispy on the outside... covering a chicken meat.. just 1 bite n u will love it .. n yes tat's the feeling u will get wheen c-ing ppl buy the things.. for 5 bucks,.. quite expensive yet kinda worth..depends..
the chicken itself is good enuf,.. but i thought it's too plain .. so i decided to cook mee goreng.. coz i very lazy go down tabao the nasi lemak .. so 2 indo mee .. the 2 chicken ball n 1 crab filet(watever u call it).. everything in my big bowl .. ahhh~ just cant resist. . i had my dinner early.. 6 sumthin almost 7.. becaue i duwan tat chicken to get cold..for the final touch ..1 cup of ice cold A & W ROOT BEER!!

when i was dota-ing after dinner n anime .. i heard a BANG . car crash!! so quicklky i look out from my window.. WOO .. car accidenT!! i can onli c 1 proton iswaraat the middle the road of C block guard house.. 2 SLK at the side .. then 1 black putra i think at the middle of both wit lights on.. i can onli c the front part of iswara get crashed .. and i cant find the 2nd car.. aih`.. duno wat happened..

i never know police here is so so efficient.. 5 minutes later.. they came.. those call-,am is even earlier.. zzz .. before police came.. ppl started to get the person out from the iswara.. n so on.. i just observer from top n at the same time continue myu match ..

ntg much to comment as i duno wat happened .. n i cant describe well .. no photo will be avaiable as well ..

i m blogging..


then?? :
remain unknown..

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Busy Week

as u all can c...i changed my skin... take me quite some time to do those editing n stuff....

but just for ur information... this skin is created by my sister!!!!

Lim Pui Yinn

so thankful to her for making this great skin for me.. it's so nice.. i think this new skin is better than the previous 1 which some1 complain not nice... :p

so back to the busy week thing .. i back cyber here for 1 week .. but somehow i feel like i've been here for 1 month.. y?? i m not sure.. mabye i just too busy for this week .. meeting every night .. yc every midnight ... then pre-camp during weekend.. ahhh .. so many stuff happen this week .. i mean last week ... n this week .. will be another similar week like last week .. aih`...

ntg much to blog bout .. just to keep updating.. n actually i personally like the fish tank post.. because it's a picture majority post... n i hardly find so many picture to blog bout 1 thing...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Fish Tank

my tank .. after cleaning.. it's just so pretty tat i think is a waste not to take loads of pics~

now for the charactor introduction ...

there's onli 1 cichlids left in my tank .. he is the survivor of all .. even the 'king' lose to him .. wonder.... his species i duno .. so i cant name him .,,,

there's a pleco in my tank also .. BIG 1.. real big since i left him 3 weeks ago .. scare me man ..

and my 2 crocodile fish .. yea yea .. they are fine~

and 1 newly bought yesterday ... i duno his name.. he has a mouth like duck .. n he is a fish which same like teh crocodile tat hunt small fish .. so .. he joined this survivor tank yesterd.. for rm15 -_-

there's still 1 fish in my tank . whici s the feather fin .. but i cant take pic of him .. he always stay in those caves and i cant take a clear photo of just ignore him

this is the survivor !!! yes he is he survivor of the cichlids war!!

look at his lan ci face ... dam hard to capture his pic..

my big pleco .. it doesn't look big from here.. but it is.. trust me..

my 2 crocodile fish .. yeah yeah

top view...they are both huge also...

this is the ducky fish i mentioned.. nice?? i think he is cute..

top view... aint he cute..

close up...

now for soem hunting action ...

1 is finishing his meal and the otehr is hunting..

poor fishy ....


last but not least....


