Monday, December 28, 2009


Ktn a

the a is for again ... just duwanna type it to differ from other post which i THINK might have the same topic..

1 week since back here but seems like 1 month.. i wonder y .. 1st few days quite sienz.. but quite ok after tat.. i say so because i lived 1 week like 1 month.. so meaning all time are filled.. so to speak ..

christmas was a blast... my house was empty.. so i asked every1 available at ktn here to come over on 24th and we had a party... although just 8 of us but it was quite fun .. sufficient quantity of liquor to heat up the space :D but quality kinda low la.. i wonder y ... pics n videos are not available since it's only available through our 'harddisk'... for those who wasn't here.. u had ur own plans i suppose.. n shud be as much fun :D..

and.. finally i bought sumthin from .. but from US also la.. send here i duno how freaking long la.. hope it will reach .. 40+ de thing.. is for my RC bugyy .. :D lazy on the detail ..maybe next time....

4.21am still feel awake.. sleepy n yet have the mood to sleep ... i m so dead...

try to sleep then ...


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