Tuesday, August 13, 2013




Never expect anyone to read my long lost post so fast..

I thought it would be at least a few years from now, someone realise and we had a laugh on it.

So, congratulation to whoever lucky enough to read my long lost post and thank you for the advice.

For those who didn't get to read it, don't feel bad, it was meant to be this way.

Monday, August 30, 2010



wow.. cant blif this is te 1st post for 2010.. so just let it be the 1st and wait for the next. :D this might be the last post for 2010 also .. HAHaa..

just to test who's reading this ...

i think fb took over alot.. cant deny

Monday, December 28, 2009


Ktn a

the a is for again ... just duwanna type it to differ from other post which i THINK might have the same topic..

1 week since back here but seems like 1 month.. i wonder y .. 1st few days quite sienz.. but quite ok after tat.. i say so because i lived 1 week like 1 month.. so meaning all time are filled.. so to speak ..

christmas was a blast... my house was empty.. so i asked every1 available at ktn here to come over on 24th and we had a party... although just 8 of us but it was quite fun .. sufficient quantity of liquor to heat up the space :D but quality kinda low la.. i wonder y ... pics n videos are not available since it's only available through our 'harddisk'... for those who wasn't here.. u had ur own plans i suppose.. n shud be as much fun :D..

and.. finally i bought sumthin from ebay.com.my. .. but from US also la.. send here i duno how freaking long la.. hope it will reach .. 40+ de thing.. is for my RC bugyy .. :D lazy on the detail ..maybe next time....

4.21am still feel awake.. sleepy n yet have the mood to sleep ... i m so dead...

try to sleep then ...


Thursday, November 05, 2009



yes.. no internet near 1 month..

went perlis on .. few weeks back ..then back ktn ..then went genting..then back kl start class...

not to mention once class started a lot of stuff need to use internet.. for instance i needa update myself wit the bulletin. so basically i duno much of the things. luckily still got frens tell me :D

n now finally have internet.. but is kinda slow.. still ok la.. can surf net.. can update my kaspersky..!!! 1 month no anti virus !! n i know my pc got virus~~~ wuuuuu

ntg much ..

now my life if filled wit wall climbing :D

there's a new climbing gym at putrajaya, free entrance... for now.. heard will charge per entry.. for liek rm3.. still cheap .. now my class is monday till wednesday onli n latest is till 4.. everyday after class then straight shoot there climb.. and back bout 6 sumthin for dinner.. :D thursday n friday of course open my eyes then i shoot to putra also :D did i mention i'm staying at equine park now? sri kembangan :D not bad ler.. new lifestyle.. new environment n new housemate.. haha hee n chun yit if u know..


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


New Toy

i got myself a new toy :D

is a R/C helicopter.. or to say more like rf.. since it's controlled by infrared... not radio control ..anwyay .. it's a mini helicopter u c.. just for the sake of trying.. haha .. been wanting to buy since long time ago .. n finally bought it :D

the heli charging using the control itself..
powered by 6 AA batteries.. i sort of thinking to transform it into 1 9v battery.

c the 2nd 1.. the model is way nicer i think .. but they onli sell the 1 i buy..
but is ok .. i like my toy :D

i buy this on friday .. been playing it since.. it's onli for indoor.. WITHOUT any wind of course.. the heli itself is light enough for u to crash landing without any scratch .. so dun expect u can beat the wind.. :D

is very hard to control the heli though .. i cant even fly it through a door.. HUMAN door.. maybe i just noob :D

but after some trying i be able to do this ...

i've been trying to achieve that everytime i fly.. i need a motive or a purpose to fly.. haha.. just now i was trying to go through the window.. hard.. -.-

well duno when i will get bored wit that.. but before that i will just enjoy my time wit it to the fulless..

with my electronics skills now -konon- .. i might wanna modify the thing a bit here n there.. hahah .. duno how much can i do .. since i cant think much of HOW to do n WHAT to do .. maybe i just change the battery in the heli to make it have a longer period of flight ..

for some bonus items..

saw this cool puzzle during my quality weekend wit xuanz at midvalley :D

yeah i m still into this pirate thingi which are for KIDS.. which i think i m .. or i wan to be.. or i cant not to be.. or i .. watever it is..