New Room

new sememter new me new room .. i've shifted into the new room which was previously alex'

few days here.. n i found here very cold n windy during night time.. i need to wear my shirt or else i will cold to death .. lolz.. here got 2 window which both at diff direstion .. so wind from diff direction will flow in here n make this room cooling always.. cool ~

i din bring all my stuff in .. because now i have a living hall to put my stuff.. so y make my room crowded?? lolz... my fish tank now outside as well ... at the living hall .. facing my door.. so everytime i go out i will c my fish swimming happily ~ yeah`...

this is when i step into my door n wat i will c ... the point of view is lowered to show the position of my bed.. n my table n stuff...

beside the table..

this is my so call storage department...

my food on the left site of my table...

n for bonus.. this is a pic showing point of view of my eyes when i m sitting infront of my table when i was not looking at the screen of my comp ... :P i like tat emo .. so cute ~


Special Post for Special One

this is the 200th post.. it's a very special 1.. y?? because it's 200th.. and so i dedicate this post to someone special...

it all started few years ago ... it's a very special normal relationship ...

then it happened on august year 2005 ... it was so sudden but somehow familiar .. it started off happy and the happiness remain for 1 year and sadly it ended after tat 1 year period ... many hardwork done and the outcome remain the same.. ntg can be changed..

when everything seems so dark n hollow.. a bright light appeared before my eyes.. the sleeping one finally awaken from his fantasy world and back to reality ... tat day was special .. it was tat day tat the one resurrect from hell ... once again being the one he used to be.. it was all the work of this very special one..

the day was 29th of may .. the date tat engraved into his heart forever ...

many happiness was brought upon since tat day .. the very special day .. sadness... sorrow.. and anger were also brought upon .. mistake tat cant be undone were done..

onli the word sorry can be spoken..
nothing can be done anymore..
a promise for no to happen again..
he can onli wait for her forgiveness..
a notice were demanded..
and a notice she gets..
a special one tat is..

a road tat has no end for them to run forward to .. forever...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


199th Post

yeha .. it's approching 200th 1... today i changed my tank water.. wit help from hee... n now my tank is very clean n nice.. wit the onli survivor cichlids.. and 2 crocodile which suffered 2 weeks of hunger... plus a never changed feather fin .. and last but not least.. the already grown super huge size pleco ... omg

Random Pic

went genting on 25th May 2007 ...

as of now.. it's hee's bd.. just to wish him happy birthday .. just now went to his house asked by wan na for his bd small celeb ... ntg much .. i just wonder if i should join .. because....

Random Pic

went gelora on 1st of june 2007 ..

just now dinner.. went to KFC again .. yeah .. because i saw 1 KFC plastic bag at hee place before going out for dinner.. so have the urge to go there.. lolz .. guess wat.. we ordered couple-X meal .. y/? because it's kinda cheap .. 16.50 for 2 pieces of chicken .. 2 colonel burger.. 1 (i think it's large) cheezy weages .. and 2 drinks.. i think i never left out any .. then i added 1 mash potatoes and 2 bun .. woo hoo ~ it's onli 19.90 .. consider cheap man .. i think i'm inlove wit KFC now.. McD seems expensive now.. -_-

Random Pic

went sg lembing on 4th June 2007 ...

after dinner went for meeting.. we were late for like 1 hour.. n all waiting us.. i never know we so needed.. lozl.. actually no .. he just duwanna brief before all reach ..n we practiced some dance.. i realise i m really not into dancing.. i duno how to dance + my movement sux ... zzzz

Random Pic

they went jungle trekking n found this hermit lagoon on 8th June 2007 ...

ntg much to blog .. today result out!! i mean for those local U applicant.. so nice man .. xuanz get UPM ^_^ and some i know some i duno .. needa ask them report in knitknot .. lolz~ our comunity circle.. yeah yeah ... now every1 getting active there.. so happy ..

Random Pic

this are 4 who went jungle trekking without me -_-
though i was not at ktn also ...

Monday, June 18, 2007


Happy ?? Sad ??

finally i m back at cyber again .. 3 weeks holiday seems long to me.. yeah .. i said long .. as in .. i can feel like my 3 weeks fully utilised.. unlike last time ... pass by so fast as i was doing the same thing over n over again everyday ...

so now at cyber .. very tired.. just reach .. going to sleep ~

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Student ?? Teacher ??

a student NOT wearing uniform ?? or a teacher going into wrong place... zzz

tat's lim cheng chuan!!!

today went to sabs to c him teach .. though he din teach anyway .. saturday class as u know.. there would maybe like 2 or 4 kids appear in the class ... n so on .. damn ~

i looked at him .. i still cant blif wat i saw.. he is a teacher of sabs.. teaching or rather going into form 4 form 5 and even upper 6 classes... o m g~ how can i blif tat ... i just cant.. even looking at him .. if i were to be a student there.. i duno how to even say "good morning sir" when i c him walking around the school scouting for girls..

