Wednesday, August 12, 2009



today i finished watching pirates of caribbean 1 2 3.. i think u all know wat movie is tat... i watch all 3 in my office.. haha .. during working hour.. 1 day each n today finished all 3...
i can say the movie was damn freaking nice.. makes me miss one piece so much ... or maybe is the other way round... nvm tat ..the movie still awesome.. some unanswered question answered when i watch the movie 2nd time ... n i think one piece is somewat quite similar to the movie.. i wonder.~~

today my sis bougt power supply.. ram n a dvd burner for me.. at digital mall .. she brought it to me during lunch break ... i install everything into my comp n wala~~ NOTHING CHANGED !!! except for 1.. for the past week.. in order to start my comp i have to press n hold the on button .. off power.. and right after i off it it will be turned on for like 0.003 sec.. take tat timing right n on the power back n it will on~~ wooo ..such a cool way to on a comp .. but not anymore.. wit this new super power supply :D .. i call it super due to the size of the fan .. is HUGE...

anyway .. damn suck my comp didn;t fly.. like wat i tot it will be doing.. i still have this shitty even play facebook flash game will lag comp ... damn shit... shud i just freaking format it ? coz now i c the task manager it's always 100% ... even when i just start the comp .. top of tat.. my msn will never ever remember my email .. i have to type it everytime i try to log in .. sienz..

ntg much more to say ... except my working days. but i already written all in my report.. not gonna type here.. kekek ..


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