Monday, November 19, 2007



ignore the title.. nothing in particular with this post

i just finished watching 200 pounds of beauty .. yeah i know it's late.. but anyway .. a lot people say very very very nice.. so i just try it out .. n it's not ..

n it even say can compete with my godly movie "My Sassy Girl" .. it's not even near the par.. how can they say that .~ romance comedy.. i dun feel the romance n i dun feel much comedy either.. it's just bout a fat girl go for plastic surgery n wahla~ she become pretty and become famous.. that's all ...

i am not saying the movie not nice.. it's not bad actually.. just .. or maybe i am watching the wrong movie with the same name.. i found out korean movies .. for no reason .. can have like 4-5 names... i wonder..

i searched for it.. n i found something real new to me~!~ which excites me a lot.. lolz~ wat a word..

there will be a movie call "My Sassy Girl" in 2008 if not mistaken .. guess what .. it's english movie.. i guess it's another movie like il mare to lake house type movie.. n both are jeon ju hyun's movie .. Woot WoOt~~

1 more thing.. there will be a movie call Blood : The Last Vampire airing on 2008 as well .. (all found at the best part of it is.. the main character (i suppose..maybe not) called SAYA .. who's acting it ? JEON JI HYUN~~ WOO wOoOoOOOooooOOOo

as far as i know.. Blood : The Last Vampire is a anime .. could be a prequel of BLOOD+ i m not sure bout tat part.. anyway.. it will be on MOVIE somewhere next year.. looking forward.. (though haven watch Blood+ YET)

tat's the 2 new thing to me. . others cant remember ..all this is done with 10 minutes in imdb n google.. that's why google is GOD

Friday, November 16, 2007


Change Blog Skin?

i just get so bored n look at my desktop .. n i thought.. hmmm .. won it be nice if i change my background to this ?? cool ??

after editting xuanz' blog i feel like changig my blog codes.. y? because i feel tat my codes are very messy n some part i dun even know wat's tat.. but xuanz' are very simple and i can un the whole codes.. lolz~ mostly.. except for the wat script script thingi..

any 1 say YES THIS IS COOL n i will change the background to this~


just got back from futsal .. tired.. long time never sport n i feel so .. so .. so ..

- * -

cant think of any word... let it be.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Back Cyber

ahh .. finally.. today i drove back here~ woo hoo ~ i got my "BMW"

today i start journey at 11 .. then went temerloh find my father for lunch .. and reach kl here bout like 4.30 plus.. went fetch xuanz.. then back my place.. she kelp me vacuum my room .. and i went down wit the trolley for my luggage..

went dinner at puchong ~ 2 ppl went for steamboat.. :P cool .. very nice.. very good experience.. i like tat.. keke .. very d full .. steamboat plus crab mihun .. mihun gorend wit crab .. errr .. mihun goreng crab ... WATEVER. i have no idea how to transelate ... and the best part is...


when the bill came.. it was 34.50 .. then i thought.. "y so cheap?? " then took the bill n balance.. study the bill .. n found out they forgot to charge for the mihun crab .. hahah ~~ which save me at least 10-15. maybe more..

after dinner went to tesco n bought some stuff.. cant shop too long coz xuanz needa back her place before 12.. so just bought some stuff and ciaoz..

from ktn to kl .. toll is 25 (exclude toll to my place or watsoever) then i get back cyber.. pump petrol full .. it's onli bout 40 bucks.. wow~ less than i expect.. my car kinda save petrol afterall .. despite how old it is.. but anyhow i got a car now .. so a lot stuff can be more convenient.. :P

tired... n tmr i got muet test sumore.. 7.30 am .. damn `


Dragon Ball

well .. during days at ktn .. i read back one piece.. it was nice.. the comic.. but somehow it gets boring.. as i just watch tat part of anime not long ago.. so the story is still fresh to me.. somehow zai got dragon ball from volume 1 to 43 full set i borrowed from him ..

it should be last friday.. i went his house n took those pile of comic.. but surprisingly he lost volume 1.. OMFG.. how to even start reading without volume 1.. but i just take the rest.. i tried starting on volume 2.. but some character i dun even know.. so no fun ..

on saturday ..went yum cha at meng fong.. then walk to next door.. which used to be a comic store n now selling hand phones ..they were selling old comic for cheap price.. so i bet i will find volume 1 there.. n YES

so i started dragon ball on saturday night perhaps..

i finished it on wednesday noon .. OMFG.. i never know it's so fast if not i recall for it now.. tat's kinda fast .. it's not like i read 24/7 .. i cant read n watch tv at the same time.. so normally i read before sleep .. or when during afternoon where there not much of great show to watch ..

so now.. !! talk dragon ball wit me!! i no longer a noob who duno anything bout dragon ball .. i even watched GT long before... HAHAHA.. i used to feel like kinda noob .. for not knowing dragon ball .. since all the kids (last time) know bout it except me.. i do know a bit.. but not detail .. i doubt i watched last time..

lot's of comment on the comic .. n stuff.. not to mention here.. lazy .. just it's very nice.. no wonder so many ppl like it.. n i think it can be read over n over again some time later ... lolz~~ now i store the whole set in my room here.. zai said he doubt he will take back from me.. well .. it's still his btw.. i dun own it.. :>

p/s : i would like to watch the anime.. though it's like 500 episode total .. but .. i think it will be more fun .. keke

ARGH .. i cant find a nice pic with all of the character inside.. like at the last page of the last volume of the comic book .. damn`~'

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