Wednesday, August 12, 2009



today i finished watching pirates of caribbean 1 2 3.. i think u all know wat movie is tat... i watch all 3 in my office.. haha .. during working hour.. 1 day each n today finished all 3...
i can say the movie was damn freaking nice.. makes me miss one piece so much ... or maybe is the other way round... nvm tat ..the movie still awesome.. some unanswered question answered when i watch the movie 2nd time ... n i think one piece is somewat quite similar to the movie.. i wonder.~~

today my sis bougt power supply.. ram n a dvd burner for me.. at digital mall .. she brought it to me during lunch break ... i install everything into my comp n wala~~ NOTHING CHANGED !!! except for 1.. for the past week.. in order to start my comp i have to press n hold the on button .. off power.. and right after i off it it will be turned on for like 0.003 sec.. take tat timing right n on the power back n it will on~~ wooo ..such a cool way to on a comp .. but not anymore.. wit this new super power supply :D .. i call it super due to the size of the fan .. is HUGE...

anyway .. damn suck my comp didn;t fly.. like wat i tot it will be doing.. i still have this shitty even play facebook flash game will lag comp ... damn shit... shud i just freaking format it ? coz now i c the task manager it's always 100% ... even when i just start the comp .. top of tat.. my msn will never ever remember my email .. i have to type it everytime i try to log in .. sienz..

ntg much more to say ... except my working days. but i already written all in my report.. not gonna type here.. kekek ..


Saturday, July 25, 2009



1000 个 我爱你


100 个 对不起

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Happy Birthday


good way to revive my blog is to wish myself a happy birthday :D

it's been almost 2 months since i entered this working life... today was suppose to be an odinary day for me as well ... i got tired at bout 10 n i decided to get sleep ... but something different was i was being awake by a bunch of ppl .. :D my uncle was holding a cake wit candles... and i can hear sound of xuanz n some of my frenz.. my sister were there as well ... THEN i know wat's going on ...

since the baby is sleeping they weren't able to sing birthday song right away .. so i go downstairs and my mini party started ... i was happy of course... although i dun seem like being tat happy.. i just don't know how to show .. or don't know how to react...

i neve thought this year there'll be another surprise mini party for my birthday ... it was totally unexpected... credit to my sis *applause* and also my dear xuanz.. *applause*

i may be weak at responding to surprises and may not react the way i should be.. but inside i m truely very happy n excited... wat's being more happier and excited than receiving presents and close frenz n family throwing a party for u .. :D0:

i love all u guys...


Saturday, June 06, 2009



it's been quite quiet in my blog area... so sad to c tat...

just an quick update.. now i at staying at puchong for like 4 months during my internship period.. since i m training at sunway.. shop lot beside sunway pyramid!!! so i decided to move out from cyber and stay at my uncle place here at puchong.. right after toll if u were from sunway towards puchong :)

i think i've told sumthin similar before.. anyway .. now i m here d.. consider settle everything... just left my wardrobe.. which i need the robe to complete it :)

will update when i have d chance :D


Friday, May 29, 2009



wat have i done pass few weeks?? after i mention bout my assignment n all ...

well .. as usual lar.. after assignment then comes exam liao lor... but before i start my study week which i actually really do study n found out tat doesn't help much ... i cant quite remember wat i did..

been wondering around.. hanging out..

so now everything over... exam finish .. but yet to enjoy much :D

ntg much to update or to say too much for me to say ...

found out this post which really atract my attention :L


for this.. i will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever (say in 0.04s internal between words) so go shogun again ... hahaha ... 略评


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