Tuesday, August 25, 2009


New Toy

i got myself a new toy :D

is a R/C helicopter.. or to say more like rf.. since it's controlled by infrared... not radio control ..anwyay .. it's a mini helicopter u c.. just for the sake of trying.. haha .. been wanting to buy since long time ago .. n finally bought it :D

the heli charging using the control itself..
powered by 6 AA batteries.. i sort of thinking to transform it into 1 9v battery.

c the 2nd 1.. the model is way nicer i think .. but they onli sell the 1 i buy..
but is ok .. i like my toy :D

i buy this on friday .. been playing it since.. it's onli for indoor.. WITHOUT any wind of course.. the heli itself is light enough for u to crash landing without any scratch .. so dun expect u can beat the wind.. :D

is very hard to control the heli though .. i cant even fly it through a door.. HUMAN door.. maybe i just noob :D

but after some trying i be able to do this ...

i've been trying to achieve that everytime i fly.. i need a motive or a purpose to fly.. haha.. just now i was trying to go through the window.. hard.. -.-

well duno when i will get bored wit that.. but before that i will just enjoy my time wit it to the fulless..

with my electronics skills now -konon- .. i might wanna modify the thing a bit here n there.. hahah .. duno how much can i do .. since i cant think much of HOW to do n WHAT to do .. maybe i just change the battery in the heli to make it have a longer period of flight ..

for some bonus items..

saw this cool puzzle during my quality weekend wit xuanz at midvalley :D

yeah i m still into this pirate thingi which are for KIDS.. which i think i m .. or i wan to be.. or i cant not to be.. or i .. watever it is..


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