well .. he did treat me teh ice today .. n untill now.. yes.. for like 10 years time .. now onli i know tat u can order food like mee goreng.. or nasi goreng at the kantin of sabs !! argh~~ he said onli teachers can order like tat .. maybe outsider.. not student.. but still .. i never know they serve sumthin like those also .. ~ missed the rm1 nasi lemak telur panas ~ n those staff at the kantin never changed.. n cc even say 1 of them recognise him for being nasi lemak telur panas hardcore fans last time.. zzZ

conclusion .. i still cant blif n will not recognise wat i saw n know .. lolz.. limcc teaching in sabs ... not he very char.. is just.. too weird to be accepted.. ~ o m g ~ i wonder if he were to TEACH .. not just catching student cheating in exams.. tat must be fun .. once caught.. paper come tear half.. then c him/her cry there begging ~ woo woo woo ~~

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Back in a flash

i m back in ktn now .. for few days .. then will set sail back cyber again .. if can i will do so ..

y i never update for so long?? i was in Jb .. as i mentioned.. did i? after my last update oin saturday .. i went jb on sunday .. for my training... till yesterday .. i took 6 o clock bus from Jb back ktn here n reached at bout 12 .. cost me 30 .. zzz

so basically i cant online there .. so no update for sure.. now i m at ktn wit this comp ..can onli do some short update... n y i keep linking those post?? for those event? because i write non better than them n i need not repeat same thing from same perspective again .. plus i dun have pics n my i-feel-comfort comp .. so ..

tat's for all .. ntg much ..

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Sg Lembing Trip

went to sungei lembing for a night on 4th June 2007 - 5th June 2007.. we had great fun there.. it was a successful trip yet again ... by TCXG -_-

for details.. just visit :

hee's blog : HERE

ck's blog : HERE

xuanz' blog : HERE

another linked post by me..


Position Update

i was at cyber at 5th night.. then i stayed 1 night there... the next day i just stay there clean the room .. pack my stuff then play some game n online chat a bit.. ntg much ... my internet was down at bout 10-11 tat night.. so ..

next day .. went to campus at bout 8 .. pack n stuff waited till 11 then start journey to lost world of tambun, ipoh. went there for rock climbing.. we stayed there 1 night.. camping.. details not to mention here.. so till yesterday night i reach kl here.. then they stopped me at my sis place..

as for today .. i woke up wit my sis already gone out.. i m home alone now.. waiting my parents to come kl then pick me out go visit my grandmother...

as for tomorrow ... going to johor for some climbing training [tat's wat they say] .. we are going by bus in the morning.. then will stay there till i also duno when ...

it's so sad tat now every single ppl is at ktn now.. onli me at kl .. wtf.. sienz.. there will never be a chance like tat again as liuck will be gone to aus.. then duno who will be going where n so on .. -_- so the emo cant be change.. erm .. at least there will still be 1 .. my emo is changing always..

Wednesday, June 06, 2007



yesterday went for sungei lembing trip .. it was quite fun ..

back kuantan tuesday .. which is today .. then at 6 evening.. i catch a bus to kl here.. i reach in 3.5 hours.. it was quite fast.. then i took train n train n bus to my place here at cyber... then i clean the room n stuff.. move in some major stuff n now i m done ...

i will stay cyber here till 7th morning before we leave for tambun .. initial plan changed.. so now 7th go tambun and 10th go johor.. i duno details much .. i just follow.. so i have 1 day here at cyber.. to pack n claen .. will i ?? i doubt..

when i got back.. i check my fish tank .. i think 1 of my fish dies.. my blacky~~ ar`~~ he is the 1 i keep for the longest n now it's ended... so left 2 fish now.. n wat i notice is the dominancy changed.. haha .. maybe .. i m not sure.. n my fishes are growing big.. cool

ntg much to talk bouit.. i m very veyr tired now... previous night at lembing never sleep much .. then then back house pack stuff lagi..then straight come kl dy .. when i got on the bus .. i eat the bread i brought.. then sleep all d way ...

ntg much .. going to sleep now

Monday, June 04, 2007


Linked Post

i m so lazy to blog bout genting trips.. as i cant blog any better than others n i m so lazy to wait for those pics to upload 1 by 1.. so i will just link it to xuanz' blog

there are 2 post there.. 1 is about the genting trip tat we went on 25th till 26th.. another 1 is the Gelora N Tc .. which is G n G for her.. anyway .. i blogged bout it dy .. so for pics.. just go there n check it out.. :p

Friday, June 01, 2007


Gelora Cempedak

it was a nice day .,.. the weather is superb .. today .. today is the day we frenz gather n went for an outing n have some real fun!!!

early morning i woke up.. start the cart n start pick up terry -> cc -> then xuanz.. i dropped my mother at her work place.. then i went for yee ling.. every is set.. we went to opposite sungei lembing restaurant for breakfast .. since tat restaurant didn't open ..zzz

initial plan : go gelora for the paddle boat thingi after breakfast ... so we go as planned... it says opened at 10.. when we reached ... it was 10 .. but the place is yet to open .. so we walk around the jogging track .. played around wit those exercise stuff there... n chit chat for sure... oh .. forgot to mention .. except we 5.. hee, sy, wan na, n hx is there too .. we meet them at the breakfast place...

after 1 round.. we back to the boat place.. it's opened!! woo hoo~~ so we went for it~~ yeah~ but the response was not so good.. onli sy cc n yeeling duwan play .. they stayed there.. aih` .. then we 6 play.. 3 boat.. 4 per boat.. not bad.. for 20 minutes...

after tat.. we sit at the table for some talking n photo session .. then sum1 suddenly came up wit a idea.. "go wan bin's house" so we went.. since wan bin just got back from hong kong.. so just go hang out at her place ... ntg much ... so we went there..

at this point.. our fren from England cant stand the time difference n decided to go back .. cc followed him ...koala bear need rest... so we talk a bit at wan bin place.. her house was empty tat time.. we went there at a great time... she offer some food she brought back from hong kong.. not bad though ...

then lunch.. few opinion .. but i suggested a way to decide.. tat is .. erm .. i duno wat u call tat in english .. use 2 20cents syilling.. then toss both.. if both showing different site respectively.. meaning it is a yes.. haha .. chinese "da sing bui" so it decides we shud go McD instead of A&W...

woo hoo~~~ TC~!@! never been there at day time since back .. haha .. the sea was nice.. the day was fine.. it's not hot at all .. the sun seems to be hiding sumwhere enjoying his holidays.. we had our McD ... n brought happy meal for the toy... n the pillow.. kkekeke ..

after tat we went for a walk at the beach .. there are tonnes of people playing at the sea.. the water is clear.. makes us feel like jumping in straght away .. but u know .. when the crowd is too big.. u cant synchronise :p i m one of it.. so sorry man ... lolz...

so after tat we all went back respectively...

the trip was fun .. i had really lots of fun today .. i was really happy.. hanging out wit frens like tat .. n stuff.. .but my mood turns 180 degree when i found out i missed 2 important thing .. n i gain sumthin i dun like.. hahah ..

i back house bout 4.. rest a bit then go fetch mother from work n go football ~ yeha ..

PICTURES?? i will upload it shortly.. after i get them -_-


Life at ktn 2

hmmm ... just to update bout stuff i did here..

yesterday ..tat's wednesday .. erm .. as for tat day .. ntg much .. just went for yum cha at meng fong before going to football ... but this tim SY IS BACK !!! OMG!! haha .. so we got 7 ppl this time. . .as for tat night.. i feel like ja gei .. so ajaked them .. 6 ppl went .. n so kek sui

today .. ahh .. good day .. went for wall climbing .. seems normal .. YES IT IS!!!! today me terry n sy went onli .. boring.. BUT!! i do get to top rope bordering there.. although i still cant find the feel but at least i m climbing.. i needa get back the grab before going to johor.. if now i will die till very charm... zzz

oh i woke up bout 9 today for sumthin .. then sleep till like 3 sumthin .. then wait till climbing time

as for just now ... went to "begger's chicken" for dinner wit my family + my aunt n uncle n stuff.. my father site's relatives all .. [darn.. aunt n uncle how the hell u expect ppl to know who n who.. hate english] good meal .. after tat went back house.. online n chatting till now~

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